Recognizing Life Purpose: What Are You Here to Do?

Excerpt from Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation (Earth Life Series) by Sanaya Roman

The Earth Life Series is a trilogy of books that I must confess I did not read in their proper order. I didn’t discover the series until I received the proof copy of Spiritual Growth, the last book in the series, and read it from cover to cover. Unlike some channels whose messages seem to need hours of decoding, Orin’s language is crystal clear. For an example, see page 32 of the March/April 1989 issue of Body MindSpirit.
I then went on to read the first two books in the series, Living with Joy and Personal Power Through Awareness. Surprisingly there is no duplication of information. Orin’s ideas remain clear, concise and eminently practical. An astonishing array of life situations are exposed and opened to light with a compassionate understanding of the human condition. Orin’s suggestions are laced with examples and stories that help the reader see how they work. Each chapter is followed by worksheets and meditations so the lessons can be immediately put into practice.
The meditations help to open pathways for the teachings to be absorbed. The teachings, in turn, augment the meditation experience so together they work to bring about change.
I found that the writing always seemed new, which to me, is a sure sign of spiritual depth. When I reread sections weeks later they seemed quite different. Of course, they were the same; it was I who had changed. Some teachings that had seemed difficult were now obvious and I realized how powerful many of the exercises had been. It is not that the information was new, only that it had been presented with a simplicity that allowed it to be grasped at many different levels.
It is this very simplicity combined with unerring guidance to the highest good that make the Earth Life Series a powerful light along whichever path of growth you choose. — Body Mind Spirit magazine, October 1989

Many of you are in a state of transition. States of transition always create much energy. Whether you are feeling high or low, you certainly feel alive, full of spirit and energy, whenever your life is changing. That strong part of you, the part that is able to detach and observe, that is looking at the light, that wants your life to be better, more joyful, and more peaceful, comes out at these times.

What are you here to do? Recognizing life purpose enables you to manifest your destiny. Do not get me wrong; you are free beings. You did not set out a course before you were born that you had to follow. You laid some groundwork, provided yourself with certain parents, and chose to be born in a certain part of the world. You set up circumstances for your life so you would be aimed like a projectile in a certain direction. Once you are here, your life is spontaneous and decided upon from moment to moment. There is no predetermined limit to how high you can go. There are no limits!

You live in a limitless world; you can expand beyond anything you know.

To look at your life purpose, look beyond the mass thoughtforms that exist. Many of you have grown up with a great deal of pressure to do, to accomplish, and to be, to make a name for yourselves, to feel worthy in one way or another.

When you look at life purpose, ask your soul and yourself, “Am I doing this for me, for my highest good, or am I doing it to please others, to live up to their image of me? Am I accomplishing this purpose so that I may receive a pat on the back or recognition? Or am I doing it because it is something I want to do, that fits who I am, and that brings me joy?”

I see so many expectations and beliefs in your culture about being a good and valuable person — such as making a lot of money, or being well-known, or being quite spiritual and pious. All of these things can be good if they come from your soul and are part of your higher path. These things can be off your path if you are doing them only to fulfill an image that comes from the ego or personality.

Look at yourself right now and ask, if society had no images it held up and admired as being good or right, what would you do with your life? There has been an emphasis on outer productivity in your culture rather than on inner peace, joy, love, and compassion. There is a sense of time that pervades everything — accomplish this or that by the age of such and such or be considered a failure. There is a sense of pressure, that everything must be done fast. You have all the time you need to accomplish things that are part of your life purpose.

You can relax and know that as you go through each day, you have the time to accomplish your purpose. If you do not feel you are accomplishing your purpose, that you do not have enough time, then I will say that what you are doing is probably not your purpose.

When you are creating your life purpose, you will have enough time, for you will create the time. You will find it so joyful that everything else falls away, and your determination, focus, and concentration are there. If there is anything you are forcing yourself to do out of duty or obligation, out of feeling that people will admire you or respect you when you do it, then you are probably not honoring the light of your soul.

Each one of you has a different purpose, and you cannot judge others by what you see them doing. Each one of you has set out to learn certain things in this lifetime, to grow in every way possible. Many of the blocks to manifesting life purpose come from the cultural mass thoughtforms, a lack of training, and other people, particularly those close to you. In a close personal relationship, people tend to take on the goals and the thoughtforms of the other.

As you look at your life purpose, look at who you are close to in your life, and ask, have you been manifesting what they wanted for you? Are you clear about what you want for yourself? Often those who love you the most can be the ones who most hold you back — not through their negativity, but through their idea of love, through their wanting what they think is best for you, or their wanting you to be there for them, or to live up to their pictures and goals for your life.

