From the Corporate World to the Healing Arts

by Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A.

Image by © David Sidwell

The year 1998 was a turning point in my life.  I underwent thyroidectomy.  There was a nodule in my right thyroid and while it turned out benign, there was a complication following my surgery.  My right vocal cord was paralyzed and I started to lose my voice.  I went to all the ENT specialists and they all had the same diagnosis.  There was no cure.  It would take six to eight months for my voice to come back and all I could do was wait.

I was not as prayerful then but on bended knees, I turned to Mama Mary (the mother of Jesus in the Christian tradition). I did not ask her “Why me?”  Rather, I asked her “Why?” Immediately the answer that came to me was “Nadine, be still.  Be quiet, literally and otherwise.  When will you ever stop?

I was at the height of my career in the IT corporate world.  I had a typical stressful corporate executive job and lifestyle.  At a time when the IT industry was at its peak, I worked for the largest IT companies, HP (through Online, HP’s then sole Philippine distributor), Sun (through PSPI, Sun’s then exclusive Philippine distributor), and Oracle. It gave me the time of my life!  With a regional responsibility that included being in charge of one of Oracle’s lines of business in the South Asia Region, I was traveling more than 50% of the time and living out of a suitcase.

I requested friends and family to pray for my healing and decided to slow down.  Even my surgeon Dr. Dodi Diomampo and his wife offered a novena, a nine-day devotional prayer in the Catholic Church to request for special graces.  They prayed for my recovery to Our Lady of Manaoag, the Philippines’ patroness saint of the sick.  I also visited a couple of healing priests.

And for the first time in 14 years, I took time off from work. I spent time in the countryside with my eldest sister and her family.  Miraculously, instead of six to eight months, my voice came back in three weeks!

I went back to one of the ENT/pulmonary specialists with whom I consulted and he couldn’t give me an explanation.  In fact, my surgeon told him, “We don’t need an explanation.  Nadine and I already know what happened.”  My miraculous recovery started my healing journey and spiritual path, towards integration, wholeness and balance.

I realized how imbalanced and unhealthy my life was — I was smoking and drinking (I could even out drink men!). I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was working like there was no tomorrow. I was married to my career.  I decided to slow down and put some balance, and eventually some sense into my life.

In 2000, two years after my thyroidectomy, I turned my back on the corporate world (see article Goodbye Corporate World).  My insatiable quest for Truth eventually led me to the healing arts as my calling.

The pivotal trip to San Francisco

2003 was another pivotal year in my life.  My brother who lives in San Francisco suffered from ruptured aneurysm in the brain. He was unconscious after the surgery at Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, California.  The aneurysm was a result of drug abuse.

I took the first flight out of Manila, Philippines with only one pair of shoes which I had on.  I really didn’t know what was awaiting me.  All I knew was I was being called to do whatever it was that I needed to do.

Dr. Robert Dodd, one of the neurosurgeons who assisted in the surgery didn’t mince any words.  My brother was not going to make it.  Even if he did, he would be a vegetable.  He had grade five aneurysm which is the worst of its kind.

Dr. Dodd explained that only 50% survive and of the 50% who do, 50 % end up in a vegetative state, and 50% live with major disabilities including loss of major bodily functions and total memory loss.  Intercessory prayers were offered by family members and friends residing both in the United States and in the Philippines.  These are prayers for others and offered by those who speak to God on behalf of another to ask for God’s intervention.

I had just started learning a spiritual healing technique called reiki, a Japanese laying on hands technique, which I used on my brother.  My mother, who lives in the Philippines, and my aunt, who lives in Connecticut, lighted candles vigilantly.  Friends, family, relatives and loved ones likewise prayed incessantly.  A deacon (a would-be priest) visited my brother daily and prayed over him.  Each time the doctors gave us an update on my brother’s condition, my standard response was, “God’s will.”

After two weeks, my brother woke up from his comatose state and was well on his way to recovery.  None of the diagnosis of the doctors came true.  There even came a point when Dr. John Sinclair, one of the neurosurgeons who also assisted in the surgery told me, “Nadine, we don’t want to give you any more diagnosis because in the end, you’re going to prove us wrong again.”

Coming from a Stanford surgeon, my brother’s survival and healing may well be seen as truly miraculous.  Today, my brother has short-term memory loss, but considering what he went through, he can indeed be considered no less than a “walking miracle.”

When I started training as a reiki practitioner in the Philippines in 2003, three years after I left the corporate world, I was experiencing a different kind of fulfillment.  Yet I was admittedly a reluctant healer.  Having 16 years of corporate life and shifting from a corporate executive to a healer was unquestionably a huge paradigm shift.  It shook my world.

I kept my healing training hidden from friends and family.  I was afraid that they would find it incredulous.  Who wouldn’t? I myself couldn’t believe it.  What more other people especially the ones I’d known during my corporate days.  They witnessed and even became the recipients of how such a witch and a bitch I could be, without much effort. 😉

My experience though of taking care of my brother was what finally led me to heed the call that I had been dismissing for quite sometime, a mission that I am now fulfilling —  the call to be of service to humanity through healing.

