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Auld Lang Syne – Home Free

🌟✨💝💫💝✨🌟 Peace. Love. Joy. Kindness. Compassion. Respect. Serenity. Trust. Courage. Grace. Acceptance. Integrity. Abundance. Humility. Gentleness. Gratefulness. Contentment. 🌟✨💝💫💝✨🌟

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Watch “Dealing with Grief During the Holidays: Megan Devine on KATU ‘s AMNW” [6-min video]

Not sure how to balance your need for company with your need to hide out in your blanket fort for the duration of the holiday season? Need some help figuring out if you should mention that friend’s grief during that … Continue reading

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“This Is Me” — For All Trailblazers

‘This is me” may not be an Oscars winner, but Keala’s performance is, to me, a stunner! we all are stunners — trailblazers, you and me, may we not allow anyone to say any differently. may we make not an apology … Continue reading

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“Just Be You” by Anthem Lights

Wow! I’m so grateful to Shawna,* a beloved reader, fellow traveller and soul sister, for sending me the link to this amazing song by the Anthem Lights, “an American Christian group originating from Nashville, Tennessee.” May you also be uplifted by … Continue reading

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“Today I Rise” from The Flourish Initiative

“This short film is like a love poem for your heart and soul. Take 4 minutes and enjoy the grace of feminine beauty and wisdom. Join a community of 1.8 million viewers and be a part of this movement…… “The world is … Continue reading

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“Thank You, Darkness, My Old Friend…..”

Dark periods. We all have our fair share of those times of loss. Confusion. When nothing’s going right. One unfortunate experience after another. One closed door after the next. I was in such a period recently. Still am actually. At … Continue reading

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Increasing Receptivity & Femininity With Yin Yoga

I have quite a strong masculine side. I had been aware of this but didn’t realize how it was impacting my relationships — particularly those of romantic in nature — until I attended Alison Armstrong’s Celebrating Men workshops in 2008. My … Continue reading

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