Revisiting Personal Beliefs And Values. Unpacking New Age Teachings.

The pandemic together with my birth mother’s death in February 2020 gave me much space and time for self-reflection and re-examination of my beliefs, values, and principles.

The accompanying lock-down and being at home the majority of the time — which isn’t really that much more unusual for a homebody — left much room and opportunity for healing, releasing, grieving, and mourning. [As if I hadn’t been doing enough of those over the years, eh?]

Hence, my posts have focused on getting to the bottom of my maternal wounding — releasing and giving a voice to what was both suppressed and repressed for the longest time.

Society, with its deep patriarchal conditioning, is quick to shame and condemn those [of us] who are mustering the courage to speak authentically about their [our] ill experiences with their [our] mothers.

But I am no longer afraid or hesitant to speak about it — thankfully. At least, not as much as before.

A huge part of my self-examination is revisiting my beliefs around healing and forgiveness, especially those which have leaned heavily towards New Age teachings, resulting in spiritual bypassing and toxic and feigned positivity.

These New Age beliefs that I had embraced brought about premature forgiveness and superficial closure and completion.

The teachings also have, quite sadly, harmed and re-traumatized me when they were hurled at and forced on me; I, too, have re-traumatized others when I advocated these teachings for which I am most regretful!

And much thanks to Lissa Rankin, M.D. who, quite synchronistically, has been talking extensively about the topic on her Facebook page — following the recent [controversial] resignation of Rebekah Boruck from Hay House, which is also the former publisher of Lissa.

Watch Rebekah’s video below [“Why I Left Hay House Publishing: Racism, Resistance, and Conspiracy Theories – BEXLIFE“] —

Lissa’s posts sparked quite thought-provoking conversations!

She unpacked the following New Age teachings, which I, too, have been questioning over the years — even as I have, at one point, parroted them:

1. Be here now.
2. Your negative thoughts are not real and need to be fixed.
3. Reality is an illusion. Only love is real.
4. Fear is the opposite of love. The only virus is the pandemic of fear. A miracle is when we choose love over fear.
5. “Get out of your victim story.”
6. Your ego is a pig. You need to kill it.
7. The law of attraction/manifestation teachings.
8. All mental and physical illnesses will go away with a healthy diet.
9. All disease is the result of a weak immune system and can be reversed with diet, supplements, and integrative and functional medicine.
10. We’re in the midst of a Great Awakening, 5D shift, transition to a new utopia, and all the unenlightened non-“woke” “Muggles” (note the smug superiority — aka white privilege of this belief) will stay in this 3D hell hole while the others ascend.
11. Surrender your ego to Divine Will (or to a spiritual teacher serving as the embodiment of some sort of divinity who claims to have special access to Divine Will).
12. Spiritual surrender means giving up your discernment and just saying yes to whatever life offers you without boundaries.
13. Neo-shamanism as a culturally appropriated tool for White people to exploit and profit from Indigenous wisdom, spirituality, and healing practices.
14. Sick people call in illness as a soul growth assignment so they can grow spiritually.
15. Non-attachment and non-judgment are a sign of enlightenment.
16. Guilt is good, but shame is always a toxic emotion we should avoid at all costs.
17. Everything is energy, and therefore if you raise your vibration enough, and your energy is aligned with the energy of light, then your physical and mental ailments will always magically disappear (and you’ll never get COVID).
18. The attainment of spiritual perfection (enlightenment) also means you will attain a perfect and thin body.
19. “It’s a benevolent Universe, so we should have ‘pronoia’ rather than paranoia.”
20. Changing your wording and refusing to buy into a story will make your painful condition go away.
21. Empaths who penetrate the psychic boundaries of others and do a “reading” without consent are helping you by revealing your blind spots as a direct gift from God.
22. All channels information comes straight from God.

Lissa analyzed the above in her posts, “10 New Age Beliefs We Need To Unpack If We Want To Be Social Justice Allies and 12 More New Age Beliefs We Need To Unpack If We Want To Be Social Justice Allies.”

Another author who has been challenging these teachings quite extensively — long before Lissa — is Jeff Brown, whose writings I have been following for several years.

This blog, Aligning With Truth, is celebrating its 9th anniversary [11-11]. Many of these misleading New Age teachings have found their way on this site. I cringe when I re-read some of them, and, like Lissa, I am deeply sorry that I have harmed and re-traumatized others because I parroted some of these misleading teachings in my writings.

And I invite you to join me in examining these beliefs and teachings. Should we realize how misleading [some of] these teachings are, I hope and pray that we stop parroting them, so we don’t cause further harm and re-traumatize others.

What New Age teachings do you find misleading to which you no longer subscribe? Are there others that you want to add to the list?


Copyright © 2011-2020 Nadine Marie and Aligning With Truth

About Nadine Marie (Aligning With Truth)

I find much joy & fulfillment in sharing my experiences & insights through writing & blogging. I created the site, ALIGNING WITH TRUTH as a virtual center for healing where I share my thoughts & reflections, as well as the tools & resources that are helping me as I move along the path of awakening & coming home to the Self. As I live in joy & align with Truth, I AM shining my Light which is how I contribute to the planetary & humanity ascension. Brightest & Magical Blessings!!! Om Shanti. Namaste...💗💖💜Nadine Marie💜💖💗
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2 Responses to Revisiting Personal Beliefs And Values. Unpacking New Age Teachings.

