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The Great Conjunction of 2020 – A Musical Journey

🎶🎹🌟🎼💫🎶✨🎶 Oh, what a lovely visual and auditory treat!!! Click here for how the stars and constellations sounded during the Great Conjunction of 21 December 2020. “You may create your personalized video of the stars and constellations that were visible … Continue reading

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The Trauma and Mind-Body Super Conference [Online & FREE], 29 June to 5 July 2020

Part of the energetic release work that I’ve been doing, especially in recent months, is TRAUMA RELEASE WORK. I came across The Trauma and Mind-Body Super Conference, which is FREE and ONLINE from 29 June to 5 July 2020. The … Continue reading

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Being Content & The Least Affected by the Pandemic

I have embraced my introversion. I have made peace with my aversion towards crowds, socializing with large groups, the party scene, the busyness and noise, shallow conversations. In my younger, unawakened, wanting to fit in and be accepted years, I … Continue reading

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Migraines, Et Al, & One Helluva Super Blood Moon Eclipse!

Sinus headache. Difficulty breathing. Chest congestion. Stiffness of the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Bodily aches and pains. Flu-like symptoms. Constipation. January 20 is when I first experience flu-like symptoms. One week later, these persistent and oh-too-familiar symptoms aren’t going … Continue reading

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Encounters: Intimate Conversations On Belonging Beginning August 15

And the Universe quickly responded… Yesterday, I published the post, The Need To Feel Connected. I shared that “The need to belong is a universal need. It is shared by all of humanity.” And it is a need that I’ve been challenged with filling, and … Continue reading

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Utilizing The Power Of The Resurrection Flame by Patrica Cota-Robles

Humanity and ALL Life evolving on this sweet Earth are in the midst of the most intensified purging process we have experienced to date. The outer-world effect of this cleansing process makes it appear as though everything that can go … Continue reading

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Speaking My Truth & Freedom Of Expression

I’m not a fast writer. Fast typist, yes. Typing fast is one of my top skills. I can easily type out a full page with random thoughts. Sensible and ludicrous musings. Reflections. Insights. Queries. Internal debates. Frustrations. But to organize … Continue reading

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The Idea of Death Penalty Kept Me Up and Awake

I just had quite a relaxing massage. It is my bedtime. Why can I not make myself go to sleep? Why am I feeling restless? Antsy? Hmmm…. Something must be going on — with the collective…the cosmos… Definitely not something … Continue reading

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The Women’s Wealth Revolution – FREE online summit by The Shift Network, Oct 7 – 9

I am redefining what “wealthy” means to me. Abundance. Prosperity. Money. My beliefs, views, habits and practices around money have shifted, and are shifting, thankfully! It is an area where I never thought or imagined I would have “issues.” The intense, extensive and on-going clearing, … Continue reading

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Spiritual Mysteries of the Spring Equinox

[This is a re-blog of my earlier post, Spiritual Mysteries of the Vernal Equinox. Excerpt from  Nature-Speak:  Signs, Omens & Messages in Nature by Ted Andrews] The Ancient Mysteries call forth a return to Nature’s rhythms on an intuitive level.  Spirit … Continue reading

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