Living the Magical Life

There really is no great mystical secret to living the magical life. It can’t be achieved through spells or charms, rituals or incantations. The magical life is not achieved by retreating from life or from the responsibilities of our daily participation in its process. It is being open enough to face the infinite possibilities that exist each day. This can only be accomplished by realizing that growth and maturation do not involve denying or ignoring the inner child.

When we were children, the world held for us an ancient enchantment. Each day offered new adventures and new wonders. Everything and everyone was special. Anything we could imagine was real-be it a ghost, a spaceship or even a faerie. We could be anything we wanted. We could be Indians in the morning, be searching out buried treasure in the afternoon and be playing with a unicorn in the evening. There were no limits-no boundaries.

It was a time in which the distance between our world and that which we call imaginary was no further than our closet or back yard. Every blade of grass and every flower had a story to tell. In our search for the modern life, we no longer see with the child’s eyes. Instead we scoff and laugh at those who do.

In a world of technology and modern conveniences, we have lost our sensitivity to the nuances of nature. We have built boundaries around our lives and we guard ourselves from that which we don’t understand. Though our lives may seem safer, they have also lost much of their wonder.

We have forgotten that there is more to the universe than what abides within the boundaries of our own lives. It is easy to build a false contentment around having a smooth life-no matter how limited or boring. Most people fear going in search for that which may not exist. For many, there will never be any shadow-chasing. “Best to leave well enough alone. Best to be content with what is at hand. Oh, there might be some wonderful things out there somewhere, but there could also be some not-so-wonderful things as well.” Such an attitude is sad, for it smothers curiosity and the promise of dreams.

Fear closes the door to the magical life. It silences the streams and it stops the wind. Because of fear, we see animals and plants as things separate from us. Our fears makes us see the only life as human life. Nature is no longer an enchanted world.

Our modern approach to science teaches that every aspect is a secular object or process and not part of an integral whole. Because of this nature has become separated from the sacred. And our ability to feel compassion towards all things upon the Earth has diminished.

We are incarnations of Gaea. We have a personal kinship with things of the Earth-visible and invisible, animate and inanimate. In order to experience this kinship on all levels, we must shift our focus towards the inner. This is difficult though, especially in a world where the primary focus is upon the outer and the superficial, and where we often are living out of proportion.

We must change our perception of ourselves. We must become conscious of ourselves as a walking, breathing, living force. We must see every touch as a passing of power-power to hurt or heal. We must learn to see every word as a tangible stream of energy issuing forth to affect those who hear-to curse or bless. We must learn to see the world through the eyes of each person we meet. We must learn to see each step as an honoring of life and each breath as a prayer. And most importantly, we must realize that our family is not confined to those we grew up with under the same roof.

The one axiom that I hold above all else is: “We are never given a hope, wish or dream without also being given opportunities to make them a reality. And the only thing that can shatter their possibility is compromise.” In order to lead a magical life, we must be willing to sacrifice boredom and preconceptions.

By learning to open to the hidden realms of life and their resources, we impact our lives and our environments. We open to our innate ability to work with energy and life at all levels. We learn to align with it, strengthen it and transmute it. Our lives are surrounded and permeated by the awesome power of nature. We have the choice to work with it and create or separate ourselves from it and destroy. The choice is ours.

Those enchanted worlds still exist because the child within us never dies. The doorways may be more obscure, but we can still seek them out. There are still noble adventures to undertake. There are still trees that speak and caverns that lead to nether realms.  There will always be faeries and elves dancing within nature because they will always be dancing within our hearts.

May your eyes be always open

May your hearts overflow

That which enchants will also protect-

May this you always know

Excerpt from Enchantment of the Faerie Realm: Communicate with Nature Spirits & Elementals by Ted Andrews


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