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Trust — My Lifelong Lesson Has Shown Up For the Nth Time. Trust Must Be Earned, Not Readily Given

Upon learning of my health condition and that I live alone and am estranged from family, the wife of a couple-neighbor whom I met a few months ago, offered not long after I met them for me to feel free … Continue reading

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The Emotional Root Cause of the Malignant Tumor In My Left Breast

I knew right away that it had something to do with my mother wound. Issues with my mother and female figures in my life. The imbalance in the energies of giving and receiving. That’s not rocket science to figure out. … Continue reading

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Watch “Dealing with Grief During the Holidays: Megan Devine on KATU ‘s AMNW” [6-min video]

Not sure how to balance your need for company with your need to hide out in your blanket fort for the duration of the holiday season? Need some help figuring out if you should mention that friend’s grief during that … Continue reading

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How To Support A Friend Going Through A Difficult Time by Megan Devine

Being heard is what helps ease the pain. Not being talked out of it by being told to move on or look at the brighter side. When we’re in pain, there is NO BRIGHTER SIDE. There is only the side … Continue reading

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Pitying Is Dishonoring & Disempowering

I am not to be pitied. I detest that. I do not appreciate being pitied. I take offense in it. With or without the breast cancer diagnosis. Recently, someone left this comment in one of my posts — “I’m sorry … Continue reading

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Holding Space

  I have yet to encounter a healing professional — or any individual for that matter — who is confident and secure in themselves — humble — enough to tell me, “I don’t want you to waste your time or … Continue reading

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Comforting Someone

When someone is going through a most challenging situation — such as a diagnosis of breast cancer in my case which I shared in a previous post — what they need to hear and receive is compassion, love, and nurturance. … Continue reading

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