Virtual Center for Healing

by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A.

In November 1999, I participated in a retreat conducted by Bro. Bo Sanchez in Manila, Philippines.  Bo is a preacher, a best-selling author and lay evangelist who started preaching at the age of 13.

I was still in the corporate world then but had already started my healing journey.  To my pleasant surprise, the retreat gave me my first glimpse of what was probably my deeply and unconsciously repressed dream:  to have my own retreat center or a center for healing and spirituality.

While I was taken aback with my discovery and the vision that I received, I welcomed it with excitement as well as some level of doubt, quite understandably.  But I trusted and I have held on to that dream ever since.

After I left the corporate world in 2000, one year after that pivotal retreat, I participated and got involved in a number of non-profit organizations and associations. I focused on healing, spirituality, metaphysics and paranormal phenomena.  My primary intention though was on healing myself.

Along the way, I met individuals and groups who shared my dream and passion for a center for healing. Yet there was something that would always come up that would make me doubt if that individual or group is the one that I would work with in fulfilling my dream. It was either not the right people or not the right time.

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet;

A healing center by any other shape or form would still be a place for

Today, that center has not quite manifested in the shape and form that I had been envisioning it.  But I continue to hold on to my dream. And I continue to have faith and to trust in the process. I continue to believe that to everything, there is a season. And everything is in divine and perfect order and timing, at any given moment.

I continue to hold that vision that I first had in November 1999.  I continue to hold it with much sacredness and loving anticipation and gentle nurturance.

People who have known about this dream have even viewed my process to be quite lengthy.  They’ve asked me, What is taking it so long? What is taking you so long? 

Admittedly, there were moments when I’d entertain those questions and I’d have the same doubts.  Yet there has been this constant voice in me that’s telling me not to give up, and especially not to be influenced by others’ thoughts and opinions.   Someone once told me, “Do not give up just before the miracle shows up.

Perhaps there is something else in the vast horizon that my limited human capacity has yet to see.  All I know is when all the elements are ready, that’s when it will materialize.

Image by Madeleine Weber

Besides, who is to say when something is taking too long (or too soon for that matter). Time after all is relative. Our concept of time is even debatable. In fact, in the subtler realms, time as we know it, does not even exist. What takes a hundred years in human concept, can be just a fleeting moment in the higher dimensions.

Image by Vinay Venugopal

As I redefine myself and what truly matters to me, I continue to refine the details of my dream and my vision. Just as I am work-in-progress, so is the center. I need to go through my own healing and transformation first before I can take my work and my learning out into the world.   The Universe has been teaching me a lesson that I am still mastering:  patience.

Had I allowed myself to succumb to the pressure from other people and forced myself to establish a center, that center would most certainly have closed shop by now. I have learned that I needed to reinvent myself first. I needed to first fill in my bag of tools that helped me in healing myself before I could even start helping others.

I have also shifted my focus from the form to the essence of my dream. After all, it is the essence rather than the form that’s of utmost importance.

My personal vision is to be a channel for the healing and transformation of humanity, in remembrance of one’s Divinity and oneness with all of creation.  A physical center is only one way through which this vision can materialize and my mission can be accomplished.

Aligning With Truth – a virtual center for healing

Today, the site Aligning With Truth serves as a virtual center for healing.   As we connect with each other and gather and meet as a community, virtually and telepathically, healing and transformation can take place.

In time, my dream will manifest in the shape and form that is for the highest interest of everyone concerned.

I am now allowing it to take the shape it deems fitting. And as I surrender my vision and offer it to the Universe, I pray, “Father-Mother God, this, or something better.”

In October 2011,  I caught a replay of an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that featured a woman who gave birth, not to her daughter, but to her daughter’s child. Yes, she was a surrogate mother to her grandson.

Retired at the age of 60, she wondered what it was that she could do in her life that would truly make a difference. Her daughter had a number of miscarriages and was no longer fit to bear a child. Believing that it was a spiritual calling, she decided to carry the baby in her womb for her daughter. She became an instrument for a miracle birth.

