New Way of Living

Below is an excerpt from Staying in Alignment by Karen Bishop, p. 85, with prior written permission from the author. It is a bit lengthy but I encourage you to read it in full as it is well worth the read.

I set it out as my intention during the January 2012 New Moon, the first new moon of 2012, which was in the sign of Aquarius — the sign of spiritual rebirth and it rules the areas of humanitarianism, the future, the big picture, among others.

I posted about it then and I’ve been holding this vision and setting out the intention during other powerful cosmic moments (11-11, New Moon, Full Moon, Solstices and Equinoxes, etc.).

If you resonate with it, may I invite you to please do the same as we co-create our New Reality, New Earth and New Way of Living, as we Live and Stay in Alignment, and as we Align With Truth and Align With Who We Really Are!

“So imagine this, if you will.  You wake up in the morning, eager to begin creating, as creating, along with experiencing what you and others have created, is the reason and purpose for your residency on the planet Earth.  In this way, you are supporting the purpose of the Earth, as she exists as a playground for creation and experience.  Creating and experiencing then places you in alignment with the earth. 

You feel the sun streaming through the openings in your home, touching you and dancing upon your face, as you awaken to a new day.  The sun loves to bring harmony and warmth, align with the plants and earth organisms, and support all life as it sustains it.  Your home is warm when you awake, as the day before, the sun had left the beauty of its heat within your passive solar heated thermal mass wall.  Eating foods sustained by the sun and utilizing the warmth of the sun, then places you in alignment with her purpose. 

Your home is made of the purest forms of the elements of the earth.  The types of soil and elements from nature that are nearest to your home are what sustains and creates your home.  There is much beauty within your home as well, as magnificent creations made from the earth embody and embellish your sacred space.  Amazing, unique works of art fill this space, and you feel great whenever you are in it. Sacred geometry can be found dispersed throughout your home and community as well, as it immediately aligns you through the simplicity of symbolism.  In this way, you are living in alignment with the earth. 

As you walk through your home, you go through handmade doors and into your passive solar greenhouse.  You had opened these doors late the day before, in order to allow the natural heat embodied there to gravitate into your home and sustain its warmth as night progressed.  As you look around your greenhouse, you select just the right organic food to prepare for your breakfast.  The food you select is delighted to be supporting you through its nourishment, as this is its intended purpose.  And in alignment with the sun, the earth, and the rain that sustained it through your harmonious rain harvesting system, is now ready for you.  It knows that as it serves to sustain your body, it will again return in another form, to enjoy the process of the cycle of life.  All is in order, as this food joyously prepares itself for the next phase of its journey. 

The day progresses as you occupy yourself with your joys and passions.  You are busy creating most all of the time.  You create what you are about and what lights you up.  In this way, you are in perfect alignment with self.  You absolutely know who you are, what you are here to contribute, and how you will contribute this special and unique essence of yourself.  There is never a confusing moment of straying from your true purpose, as aligning with it has become effortless.  You know that you are in alignment with self because what you create makes you feel absolutely wonderful, you lost track of time while creating, it is effortless for you, you are very good at it, and there is a never-ending expanse of possibilities that arise from being in this pocket of creativity. 

After awhile of creating, you decide to stroll through your village.  On your brief journey, you encounter another, who offers you precisely what you currently need, through the higher order of like energies attracting like energies.  And you seem to have something to offer this individual as well.  You are both so very grateful for this meeting and hug each other in gratitude as you lovingly share a special and unique connection.  An additional connection through your eyes takes you to even higher realms of memory.  This is because you are one, and as your eyes engage each other, you remember this and your love for one another then increases even more. 

Before you left your sacred space of home, where the alignments were even more specific to whom you are, you had just completed a creative project that you will be contributing to your community.  This creative project holds the energy of what your community is all about, therefore supporting it in all ways, as you support yourself…all in perfect alignment.  The residents of your village have been eagerly awaiting this creation that arrived through your expertise and passion, and know without exception that it will serve to enhance all of the whole.  You are very highly revered for your talents and contribution, and each and every individual in your community knows exactly who you are and what you are about.  They are all so very grateful for your existence…and you for theirs as you greatly appreciate and need their contributions as well.  You are very aware that you could not survive without them. 

