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The Emotional Root Cause of the Malignant Tumor In My Left Breast

I knew right away that it had something to do with my mother wound. Issues with my mother and female figures in my life. The imbalance in the energies of giving and receiving. That’s not rocket science to figure out. … Continue reading

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Therapies For An Optimal State Of Health More Than As Treatment For Breast Cancer

A feeling of completion. I was in that state since last year. That there’s nothing else that’s in my bucket list. I feel fulfilled and ready to go. To have been in that state helped me to make peace so … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer As An Emissary

The diagnosis of breast cancer is just that — a diagnosis.  An identification of the nature of an illness. An identification of the state of the cells in my body. Of the imbalance between the healthy and harmful cells. I … Continue reading

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Watch “Dealing with Grief During the Holidays: Megan Devine on KATU ‘s AMNW” [6-min video]

Not sure how to balance your need for company with your need to hide out in your blanket fort for the duration of the holiday season? Need some help figuring out if you should mention that friend’s grief during that … Continue reading

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An Otherwise Quiet Moment Of A Free Spirit

I am a ‘Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).’ An introvert. Add to that, I’m an empath. I can feel and sense energies. Easily. Deeply. Strongly. That’s why I need to be vigilant that I do not absorb the energies of other … Continue reading

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Being A Deviant In The Philippines

As a child, I had already felt different. But I chose to conform. Up until my adult life. I was concerned with how others would perceive me. I didn’t want to be labeled as ‘weird.’ I wanted to be accepted. … Continue reading

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Giving Others The Permission To Learn Their Lessons

What do you do when you can see that someone is making a choice that is driven purely by aggression and fury? That for them to pursue such a decision could lead to damages of epic proportions that either they … Continue reading

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