As I watched this woman glow from her laudable and heroic act, I heard my inner voice utter, ”You’re never too old and it’s never too late for anything.

It was a gentle reminder. That message couldn’t have come more aptly. Indeed, everything has its own Divine Timing.  And more than merely patiently waiting, I am now consciously practicing the art of allowing.

When all the elements are ready, I will see the fruition of my dream.  And when sufficient nurturance has been given to what I have been carrying in my womb, I will give birth to my center for healing.

And that is my deepest Truth, and I am aligning with it.

Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A., 16 December 2011

* * * * *

Update – My dream of a healing center is a dream that I’ve let go of. On the occasion of this blog’s 2nd anniversary on November 11, 2013, inthe post “Aligning With Truth Turns Two“, here’s what I wrote:

“Giving birth to Aligning With Truth and nurturing it for two years taught me two very important lessons:

1. I don’t need a building for a healing center; and

2. I don’t need a classroom, nor do I need to be confined within four walls, which I have difficulty with anyway, in order to “teach” and  share what I’m learning and realizing, and what’s helping me as I move along my path. (I’m enclosing the word teach in quotation marks because I’ve become uncomfortable using that term, what it implies, and how it’s being utilized, especially by the supposed “teachers”, “gurus”, “masters.” I’ll talk about it in future posts.)


I am letting go of the form that I had envisioned the center to look like. The form that I was so focused on creating that I was limiting myself, hindering the many other possibilities that could be created and manifested. Those which would give me even much greater joy and freedom. Healing through writing being one of them.

I don’t need a building for a healing center; I don’t need a classroom to “teach”.

My biggest realization — I was operating from a 3D level of consciousness. I had 3D-based intentions. I was using 3D tools to build, to create, to manifest in the 5D world and reality. Duh!”

To read the entire article, here’s the link

# # #

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36 Responses to Virtual Center for Healing

  1. This very much resonated with me, as I too, have been carrying a vision. I too, have often contemplated laying that vision down. But God does not put a desire in our hearts that cannot be realized, and every time I would consider letting go of the vision I had been inspired with, external circumstances would encourage me to carry it just a little while longer, to have just a little more faith. And so I have continued doing the work as it has presented itself. It has been 20 years now. I will say that just within the last two months, there have been shiftings that indicate the vision that God gave me is beginning to manifest in the physical. I know, somehow that this is the result of the work and my willingness to persevere despite the ‘apparent’ impossibility. I say this to you to offer support of you and your vision. Continue to do what you are guided to do in the moment, and the day will come – probably when you least expect it – that you will begin to see the stirrings of your vision manifesting in the physical as well. Namaste.


    • Julie Marie, God has indeed spoken!!! 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for your very kind and loving words! Wow, I don’t even think any of my “friends” have given me as much support and especially in the way you did. I could just feel this loving, angelic energy through your words, thank you! If I could only just reach out to you physically and hug you, I’m so sure tears would start rolling down my cheeks. In fact, as I’m writing this, I find myself crying…thank you for the tears of joy, thank you for being an angel, and thank you for following the call to deliver this message to me! Much blessings, love and light, namaste….


  2. dean decker says:

    hi nadine. you’re blog is very interesting. may God bless you with your advocacy.


  3. Hi Nadine, great blog you have here! What a wonderful coincidence that I was lead to your blog because I happen to be a newbie Reiki practitioner and am interested in different types of healing. I hope you be able to realize your dream one day. In fact, if I may be able to help in any way, I would love to get involved 🙂


    • Kay, thank you for your lovely words! That’s very kind of you and I feel so honored to receive such supportive energies! Let’s continue this dialogue in private if you like. Please email me at so I can share some more of my thoughts and see where this conversation will lead us.

      I’m happy to hear about your attunement to Reiki. Welcome to the exciting world of the healing arts!!! 🙂 Your healing touch is much needed in this world especially during these confusing times! Do you offer your services as you travel?

      Much blessings to you, Love & Light, Peace & Joy, namaste…Nadine Marie


  4. joej627 says:

    Very inspiring. I resonate with this a lot. How do you picture your center being in physical reality?


