Responses to messages and articles are welcomed and encouraged.  However, please send messages that are uplifting, those that contain only loving and high vibrating thoughts, and are in alignment with Truth.  Let us not contribute to the pervading dense energy in our planet that is in dire need of healing and cleansing.  And because the truth sets you free, please identify yourself and sign your messages.  Perhaps a guiding question before hitting the send button is, โ€œIs this a message Iโ€™d like to receive for myself?โ€

For inquiries regarding services, schedules, fees, and other inquiries, you may send an email directly to Nadine Marie at but no junk mails please.

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7 Responses to Contact

  1. Maria Rowena Canlas says:


    I am most interested in the acupuncture you’ve had with Dr.Sison. I have decided to end my dependence on meds for anxiety attacks and been searching for alternative and natural cure. Can acupuncture help me live a panic-free life? I just want to enjoy life more with my husband and growing kids by putting an end to this ordeal which has “imprisoned ” me for years. God bless!



    • Maro, I’m glad to hear of your decision to no longer depend on prescription drugs. Yes, there are alternative, complementary, natural and less invasive ways of healing. However, I am not a medical doctor and do not make any diagnosis for others. As I’ve stated in the welcome page of this site, what I’m sharing here are those that are helping me. These tools may or may not work for others.

      What I can suggest is for you to research more about acupuncture. If you haven’t checked this out, here’s the link to the website of the US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

      I am a strong believer and advocate of HOLISTIC and INTEGRATED approach to health and wellness (and living for that matter). A COMBINATION of Western and Complementary/Natural methods. It’s not either/or. Western medicine has definitely its strengths. Your prescription drugs may in fact be essential to your condition and what you may need are other treatments and therapies IN ADDITION to your meds. Or, you may in fact find out that you can do away with your meds. Maybe eventually. But I don’t know that for sure. Only you and your primary care physician can determine that. You’ll most likely get a better handle when you consult with Dr. Sison, himself a Western medical physician.

      I hope that helps Maro. May you continue to be led on what will bring about healing and balance in your life. Thank you for stopping by and expressing your interests and concerns.

      Much Blessings, Peace & Joy, Love & Light, Namaste…~Nadine Marie~


  2. lauriesnotes says:

    Hey, Nadine. I was trying to get to your posts and I got stuck on the welcome. I was just stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚ admit I am a bit dyslexic. I’ll try back later. Just leaving a note to say I stopped by-


  3. Raymond says:

    Many experience such loneliness…most are caused by their past…but, for a few, it is truly caused by the lure of the Truth…pulling at them…until one day they realize…they are alone in that. (and yet, many trapped in loneliness due to their pasts claim to be such truth bearers…


  4. Tony Maghirang says:

    Hi Nadine sorry to ask but are you a BSIE graduate from UP?


  5. Marci says:

    Can you contact my daughter? She has so many things going on right now & you are as close as I have found to her insights.


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