Winter Solstice Meditation

Excerpt from The Occult Christ: The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity by Ted Andrews

This exercise should be done from the night of the winter solstice through the Night of the Mystic Midnight Sun (Christmas Eve).  It has a powerfully healing effect upon the individual, and it will plant seeds that will sprout within one’s life by spring.  These seeds are seeds of abundance, prosperity, love, and illumination.

This exercise uses a symbology that will assist the individual to align with the dynamic rhythms of this season and to be more receptive to the angelic and Christ ministrations throughout it.  It can have a significant effect upon one’s dreams, and thus you should pay close attention to them throughout the season.  It will also open a new vibrancy to the meditative experience, and it will manifest opportunities over the following months to give greater expression to the Feminine energies of Love, Illumination, and Intuition.  It will manifest opportunities to bring your own light out in the coming months.  It will, of course, be up to you to take advantage of such opportunities.


  1. Make sure you will be undisturbed.
  2. Use candles of a color appropriate to this season.  Red and green are traditional, but black and white are powerful also for winter solstice celebrations.
  3. Have a single white taper candle that you can hold in your hands for the beginning of the meditation.
  4. Have a rose (preferably white, although the red rose is an outer symbol of the inner white rose) that you can place upon your lap throughout the meditation.
  5. If possible, also have a Christmas lily.  You may interchange it with the rose.


Light the single, white, taper candle.  As its light begins to shine within the darkness of your meditation area, focus upon the flame.  Then close your eyes, and remember how the flame looked.  Imagine that flame coming to life within the heart/solar plexus area of the body.  When you can feel and see that flame of light within you, softly extinguish the candle.  Be aware now of the small flame of light that shines within the darkness.  As you do you hear the gentle words:  “At last, my child, come up higher.”

You focus upon this inner flame, and allow yourself to float upward into the night sky.  See and feel it.  The sky is black except for one lone distant star that shimmers in the distance.  You feel yourself floating toward it, and as you draw closer, you see that the star hovers over the earth.  You follow its trail of light down until you come to rest before it.

The entire temple is bathed is soft light, and although you were here at the celebration of the autumn equinox, it appears so much different now.  The two trees are trimmed, and you can see that the temple is great in size, more so than you remember.  It has twelve sides, and the star above it makes it shine a luminous white.  Raised above the temple is an equal-armed cross against a five-pointed star.

The door is closed, but through the window you can see that the inner temple is filled with a shimmering white mist.  In the center stands the altar and above the altar is a spotless white cross.  Where the poles of the cross intersect is a single white rose.  Around the outside of the altar are circular tiers of seats.  They are filled with those dedicated to service.  These are the Compassionate Ones and they are both familiar and unfamiliar.

They are uniting their spiritual forces and directing them toward the unfoldment of that single white rose.  Their voices rise in waves of harmony that fill the temple and carry to the outer world.  As their song touches the rose, it unfolds petal by petal, giving off a golden hue.  The light from this rose pours forth through the twelve windows of the temple, suffusing the landscape.  The light surrounds and fills you.  You are enfolded within its light.  You feel yourself being cleansed of selfish desire and your mind fills with clearness and the brilliance of a diamond.  You close your eyes and feel the energy as it heals and nurtures.

As you open your eyes, there is standing before you a beautiful being of great light and gentleness.   The light is a soft emerald that touches your soul.  Within his hand is a lily of great luster and you know that this is the one called Gabriel.

The door behind is open, revealing the workings of the Inner Temple more clearly.  Gabriel reaches forward and touches the crown of your head in blessing.  You are filled with a love that goes beyond comprehension.  You feel it pouring down through you, overflowing into your heart.  You look down and you see the inner flame that brought you here shimmering.  It dances and shifts and forms itself into a soft white rose.  Gabriel then takes you by the hand and leads you into the doorway of the Inner Temple.

“You have opened your heart to the ministrations of the Servants of the Light.  Hour by hour they will pour forth their energies.  You are being shown so that you will remember and someday lead others to this point.”

The voice speaks softly within your mind and it touches your heart.  Your eyes fill with love for this magnificent being and the inner cross and rose grown even more lustrous, pouring forth greater energy out of the temple and down the mountainside to the world below.

“With each expression of love, the entire world is touched.  At this time of the year the great beings of light shall ascend and descend, surrounding the Earth and pouring forth energies to touch and awaken the hearts of all upon the Earth.”

Your eyes are drawn to the ceiling.  It is open to the night sky and to the Great Star above.  From the star to the temple, streams of light ascended and descended, the angelic hierarchy working to suffuse the earth with streams of love.

“These streams will touch all parts of the earth.  Some are directed to the foulest areas of the earth.  Some are released to the battlefields.  Some become the benedictions at hospitals.  Many are balms for hearts laden with sorrow.  Some serve to help new souls re-enter the earth life stream, and others to assist those newly released from the body through the transition you call death.  These are the labors of love for the world.”

Gabriel turns toward you, and he touches your heart.

“Look within the inner white rose of light and see the love that is your divine heritage.”  You look into your own heart at the rose.  Petal by petal it unfolds, and as it does, you see what you must do to become the true child of the Divine.  You see the vision of the  Christ within you.

As you lift your eyes from this vision, the temple is gone.  Gabriel is gone.  At your feet lays a red rose, a gift and an outer reminder of that which lives forever within the heart.  You raise your eyes to the night sky, feeling yourself being drawn up to that distant star.  The music of the inner temple sounds softly within your mind, and your heart is filled with the song of the angels:

“Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth, peace — goodwill to all!”

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Andrews, T. (2006).  The Occult Christ:  The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity.  Jackson, TN:  Dragonhawk Publishing.

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