Therapies For An Optimal State Of Health More Than As Treatment For Breast Cancer

A feeling of completion.

I was in that state since last year. That there’s nothing else that’s in my bucket list. I feel fulfilled and ready to go.

To have been in that state helped me to make peace so easily with the breast cancer diagnosis in June this year.

I don’t believe there’s really anyone who’s ready to go,” were the breast surgeon’s words when I shared my decision not to undergo any treatments or procedures or even the cancer pill that she was suggesting.


The surgeon’s lack of support for my decision was enough reason for me to not consult with her anymore.


I wrote about that here.

Adjusting the Circulation of Ch’i and Blood with Acupuncture

Thankfully, there’s a compassionate acupuncturist with whom I started consulting back in 2011 and who agreed to be my primary health care practitioner — and even and especially in relation to the breast cancer diagnosis.

I’m so grateful for this acupuncturist whom I’ve come to dearly love because it’s like going to my psychotherapist when I have my acupuncture sessions.

I look forward to my weekly sessions which have helped tremendously in bringing my body and energy system back into a state of balance. In assisting the energies to get unstuck and flow through.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, tumors, lumps, and masses are congealed blood. Acupuncture adjusts the circulation of ch’i and blood.

The focus of my wellness practices and therapies has been — even more so now following the breast cancer diagnosis — for the balanced flow of ch’i and blood.

IV Blood Irradiation (Laser) Therapy

Speaking of blood, I discovered and have been going for a non-conventional therapy — intravenous blood irradiation (laser) therapy, a procedure in which the blood is exposed to low-level laser light via a vascular channel.

It improves blood flow and circulation, the immune system, and cell metabolism — the very goal of my therapies and practices.

After two rounds of 10 sessions each, three sessions per week, the color of my blood has turned from a dark maroon-red to bright red, yay!

Sorry, wasn’t able to take photos of before and after to substantiate what I just said. But who needs convincing, anyway, eh? I have not only seen but experienced and felt the improvement and effect. That’s all that matters.

Colon Cleanse. Sauna. Massages.

I’ve had regular colemas years back, but I now find them too invasive.

I’m so grateful that the clinic where I have my IV laser therapies carry the Solfi green powdered supplements to cleanse the colon. And it is gentle — and just as effective — as colemas in colon cleansing.

The clinic has a sauna that I use up to three times a week.

It also offers authentic lymphatic drainage massage and other therapeutic massage services.


I’m no longer as restricted in my food intake.

I have a 5-day vegan meal delivered. Saturdays and Sundays are my treat days. I give myself permission to feast on what gives me joy while being mindful that it isn’t to cope with stress.

I make sure that I do not feel deprived but keep away from the unhealthy stuff.

I had learned that soursop is effective in treating cancer. Thankfully, there’s a company in the Philippines that makes fresh soursop juice and do home deliveries!

For the past few years, I had been taking a smoothie for breakfast which is now soursop juice-based. I mix a combination of any the following — fruit (usually banana), coconut juice, supplements, chia and flax seeds, nuts, raw cacao nibs, oatmeal, yogurt, and raw egg.

Yoga. Walking. Dancing. Swimming.

My yoga practice had taken a back seat following the surgery, quite naturally, but I have a home-based morning self-practice that’s nurturing and gentle enough for my recovery.

When I can, I go for a one-hour walk in a university campus where trees abound and where I’m in the company of joggers, hikers, and bikers.

I haven’t quite gotten back to dancing and swimming but will do soon.

Guided Meditation. Essential Oils. Magnesium Spray.

Below is a 20-minute meditation from Jason Stephenson that has helped me a great deal in my recovery. I started listening to it a couple of days after the surgery and have been listening to it regularly. This, and other guided meditations form part of my daily routine.

Now that I’m back in the city and no longer in the seaside, I’ve felt the need to use essential oils again — which I so love!

I spray magnesium on my body to relieve aches and pains leaving me feeling so relaxed; it’s as if I just had a therapeutic massage!

IV Vitamins. CBD Oil.

Next week, I’ll start having intravenous vitamin C and B-complex supplements.

[In August, I visited a couple of medical practitioners but ended up being traumatized when they couldn’t insert the needles properly! I have given myself enough time to recover and overcome the trauma. I now feel ready for it — and with the ‘right’ practitioner, this time.]

My acupuncturist mentioned to me a while back about one patient who had taken medicinal cannabis which helped address the cancer condition. It isn’t legalized in the Philippines yet, so we’ll have to source it elsewhere.

Just recently, a concerned reader also mentioned cbd oil in response to my previous post. [Thanks, VK!🙏] Must be a reminder from the Universe for me to start looking into it, eh?

Here I go again with my involvement with our residential complex’s state of affairs….

My goal in all my wellness practices, though, is not to address cancer per se. It’s to restore vitality and strength. To enhance my immune system. To improve my ability to enjoy life.

As I wrote in my previous post, “should the therapies and restoration of my health into an optimal state bring about the ‘eradication’ of cancer, I will be most grateful. If they don’t, I will be just as grateful.”

One thing is sure, though.

My therapies and practices had come quite handy when I was going through my stressful involvement in our residential community’s state of affairs which I wrote about here, here, and here.

And, surprise, surprise! I have some participation again (!) which started last week — but for a valid reason and for a ‘limited engagement only.’

I’m much clearer, too, on the extent of my involvement — one of my endless opportunities to practice boundary-setting, a lifelong lesson.

I continue to be clear on my focus and intention in getting involved. And yes, I’m well aware and mindful that I do not jeopardize my health.

Interestingly enough, though, my involvement is so connected with the breast cancer diagnosis’ messages and growth opportunities — which are, no surprises — tied to my core childhood and family-related wound!

And the connecting of the dots continue which I will share in future posts.

🕉 🙏🕉

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    All sounds wonderful. Glad to hear it’s going so well!

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