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Silencing My Bully Neighbor

“Please, don’t bully him.” My next-door neighbor disclosed to me that someone in our residential community’s Viber chat group told my neighbor that. To not bully a fellow neighbor. I no longer have access to that chat group. [I uninstalled … Continue reading

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Watch “Dealing with Grief During the Holidays: Megan Devine on KATU ‘s AMNW” [6-min video]

Not sure how to balance your need for company with your need to hide out in your blanket fort for the duration of the holiday season? Need some help figuring out if you should mention that friend’s grief during that … Continue reading

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Being A Deviant In The Philippines

As a child, I had already felt different. But I chose to conform. Up until my adult life. I was concerned with how others would perceive me. I didn’t want to be labeled as ‘weird.’ I wanted to be accepted. … Continue reading

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I Wasn’t Thriving; I Was Wilting Away.

I will not apologize for what, who, and how I am. I speak and live my truth. I’m not the type of person who concerns herself with how others perceive her. I used to — when I had this seemingly … Continue reading

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The Closing Of A Chapter As This Blog Site Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary

Today, a chapter ends. Not long after my last post, I found myself on top of a most challenging project. I had to discern how to help address the severe disgruntlement of the residents in our complex, the majority of … Continue reading

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Pitying Is Dishonoring & Disempowering

I am not to be pitied. I detest that. I do not appreciate being pitied. I take offense in it. With or without the breast cancer diagnosis. Recently, someone left this comment in one of my posts — “I’m sorry … Continue reading

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Looking For The Mother’s Love

I reached out to the two healing practitioners that I mentioned in my previous post to receive some energy balancing, nurturance and support — and preferably from a female/mother figure. I realized, though, that I already AM getting that through … Continue reading

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