    • Joe, I’m glad you found it inspiring and you resonate with it. I’m not quite sure though that I fully understand your question. Do you mean, what am I doing to manifest/materialize this? Or, are you asking what are the details and specifics such as location, how it looks like, product/service offerings, etc.?


      • joej627 says:

        No, not like location, etc. More like what kind of center? Like do you picture a big building with plants, helpers, etc. Basically, if I was sick and came to your center; what would happen =)


  5. alma says:

    Hi Nadine. This is new to me and I am very much interested in natural cures and healing. I pray that you will realize this dream of yours. Meanwhile, can you share in a nutshell what alternatives we have to follow this path? ( i.e. Homeopathy, Reiki, yoga ?)


  6. Arjun says:

    Hi Nadine. Reading your vision brought a warm healing energy into my body. It is encased with the light of truth and affection.
    Everything I just read is exactly what I have been thinking since childhood!

    Every moment, I think that we’re different, and there are people all across the globe waiting for answers….waiting to feel this connection.

    I feel, as you feel, an energy vibrates within the every element of nature, an energy that protects and heals the wounded, an energy that is the very source of creation.

    Let us get together (virtually as you say) through this web that connects the energies of mother nature to feel each others presence, to feel each others oneness, to tell the ailing mother nature that we are sorry for all the harm we have done to her, and we are sorry for pain inflicted to her gentle creatures.
    To tell her that we vow to protect her, to join hands with her in restoring the vibrant balance of life.
    We’ll ask mother nature to share her power and aid us through our path

    Decide a date and time when we and our kin can sit together and connect and bring your vision to a new level of reality 🙂
    Mail me when you have decided.


  7. beloved says:

    Yea, I am so glad I found you again after initially connecting on Brenda’s site. I totally resonate with what you are doing here and love this idea. I write a blog too and love seeing people from all around the world reading my blog yet regret that there is little interaction. A virtual center- how perfect. I am sending much energy and appreciation for you idea, knowing we are all One.
    much love


    • Savannah, I too am so glad that we’re connecting again, thanks! 🙂 I visited your blog briefly and will spend more time after sending this. I started reminiscing about my days at the East Bay Area. I so miss it! 😦

      Your visit is, as with anything, divinely timed. I was just about to change the description of this site in the header from “a virtual healing center” to “a sacred oasis (or sanctuary, haven’t quite made up my mind yet) for sharing reflections, lessons, teachings, tools & resources as I move along the path of healing and awakening.” I was thinking of making it more of my personal space. I guess the Universe just gave its stamp of disapproval, thanks to your comment! 🙂 No pressure there….

      Like you, there is much, a little bit, to be desired as far as the level of interaction goes. I’m not complaining. I’ve simply often wondered why that is so. I think I kinda know and it has a lot to do with the cleaning and clearing that I’m doing with my situation with my family, as I had been sharing recently in my posts. And there are still quite a number of things and offerings thatI had originally envisioned for this site, and which I haven’t quite fully put in place yet. It will really become a full time endeavor then, if it isn’t yet. Perhaps the Universe is waiting for me to fully embrace that concept and take that to heart, and then the interactions and connections that I’m looking for will happen. Hmmm…sounds like a plan? Might the Universe be speaking to me again and giving me this time its nod of approval? 🙂

      Like you Savannah, I love that people from all over the world visit, comment, and find solace in what I’m sharing. And I haven’t even met any of them — not in this lifetime at least, and not in the denser, physical realm. 🙂 I don’t know if I ever will but would love to meet some of them personally. Like you. Oh Savannah, if I were still in the Bay Area, I sure would be driving up to Grass Valley in no time! 🙂

      I so appreciate that you looked for me and left that note at Brenda’s site. So glad we found each other and yes, let’s stay connected! 🙂 We can even have tea, even virtually. Hey, nowadays, and with the internet, a lot of what used to be unimaginable and impossible are now coming to fruition! 🙂

      Thank you Savannah for leaving your loving energy and sending your support and blessings for this virtual center.