As you look at your life purpose, ask, what would you do if you were alone? If no one in your life would gain or lose from what you did, would it change your choices? What would you do for yourself? What would bring you peace and joy? What if society did not exist or had absolutely different values — would you still love what you are doing? A hundred years ago, many values were different. People were admired for many things that are no longer valued. Society’s beliefs are changing and fluid, and if you base your actions on what you see around you, those actions will not necessarily reflect your higher purpose.

Imagine that you are a rock in a stream and the stream is moving all around you. Now, many of you let the stream carry you this way or that. Do you stay centered and balanced while the current flows by, or do you let every current throw you around?

Imagine you have an antenna in your mind, and you can adjust it right now, aiming it upward, to the higher ideals that fit you. What do you value in yourself? How do you want to feel? Stop for one moment and ask, what feelings do I want? How do I want my world to look right now? On an emotional level, bring those feelings to yourself as if right now at this moment you had your perfect world. Keep this antenna adjusted upward to higher levels of the Universe, and you will be stable like the rock, while all the currents flow by you.

It is only an illusion that you do not have what you want.

If you believe in what you see, then you are believing in the creations of the past. Everything you have right now in your life you created from the past. Everything you have from here on out can be created at this moment, and it can be created differently. You do not need to know specifically what you will do today or the next day. You can start by believing that you do have a purpose, a concrete purpose, and you can begin by asking it to unfold for you.

If you begin believing in and acting as if you know what to do with your life, you will. Pretend today that you are the captain of your ship, and that for today you will guide this ship the way you want to. You will take the time you need, be with the people you want to be with, say “no” when you want to say no, and “yes” when you want to say yes. You will check in from hour to hour to see if you are feeling joy or peace or whatever you have determined you want to feel.

Some say their life purpose is serving and assisting others. This can be a very good and true life purpose if you also pay attention to making your own life work. By taking care of you, putting yourself in an environment that increases your sense of peace and serenity, beauty and harmony, you are in a much better position to assist others than if you put the focus on making them happy and yet are not happy yourself.

If every person came from a space of harmony and beauty, of the higher self and soul, you would have an entirely different society. Right now, look around at all of your options and choices. Decide that from today onward you will create the world that you want. Go within and find that point of strength, that part of you that has always been able to create the things you wanted, and feel it growing stronger. The greatest gift you give another is having your own life work.

Life changes and transitions are often preceded by confusion, by a sense of loss or pain, or by a sense that things are falling apart. That is because there is little training in your society about letting go and detaching from forms that are no longer appropriate. There is a mass thoughtform of scarcity, which makes it even harder to let go, thinking there will be nothing better to replace what you are losing. If you focus on what you want, if you acknowledge that what you have is a creation of the past that you can easily change, your future can look any way you choose.

Fill your thoughts with what you want to create, and you will have it.

There is usually a time lag between the thought about what you want to create and the time that it takes to appear in your life. This time lag confuses and stops many people from continuing to think of new things they want to create. Thoughts are real and go outward to create what they represent, and thoughts exist in time. Past thoughts may still affect you for a while, even as you change your thinking. Within two to three months, however, the new thoughts will have gained momentum and will start to create new outer forms and circumstances to match.

Honor yourself as a unique individual. When you are with other people, do not compare your path to theirs. Often you compare what they are doing with their lives to what you are doing with yours, and you feel you are better than or less than them. Instead, go inward and look at what your highest path is, and compare your life to that.

You read stories in the newspapers about things that happen to other people, and you may think, “This may happen to me.” You do not have their thoughts; you are not them. Whatever happens to others happens because of who they are, their beliefs and thoughts. If you hear other people’s stories, do not bring them into your space and internalize them, but ask yourself, “How can I be true to who I am? What is my truth?” Every person has a different path and is a unique expression of life-force.

Life purpose is whatever path you decide on, for all is free will.

Prior to being born, your soul sets up those conditions that would best allow you throughout your life to unfold certain qualities, skills, and life directions. You can have what you want, if you are willing to hold up the vision and believe in yourself consistently. The more consistently you believe in yourself, the better the results. It would be easy if there were no setbacks (as you interpret them) or trials along the way.

Honor every seeming setback, every single challenge or difficulty, for it strengthens your purpose. It gives you opportunities to be even more committed to your vision, even clearer on your intent. If life were too easy or simple, most of you would be complaining of boredom. Honor your challenges, for those spaces that you label as dark are actually there to strengthen you, to firm your resolve, and to bring out the best in you.


Roman, S. (1986). Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation (Earth Life Series). Novato, CA: H.J. Kramer, Inc.

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