Feast of the Interior Light

“The Christmas Festival is the Festival of the Holy Night, celebrated in the mysteries by those who were ready for the awakening of the higher self within them, or as we should say within our time, those who have brought the Christ to birth within them.”

Rudolf Steiner

Feast of the Interior Light

Excerpt from The Occult Christ: The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity by Ted Andrews .

“This is a time of the year best suited to learning the ancient significance of the ‘Feast of the Interior Light.’ It is a time of dedication and the renouncing of the false. It is a good time to step away from outer activities — reflected in the scriptural stories of the birth of Jesus. It is a time best suited to turning inward and attuning to the mystic rhythms set in motion with the winter solstice. Unfortunately, society has created an attitude of participation in continual gatherings and outward celebrations. This is contrary to the energy and rhythms of this season.

“The energies playing upon humanity are such that stimulate great introspection and facilitate meditative states of awareness, and time should be given for these. For those who have difficulty meditating, this is the ideal time of the year to begin. The energies touching all at this time of the year present opportunities to awaken the seeds of inner potentials that we most desire to unfold. It is a time to reflect upon the miracle of heaven and earth uniting, coupling within the dark to give birth to new life. And it is a time, which gives each individual opportunity to light the light that shines eventually within the darkness.

“During this time of the year, the entire angelic hierarchy draws close to the earth and they pour forth their spiritual force upon it. Overseen by Gabriel — the archangel of tenderness, mercy and love — this force brings expansion of consciousness beyond the confines of the physical world for those who learn to attune to it.

“There is awakened the opportunity to develop love as a power within our lives. All of the souls who will incarnate within the coming year draw close to the Earth at this time to share in the angelic and Christ blessings. They draw near to their prospective mothers, and those mothers who attune to this season can become aware of their presence. At this time of the year all the world is basked on flows of love, and for those who open to these touches and rhythms, the Great Star Call can be felt. For the student of the Christ Mysteries, these energies will open the doors of approach to the Angelic Hierarchy. It is a time of illumination and the beginning of the process of igniting the Star Body of the Soul. For those with a dedicated mind and heart, December should be a joyous month, one attuned to angelic bliss.

The Winter Mysteries for the Modern Disciple

“This is a time of the year in which the energies available to us can assist us in the following ways:

  • It is a time of dedication. If the preparatory stages through the autumn have been followed, the winter solstice will initiate a time when new life begins to be experienced. It is the beginning of the birth of the divine within. The renunciation of the fall will bring compensations in the winter.
  • The individual will begin to realize that he or she is a true child of the Divine and will never again be without inner guidance.
  • It is a time in which spirit can begin to have dominion over the physical.
  • It can lead to the state of true Initiation and the seeing of the Christ Star shining within the heart of the earth.
  • It opens new clairvoyance, and the individual can see what must still be done to become the true Christ Initiate. Dreams are more lucid, vibrant and prophetic.
  • The etheric plane and all of its energies can become more open to the individual.
  • The single-pointed focus of discipleship comes more alive.
  • We can learn from the angelic beings of light that are more accessible.
  • The hidden significance of the Christ baptism by John can be discerned.
  • We open to spiritual sight that penetrates all of our earth experiences more deeply.
  • The individual can open to great visions of all of humanity and what must still be undergone in the times ahead and how to adjust our lives accordingly.”

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Andrews, T. (2006). The Occult Christ: The Hidden & Mystical Secrets of Christianity. Jackson, TN: Dragonhawk Publishing.

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