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Auld Lang Syne – Home Free

🌟✨💝💫💝✨🌟 Peace. Love. Joy. Kindness. Compassion. Respect. Serenity. Trust. Courage. Grace. Acceptance. Integrity. Abundance. Humility. Gentleness. Gratefulness. Contentment. 🌟✨💝💫💝✨🌟

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And with just a few hurtful words went pffft — our friendship.

It wasn’t so much what she said that mattered. What her words meant — that was what made me feel gutted. Her words and actions — inactions —were a clear indication of her lack of regard for me. Of not valuing me … Continue reading

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Watch “Dealing with Grief During the Holidays: Megan Devine on KATU ‘s AMNW” [6-min video]

Not sure how to balance your need for company with your need to hide out in your blanket fort for the duration of the holiday season? Need some help figuring out if you should mention that friend’s grief during that … Continue reading

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A New Year’s (Extended) Weekend Filled With Magic

Many may look forward to the lighting of fireworks and firecrackers on New Year’s Eve. But for someone with severe allergic rhinitis and who was recently diagnosed with asthma, it sure is a challenge. Back in my couldn’t-care-less-unawake-irresponsible-immature days, I … Continue reading

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A Not So Quiet Christmas Eve

It is the evening of the 24th, half past eight o’clock. I’m in a reflective mood. In a state of appreciation and gratefulness. I’m reminiscing about all Christmases past, particularly those of the last couple of years during which time … Continue reading

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Season Of The Light Reflections

loving. giving. forgiving. none of these is seasonal none is conditional no matter the day, the month, the time of the year may we keep on loving, giving, forgiving giving thanks appreciating every blessing glaring or otherwise. no matter the … Continue reading

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The 10 Terrains Of Consciousness & Why So Many ‘Terrain Clashes’ Happen During The Holidays by Tahnee Wolf

Over the years, as I encountered and interacted with those who are operating beyond 3D, the like-minded and kindred spirits, I still felt a huge disparity and disconnection. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Is there something “wrong’ … Continue reading

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