Being at the threshold of a new creative adventure now, you find yourself gravitating to the center of your village, where a sacred space has been created by all the residents who reside in your community.  This space embodies a higher energy, as it is comprised of the combination and culmination of the energies of each of the residents of your community. 

While you bask in this space, you suddenly become inspired to create something new and exciting.  This new creation is so you, in all ways, and yet is something that has never been created before.  With the conception of a new idea firmly in place, you then decide to bask for awhile and just be.  Lying on a riverbank, you are joined by a deer, a hawk, a lizard, some happily growing wildflowers, beautiful clouds in the sky, and eventually some community members join you as well.  As you all lie in a meadow together, your heads resting upon each other’s bellies as you gaze at the white billowing clouds above, you are in total contentment with all that is.  Eventually, off you go to share a meal together…a meal that has been created through the loving and purposeful energies of another who is in their joy and passion through cooking.  You are all so grateful for this sumptuous meal, as you express your caring and love to its’ creator.  In this way, you have been in alignment with your new idea for creating, with nature, with others, and with a delicious meal! 

After eating, all of you decide to gather at a community meeting space, which is under the stars and resting upon an energy spot of great expression and expansion.  The architecture of this space is magnificent, as it was created by some of your brothers and sisters, and is comprised of elements of the earth, all creating a beautiful space of artistic expression.  A performance is beginning, and it involves some of the many gifts and talents of the residents of your village.  Beautiful music is experienced, as well as dance, art, and many other extraordinary talents that keep you all in a space of joy and gratitude for the gifts that only others can bring.  You are deeply amazed at this extraordinary talent, as it brings you to tears while you gregariously applaud after each expression is presented.  “How do they do that?” you wonder in awe. 

As you return home to your own specialized sacred space, an owl guides your way and keeps you company, along with any special friends who may reside with you.  While out in the night air, you experience a shooting star that has a grand and exciting message for you.  When you finally come into your home, you feel as though you are still communing with the cosmos, as there are many skylights in your home, and even an observatory on the top floor.  This particular evening, a magnificent planetary alignment can be seen through the portals of your home, and in this way you feel very in tune and lined up with the support and energies that these celestial bodies are offering you.  They are so blissfully happy to be a part of your reality, and gladly and joyously shine their brilliance into your home.  They are a part of your life, as you are a part of theirs. 

While laying your head to rest upon a pillow of feathers that were lovingly contributed by your winged friends, you realize that someone is there in your bedroom.  As you open to their presence, you are greeted by a being from the stars who has a request.  A group of star beings would like to commune for a short while with your community, as they need your special energy and they have things to offer your community as well.  They would like to join you with news from afar which they know you would love to hear.  As a representative of your community who serves to communicate and commune with the star beings, you easily agree to this request and prepare to notify the community of this impending celebration and gathering.  The communion is solidified, and then you blissfully fall asleep in what feels like the wings of angels, as they gently rock you to and fro.  And you may be cuddling next to your favorite soul companion as well! 

Is this way of living very far from where we are now?  Actually, it does not seem so far away at all.  Yes, there are many variations to this scenario, as well as even higher ways of living and being which are on the horizon as well.  Being that we are the ultimate creators, who knows what we will conjure up as we create our most desired reality?  But whatever it turns out to be, we will most certainly be in alignment!”

Excerpt from Staying in Alignment by Karen Bishop, p. 85 

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Copyright © 2011-2012 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth

8 Responses to New Way of Living

  1. Beautiful… that would be a perfect world 🙂 I love the way feelings are communicated through this piece of writing; so vivid and evocative! Thank you for sharing!


  2. You’re most welcome Ahlem. 🙂


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