      Much Blessings and Much Love to you and your work…Namaste…♥♥♥Nadine Marie♥♥♥


  8. Denise says:

    Good work everybody! I’m just beside myself with joy and excitement for us all!
    40 years ago, I was a hippie girl in the northern California mountains,…. where I first began
    to wake up spiritually. I am soooo delighted! The Truth is racing to the forefront and we are beginning to live it,… and by living it, maybe, just maybe, there really will be a day when everyone of us on the planet moves beyond the senseless ego dance that has caused so much pain and
    destruction. We are creators. I’ve had a vision for years, of hoards of us celebrating with great joy,
    the Bliss of knowing and living Who We Really Are, and powerfully creating from there.
    The words that keep going through my mind these days, are “It’s happening! It is really happening!
    Thank you and Bless you endlessly!


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  16. Lori says:

    Hi Nadine,
    Thank you, for sharing so much, about
    How many of us feel. I want to let you know, your healing in the virtual world is
    Helping me give insight to my journey of healing.
    Although, I can’t put a finger on exactly
    What or why healing is needed, but I just know.
    Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy all your words.
    God Bless you, with your journey,
    May we continue to hear more from you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re most welcome Lori. I’m equally blessed with your visit and your kind words. 🙂 It always warms my ❤ each time I receive comments such as yours. I feel validated, and I am inspired even more to continue writing and sharing. Thanks again Lori, & may you also continue to be inspired & be assisted in your journey through this site! 🙂

      Blessed be. ❤ ❤ ❤


  17. Teresa Martinez says:

    Blessings Nadine, What a wonderful sense of divine flow I feel from your site and passion. Thank you for bringing it through each phase of the journey of self healing awakening enlightenment so you can bring through the gift to share to our brothers sisters and divine mother. The more we connect here on the net/web, we create that network for like hearted, soul connected beings bringing it through with divine timing. Holding that vision, the feeling the knowing and allowing it to nurture the seed that was gifted to us so long ago. I hold you and this divine group in the highest light for the manifestation and connection. May you be Blessed <3. Om Shanti Teresa

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Gia says:

    Nadine, I can so relate to your vision of creating this really special place. Had something similar too. I had been looking for a change in occupation, a change in direction but wasn’t quite sure, what. Felt guided to explore different options, First thought it would go into the same direction: a healing center (only seemed natural as I was already working as a therapist but still in a very “conventional way”) but was being pushed further. Together with my husband (who acts as a strong anchor in the metaphysical world for me) we kept getting info about a place for other humans to connect – to metaphysical beings. More like a meditation center but then again…different. We called it Chrysalis, we even started a blog but it doesn’t make sense the way it is set up at the moment. Anyway, funny thing is: this “center” did materialize in the metaphysical realms…but it never manifested here, in our physical world. Don’t know if it ever will – which would be too bad, but I haven’t completely given up hope yet.
    Really enjoyed reading some of your posts. Thanks for spreading the light…


  19. Gia says:

    I just returned to your blog – forgive me for filling up your comments-section.
    Reason I came back was the “center” we have been trying to “bring into this world” – similar to your healing center – that I mentioned in my last comment. It may be coincidence and maybe I am very presumptious considering there are 100 million Filipinos…but there has been a visitor from the Phillippines on that blog. Since it is hard to find, I was (pleasantly) surprised to see visitors. I was wondering, if YOU had been there – and if so, wondered about your thoughts. I/we have been working on streamlining it a bit, so it is more presentable and (hopefully) sensible/understandable now. Would love to hear from you, if that is the case. Since that blog isn’t meant for everyone, it only makes sense that it is a bit “hidden” but for those who stop by, it needs to be halfway comprehensible 🙂


    • Hello Gia!

      Thanks for your message. It reminded me that I had meant to send you a reply that completely skipped my mind. 😦 My apologies….. I don’t know for sure if I was the visitor from the Philippines that your site stats is showing, but yes, I did visit your site. As I said, I had meant to sent you a note and had forgotten about it altogether.

      Can we continue this conversation in private? My email address is Please email me and maybe we can take it from there…

      Thanks for visiting again and nudging me to continue this conversation.

      Blessed be. 😀 ⭐ ❤ ⭐ 😀


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