And today, nothing brings me more joy than assisting in bringing about healing and transformation.

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17 Responses to From the Corporate World to the Healing Arts

  1. Noel says:

    Nadine, beautiful name and blog! Thank you for sharing the story about your brother and turning away from corporate life. It reminded me of the path I would like to take in my life, I wish I could walk away from all the madness of the stressful job and life that I currently have, and live a life of peace, joy, and presence. Thank you for commenting in my blog, and I will certainly pursue a way to start a way to keep some of us connected to further share about spirituality. Take care.


  2. Noel, you’re welcome and thank you too for taking the time to read and for your appreciation and the gentle spirit that you are. It truly is heart-warming to connect with kindred spirits here. With all the abuse and misuse of cyberspace, this is one moment that I’m thankful for the gift of modern technology. I am new into blogging and even social networking for that matter and learning along the way. With regard to the “stressful job and life” that you currently have and would like to walk away from, if I may say, and as you probably already know, when it’s time and part of the Divine Plan, it’ll happen. In my “past life” as a corporate executive, I never imagined I’d be living the life I’m living now. Not in my wildest dreams! Although I’m sure the people working for and with me then, were praying real hard for this to happen. Well, their prayers were answered! 🙂 Blessings and love & light!!!


  3. love simply is writing says:

    Nadine, thank you very much for sharing your life experience and I am highly resonated with it. My ‘past life’ in advertising awakened me like a thunder storm that I gotta answer the deepest calling of my soul. Now I fully realize the reason why I am here on the Earth in this lifetime – to love and inspire more love. I am so happy to connect with your virtual healing space here for sharing and support along the path of truth! Together, let us dream big, work selflessly and surrender to the supreme power. Blessings to you! xxx


    • You’re most welcome and thank you for visiting and following. I’m happy you found a place where you can share and feel supported. Because this is the path less travelled, it can get lonely and feel isolating, at the human level. So yes, it is my desire that kindred spirits can somehow feel more connected through this virtual healing place. I’ll “see” you around…Take care, blessings, love & light…Namaste! ~NM


  4. Wow, what a powerful story and interesting journey. Like your blog and broad spirituality.
    Grace & peace,


    • Thank you Rev. Paul for your visit and liking my blog. Broadening my spirituality and beliefs is helping me to be more at peace with myself and my journey and with what’s going on in the world, as well as come closer to Source. Grace and peace to you as well, namaste…~NM


  5. Thanks for visiting my site this morning! I had to return the favor for my spirit moved me to visit you! …..The point I am trying to make is God had to get my attention and when i would not make the move he made it so i would get away from worldly things! Now i do what He had planned for me to do from the beginning, lift him up in praise with poems and psalms everyday sharing the love I know. To read your story and i know that he put you where He needed you to be, which is an awesome blessing. For through your hands come so much healing and inspiriation! It is wonderful to be blessed by and one with the Lord! Soon I will have two books published! But i will continue to lift on my blog! Thanks for visiting me, and for touching my world, for you have a beautiful true life story to share and inspire many! May your weekend be blessed abundantly Nadine-Marie!!!


  6. Nadine, I love your story and your success in shedding ego and finding your calling. You are a beautiful writer and I wish you the best – JCB


  7. This is a very warm and fulfilling blog site. The energy and spirit among the participants is uniquely refreshing and commensurate with much that I believe along the path of healing and higher consciousness, May the blessings of God and the forces of the universe continue to support you.
    -S. Barry Hamdani


  8. Gia says:

    Wow, Nadine, I haven’t seen this part of your blog and now revisited to find this very moving, impressive story. I hope your brother is doing well. I’ve read a story shared by Shelley Yates that sounded as “miraculous” as yours. Shelley Yates – after the incident and its results – was guided to introduce the “fire the grid” movement. I know there is controversial information about it on the net but I participated and it felt very positive to me. Anyway, according to her, this whole ordeal she went through (survivor of accident and basically reviving her son who was in the accident too – you might want to google it) was deeply transformative and the beginning of her becoming the channeler and initiator for fire-the-grid events. These experiences can be SO transformative – for the patient and YOU. Thanks for sharing.


  9. MollyB111 says:

    But of course, haha, I find that we have things in common. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Melissa Gomez Arafiles says:

    Nadine, I thank the Lord for what He has done to you and your brother. God Almighty is sovereign and has pre-destined everything before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1).

    I hope and pray that this new direction will draw you near to God. Search the Scriptures because there no greater gift than eternal life in heaven thru saving faith on the death of Christ on the cross. Not by works which we have done. Faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

    May the Lord use you for His glory and honor!

    Your SPCP Friend -. Melissa Gomez Arafiles
    Hope you still remember me!


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