Self-Healing. Shining My Light. A Sacred Calling.

To be the most glorious version of myself.

It is the best gift I can offer to humanity.

The most important and meaningful contribution I can make.

I must keep focusing on my healing, growth, and transformation. No amount of healing is ever wasted — no matter how seemingly minuscule it is, even if it’s done to one’s self “only,” quietly, in the privacy of one’s domain [inner and outer], without announcing it to the public [aka, ‘sharing’ on social media to garner as many ‘likes’ and making it go viral.]

Every healing endeavor that is done at the personal level is sure to cause a shift not only in one’s inner landscape but in the inner landscape of every member of the rest of humanity.


The butterfly effect.

And THAT is the most significant contribution I can make.

Self-healing is a Most Sacred Calling

I have long embraced self-healing [self-love, self-acceptance] to be a most Sacred Calling.

To live joyfully is contagious. To live ‘quietly,’ sans drama is most exhilarating! To live authentically is most freeing!

And that is the kind of “virus” that needs to spread across humanity. That is the kind of “virus” of which I am not ashamed or do not feel guilty being a carrier.

Author Jeff Brown wrote about this on one of his recent Facebook posts. Such a timely reminder!

“It’s not about what you are here to bring to the world. It’s about what you are here to bring to yourself, first and foremost. The actualization of your callings is fundamental to your own transformation. It is the way you bring yourself into wholeness. And from that place, your offering then extends outward to touch the world-at-large. It’s your bridge to humanity. But it always begins in the bones of your being. Many people choose a path because it is the most likely to get them external validation. That’s not a calling. A calling exists in and of itself. You may like that it helps others, but that’s not why you do it. You do it because it’s who you are. And because you won’t know peace, without it.”

We derive our fulfillment from the act itself — from the healing, loving, accepting, and honoring oneself.

From shining our Light. From living in Joy.

Once we place our energies, focus, and intention on the desired and expected effects and impact of our actions on others and the external world, it diminishes the purity and potency of the healing and loving of oneself.

And as Jeff wrote, that isn’t a calling.

That is fulfilling and filling in an unmet emotional and childhood need.

The giving ends in the giving.

The shining [of our Light] ends in the shining. Our gift is the act of shining per se.

We must continue shining our Light, not for anything else other than it is what gives us the most joy and fulfillment. It is our most important and priceless gift to humanity. It is how we connect to and get connected to the rest of humanity

As Jeff wrote,

“It’s not about what you are here to bring to the world. It’s about what you are here to bring to yourself, first and foremost….the way you bring yourself into wholeness. And from that place, your offering then extends outward to touch the world-at-large. It’s your bridge to humanity.”

And it is that joy and sense of fulfillment that we derive and experience from healing and bringing ourselves to wholeness that moves and inspires others.

How our Light and the shining of our Light impacts others, how many are impacted, the extent, or depth of the impact on others mustn’t be our goal. That’s the job of the Universe. That’s the “calling” of the Universe, not ours.

Whoever is touched by our Light is not our concern — Divine Intelligence is tasked to take care of that.


Often, others encourage me to continue shining my Light to set an example for others.


Not necessarily so.

When I receive this kind of ‘encouragement’ from others, I feel it is counterintuitive.

I am mindful that the act of setting an example for others to emulate is not self-serving and coming from a place of woundedness. The setting of an example may be the effect — but not the goal or intention of why I shine my Light.

I am mindful that I am not sending a subtle, unconscious message of, “Oh, look at me, imitate me…I am so put together….”

In our ‘more is better’ culture, which social media puts even more emphasis on, at times, we may be motivated and compelled to give a “more substantial” response to somebody’s post [other than a ‘like.’]

We feel obliged and pressured to share our words of wisdom and unsolicited advice and suggestion. It is one of my pet peeves — I don’t want to be told, so when someone offers unsolicited advice, I am triggered big time!!!

We think we are not “helping enough” when we are “just” listening wholeheartedly and witnessing compassionately.

We erroneously and misguidedly think we must do more than listen and witness.

In a way, we think we are helping and lifting the spirits of the troubled person when the truth is, it is ourselves that we are lifting with the sharing of our “profound wisdom.”

And I have been there.

I have offered my wisdom from a place of woundedness.

My insecurities had driven me to ‘share my gift of wisdom’ when I was, in truth, showing off. As I wrote here earlier, I am mindful now that I am not sending a subtle, unconscious message of, “Oh, look at me, imitate me…I am so put together….”

Social media reinforces this false belief with the misguided notion that the number of likes and followers or when a post or sharing goes viral is the barometer of one’s “success” or effectiveness [in one’s advocacy or healing].

If we get a few ‘likes’ or have only a handful of followers or the post is not shared, the brilliance of our Light is turned down — according to social media.

Thankfully, I do not play by those rules.

Well, not anymore, at least.

I keep going back to this teaching, which I learned from Neale Donald Walsch long ago,

The giving ends in the giving.

Recently, I experienced this from a couple of members of a private Facebook healing group.

I was the recipient of the members’ insecurities and their need to show off — by giving me their unsolicited advice and uncalled-for and irrelevant suggestions and comments.

You know, so that they can “contribute.”

For my mental health and emotional well-being, I left the group. I had been mulling about it for quite some time anyway — whether or not to continue being part of the group. The incident was the Universe’s response to my predicament. [More about this in another post.]

I am a seed planter. A gypsy. A wanderer.

A decade ago, I began traveling across the country [the Philippines], searching for my geographical island home on earth.

When such a ‘home’ wasn’t manifesting, the thought crossed my mind that, perhaps, I am meant to live a gypsy life — one without a permanent address. I wrote about that here.

Not only have I since embraced being a gypsy when it comes to my physical, geographical home, I have also embraced being a wanderer when it comes to situations and relationships — to life, in general.


In a way, I’m like the image of the Peanuts cartoon character, “Pig-Pen.” While I don’t “attract a permanent cloud of dust,” I stir up the soil where I set foot.

I sprinkle fairy dust everywhere I go.

It is my way of planting the seed. Of shining my Light.

Nurturing and harvesting the seed to enjoy the fruit of what I had planted is no longer my concern; it isn’t part of my mission or calling.

And whether or not others nurture the seed does not diminish my contribution. The important thing is I planted the seed. I stirred the pot. I sprinkled fairy dust.

Quietly. Without the fanfare.

And I will and must continue doing just that — and leave it up to others to do what they choose to do with the seed that I had planted and the fairy dust that I had sprinkled and left behind. I must get out of the way, give way, and allow the Universe to respond — however way is most fitting and as determined by the Universe, not me.

When I have contributed what I was called to do, when the purpose has been served, when I have served my purpose in the situation or relationship, it is time for me to leave the situation or relationship without being concerned with what others choose to do with the seed or fairy dust that I am leaving behind; at times, they may not even realize that I had planted the seed or sprinkled fairy dust.

Once more, that’s no longer my concern.

My contribution is in the act of contributing — and it ends there.

The giving ends in the giving.

How about you? What is your Sacred Calling?


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