The Ministrations of Gabriel

Excerpt from The Occult Christ: The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity by Ted Andrews

Gabriel is the archangel of love and hope.  He is the governor of the winter season, working with the Christ in angelic influence upon the planet during this season.  It is the task of Gabriel to assist in the purifying, elevating, and spiritualizing of humanity.  He is the initiator of the mysteries of Love — primal creative Love.

To the neophyte, he brings experiences of love consciousness through the lower emotions — beyond the confines, though, of friends, family, and benefactors.  At this time of the year he works to stimulate a greater appreciation of the Divine Essence within all.  He works to develop the power of Love within the life of the individual — a power that has no emotional or sensory thrill.  It is the power of Love that is offered as an attribute to be attained.

To those who work to attune to the rhythms of the winter season, Gabriel, helps reveal the significance of the Nativity Mysteries as a step toward initiation.  On the supreme mystery night of the year, he works to open the tender sweetness of the angel song, and he activates the feminine element in all beings upon the planet, as he has charge of all nurturing throughout nature.

Gabriel is the guardians of the sacred waters of life — the seed and the egg in the male and female.  He is also overseer of the sign Cancer — the direct opposite of the sign of Capricorn, which inaugurates the winter season.

The lily is the symbol.  Sometimes the white rose is substituted for it, as they are often interchangeable.  It is the task of Gabriel to assist in the process of linking of the male and female in a manner that gives birth to the Holy Child within.  The lily is a symbol of purity and self-control, the norm for any true disciple of any mystery tradition.  It is a symbol which invokes angelic influence — particularly that of Gabriel during this season.  It stimulates the energy of the throat chakra and all of the centers of the head, so that the creative power of the Word can be unfolded and expressed within each person’s life.

A wonderful exercise is visualizing the lily forming within the body.  Its stem extends up the spine, and at the point of the throat, the flower unfolds, encompassing the head.  This activates the true significance of the Immaculate Concepcion, a key to the ending of illness and the other limitations of birth.  This exercise activates the ability to conceive with Love as a force.

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Andrews, T. (2006).  The Occult Christ:  The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity.  Jackson, TN:  Dragonhawk Publishing.

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