The Winter Mysteries for the Modern Disciple

Excerpt from The Occult Christ: The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity by Ted Andrews .

“This is a time of the year in which the energies available to us can assist us in the following ways:

  • It is a time of dedication. If the preparatory stages through the autumn have been followed, the winter solstice will initiate a time when new life begins to be experienced. It is the beginning of the birth of the divine within. The renunciation of the fall will bring compensations in the winter.
  • The individual will begin to realize that he or she is a true child of the Divine and will never again be without inner guidance.
  • It is a time in which spirit can begin to have dominion over the physical.
  • It can lead to the state of true Initiation and the seeing of the Christ Star shining within the heart of the earth.
  • It opens new clairvoyance, and the individual can see what must still be done to become the true Christ Initiate. Dreams are more lucid, vibrant and prophetic.
  • The etheric plane and all of its energies can become more open to the individual.
  • The single-pointed focus of discipleship comes more alive.
  • We can learn from the angelic beings of light that are more accessible.
  • The hidden significance of the Christ baptism by John can be discerned.
  • We open to spiritual sight that penetrates all of our earth experiences more deeply.
  • The individual can open to great visions of all of humanity and what must still be undergone in the times ahead and how to adjust our lives accordingly.”

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Andrews, T. (2006). The Occult Christ: The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity. Jackson, TN: Dragonhawk Publishing.

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