The Cleansing Of the Planet

2012andbeyondThroughout history parts of the planet have been purged of negative energy, when something new and of higher frequency was to evolve there. The purest places are always those where there has been ice and snow for a long time. Before Golden Atlantis emerged, there was an ice age, which purified the land. It is forecast that another ice age will occur in about 300 years.

Based on the current consciousness, by 2017 Mother Earth will start a major programme of detoxification, throwing off negativity created by the physical and emotional poisons we humans have dumped into her. Between 2012 and 2032 all the dark places on the entire planet are to be cleansed, and Earth can then raise its frequency and ascend to take its rightful place in the universe once more. The more light we humans bring through us into the Earth, the less purification will be needed. We have the power to change all the possibilities into a gentle transition.

Water has cosmic cleansing properties and was chosen to wash New Orleans where the Earth itself holds the pain, anger and fear of slavery. In this case the flood in August 2005 was also a reminder that all are equal in the eyes of God.

Where cleansing takes place we will regard the destruction with human eyes as horrific. But it will open the hearts of all. People will start to see their common humanity rather than their cultural differences. Previously warring countries will be filled with compassion for their neighbours and offer help for the greater good. International boundaries will be relaxed as people co-operate and learn to understand each other.

The tsunami in the Indian Ocean, was also a major piece of purification and in Angel Answers I discuss how the intergalactic Council started planning this well in advance. A cosmic invitation was broadcast throughout the universes for souls to incarnate on a cleansing and healing mission on Earth. Thousands who recognized the great opportunity for service and spiritual promotion responded to the call. Naturally, as soon as they incarnated and went through the veil of amnesia, they forgot their purpose but, at the predestined time of 26 December 2004, they gathered in specific places. These special souls agreed to soak up into their energy fields the negativity of lust, greed, power struggle, poverty consciousness and so on held within the Earth. And on that day the tsunami bore them all into the light together, carrying the toxins with them. Each received a spiritual reward. Only those who had at a soul level agreed to pass over in the `catastrophe’ did so and there were millions of angels waiting to welcome them home with great joy and delight.

As with all major disasters, the watching world opened their hearts with compassion, love, empathy and a desire to help. Those whose lives were turned upside down when they lost loved ones or their livelihood or home, learnt lessons, repaid karma or were offered an opportunity to develop courage, selflessness, co-operation, caring and a hundred other higher qualities.

It is helpful to understand the spiritual perspective but it does not mitigate the grief and loss that may be experienced. The heartfelt prayers of the masses throughout the world in response to the traumas will draw forth assistance, comfort and intercession from the divine realms.

And as Earth undergoes its healing crisis, we need to pray constantly for the planet, nature, the animal kingdom and all the people here. The incidence of natural disasters is expected to continue and intensify especially between 2017 and 2022. They will happen in the anticipated places but also in many unexpected ones. The cleansing will be worldwide.

Mother Earth will use earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes, hurricanes and other weather conditions to cleanse and draw attention to systems that need to be changed. Even an epidemic can be utilized for clearing, where the sick people absorb the energy of the disease as well as some of the fear of the area. Those who have a soul contract to pass over into the light take the negativity with them to the higher realms for transmutation. If enough people have awakened their twelve chakras so that Source energy pours through them into the Earth to heal it, less cleansing by the forces of nature will be necessary. You can also help the healing of the planet by working with the elementals.

Out of the ashes of the old a new way of being will arise like a golden phoenix.

How do you Ensure that you are in the Right Place when Cleansing Occurs?

Archangel Metatron, the mightiest of the angels, has undertaken the task of ensuring that everyone is in their pre-destined place during the changes. Some individuals, families, communities or soul groups may have decided to pass over together, like butterflies emerging from their cocoon into the light. Metatron will assist them to be in the right place for this to happen. Only those who are afraid of death or do not understand the joy of being in the light or can only see this from a human attitude may resist this. The angels assure us there is nothing to fear.

A friend of mine in her late eighties has seen many in her age group and younger die. She always says to their relatives, `Lucky them. Poor you!’ She is highly evolved and recognizes that while on Earth we are like birds in a cage. It is when our spirit is released at death that we are truly free. If your soul has undertaken that you will remain in your physical body to help others or to continue your experience, then Archangel Metatron will guide you. It is helpful to listen to his promptings! Just reading this paragraph will help you to attune to him.

You can pray that you are able to follow your guidance to be in the right place at the right time or you can actively connect to Archangel Metatron to assist you to hear his message. The more often you practise this, the stronger your connection will become, even though you may be unconscious of it.

EXERCISE: Connecting to Archangel Metatron 1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. 2. Sit quietly with palms up in a receptive position. 3. Breathe in a beautiful orange light, Metatron’s colour, and on the outbreath sense your aura filling with this energy. 4. Relax as you visualize orange light glowing around you. 5. Invoke Metatron with the words. ‘I now invoke the mighty Metatron to connect with me and touch me with his light.’ 6. Be quiet and still. You may receive a touch, impression, special thoughts or whispers or you may simply feel calm. 7. When you feel the time is right, thank Archangel Metatron and open your eyes.


Cooper Diana. 2012 and Beyond: An Invitation to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

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