  1. Dee says:

    Hello Nadine. This touched me on so many levels and in different ways. I too am working through the grief of the death of my birth mother. Thank you for sharing your journey to healing with the loss of your birth mother. And I hope it’s okay to say, deepest condolences.

    I am so thrilled to read about tackling the New Age paradigm. If I may add my own two cents, I really believe people are mostly well-meaning in such regards. What I mean is that I’ve viewed most people in my country (USA) as having either been torn from their original culture, escaping their original culture and/or bringing it with them and keeping it and forcing it upon others. I say this as a mixed race woman whose birth mother was indigenous to the continent I’m living on. And while I’ve sometimes witnessed outright appropriation of cultures, I’ve mostly noticed it coming from people who either feel so cut off from their original ancestors and/or who are deeply moved by the culture their taking on as their own. Instead of being adopted by a family, they are kind of adopting the “family.”. I might never had said this if my birth mother didn’t step in right away before I started on hating the “white” part of my multi-heritage. Her people were practically wiped out by the Europeans. But she taught me that hatred and racism, even against my own, was not the answer. She knew racism existed. Well enough with too many stories to go into. But she taught me that it wasn’t “just a white thing”, it was a “human thing”.

    Right now the world is justifiably focused on racism, as it should be. But I sincerely hope, especially after seeing the prejudice and racism even amongst the different cultures of my family – black, brown and white – (and I mean within each of those races, fighting against each other and not just black and brown against white and beige and vice versa) – that the focus will one day be on forgiveness. Yes, love is said to be wonderful and all, but forgiveness I think is key. And an acceptance that we are all prejudiced on some level. All of us. In my opinion, we are all walking wounded.

    As for unpacking the New Age teachings, yes, there are many of them that have hurt myself and others. Many I followed and spouted and unintentionally hurt others with for which I too am deeply sorry. New Age replaced religion for me. And now it seems science is stepping in and replacing religion, New Age and other such teachings. Perhaps that’s necessary for now as it once was for religion and the New Age. I think these all come to teach us who we are. For me, I’ve walked away from them all with sorrows but also wisdom and blessings. I’ve learned that we are precious and unique, little universes unto ourselves bumping up against each other, hopefully in helpful ways.

    Thanks for letting me share my two cents.


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    • Hi Dee! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. What a thoughtful response! 🙏💖

      Thank you, too, for the condolences. I will say, though, that my relationship with my birth mother had been dead long before my mother’s physical demise. Her physical death was more like a “formality,” a “ceremonial ending” to a relationship that had long been dead, one that was being forced to keep alive by those whose motives for doing so are self-serving [their selves] instead of practicing compassion and taking into consideration MY situation, feelings, and experiences. The usual dismissing, diminishing, marginalizing……

      It had been a decade before my mother’s death that we had been no contact, which allowed me enough time and space to mourn and grieve the loving maternal relationship that I would never have. The mourning and grieving are on-going but became even more pronounced this year following her death.

      And I am taking every step to take care of myself, be gentle, kind, and compassionate, particularly to my little Nadine — knowing especially how harsh society can be to unmothered daughters who have taken the bold step of treading the road less traveled [of going no contact as well as speaking truthfully and courageously about our difficult relationship with our mothers].

      I hope you, too, have been taking care of yourself, Dee, practicing loving-kindness, gentleness, and compassion. And I’m not sure also if it’s okay for me to offer my condolences to you…..I’m sending you my love, well-wishes, and prayers for strength and peace.🙏💖🙏

      I like that concept of it not being “just a white thing,” but a “human thing.” And I agree that people have no intention to hurt or harm others when they/we spread the New Age teachings and beliefs. But the harm was done, and we must own up to it — because only then will true and complete healing begin for BOTH parties. The owning up is the tricky part, which is connected to forgiveness.

      And my concept of and relationship to forgiveness, which had been hinged on spiritual bypassing and feigned positivity, has shifted and evolved — with much thanks to the grieving process that I went through following my mother’s demise.

      I’m realizing that I may have been traumatized by the false teachings around forgiveness that I don’t want to focus on using the term forgiveness per se — at least, not at this point in my journey. I can’t say that forgiveness is the answer because it also depends on what one’s definition of forgiveness is.

      I have come to realize and am embracing the idea that forgiveness entails a genuine acknowledgment of the wrongdoing, a commitment to and demonstration of mending one’s ways, and a vow to resolve the broken relationship or trust. Without these, I am not extending forgiveness to the wrongdoer, and I will work and focus instead on forgiving myself for having trusted wrongly or not having discerned wisely.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on racism. It is time the topic and its discussion are brought out to the open. Yes, I, too have witnessed racism even within the brown culture of the Filipinos. Brown is our organic skin tone, but the average [and racist] Filipino has yet to truly accept and embrace that we belong to the brown race. [My birth mother and her rejection of me when I was born because of my dark skin tone is a classic example!]

      So, yes, Dee, we are all walking wounded, and we must accept that we all have our biases and conditionings on some level. And I have learned that acceptance — more than or instead of — forgiveness has been most therapeutic and more effective in my healing.

      And yes, Dee, whatever teachings we have followed have helped us and served a purpose and taught us to come back to or come to know who/what we really are. “We are precious and unique, little universes unto ourselves bumping up against each other, hopefully in helpful ways.” Thank you, Dee, for bumping into me — and yes, in most helpful ways, perhaps more than you’ll ever know. 🙏🌺💖

      Blessed be, Dee, and much Love, and warm Hug!!!🤗💖🌸🙏🌺🌹🤗


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