Occult Symbols Within the Winter Mysteries

Excerpt from The Occult Christ:  The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity by Ted Andrews

Within the Christmas scriptures are many hidden significances.  These are important to understand if one is to increase awareness of the true Christ Mysteries.

The Cave (grotto or stable)

This is the lower self, wherein the soul dwells.  We must first give expression to the lower before the higher can be achieved.  It is also an ancient symbol of the womb and thus it is also a symbol of the feminine energies.

The Manger

The solar plexus was often referred to as the “manger”.  It is the point of lower birth or the physical birth.  The higher manger is the point between the pituitary and the pineal.  We only give birth to the higher by raising our energies up.  We must learn to leave the manger of our lower sense for a new manger formed from the Mystic Marriage of the Masculine and Feminine.

The Star in the East

The East is traditionally a symbol of the rising sun — the Christ Light rising in prominence upon the Earth.  It also reflects the aspect that we all must follow our own star to our higher soul.  The inner Light guides us body, mind, and soul.  It also reflects the Christ overlooking the one through whom he would be able to incarnate and walk the Earth plane.

The Magi

On one level the Magi represent the three-fold dedication of body, mind, and spirit to the spiritual quest.  Three is significant also in that it is the number of polarity, and the birth that arises from true polarity.  On another level, according to Rudolf Steiner, the three Magi reflect the seeds of the three major Root Races of humanity that would be harmonized and united in all of humanity through the Christ — the new expression of ancient mysteries for all of humanity.

  • Gaspar – the representative of the seeds of the Lemurian age of humanity
  • Baltazar – the representative fo the seeds of the Atlantean Age of humanity
  • Melchor – the representative of the seeds of the beginning of the Aryan Age of humanity

The Gifts of the Magi

  • Frankincense – purifying and illuminating, it represents the cosmic ether in which spirit lives and which influences our union with the divine.
  • Myrrh – symbol of victory of life over death, the higher over the lower.
  • Gold – the symbol of the alchemical process and the outer, wisdom-filled being.


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Andrews, T. (2006).  The Occult Christ:  The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity.  Jackson, TN:  Dragonhawk Publishing.

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