Breast Cancer As An Emissary

The diagnosis of breast cancer is just that — a diagnosis

An identification of the nature of an illness.

An identification of the state of the cells in my body. Of the imbalance between the healthy and harmful cells.

I view it as merely an imbalance in the energies. A misalignment.

And when there’s an imbalance or misalignment, what does one do?

Put some balance. Put the energies into balance. Re-align.

Bring the energies into alignment.

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The diagnosis per se isn’t where I keep my focus and energies; it’s in what the Universe, my Higher Self, my Soul is telling me via the diagnosis.

My Soul chose breast cancer as a messenger. An emissary.

The diagnosis is a messenger of what needs attention. Of what needs re-direction. What needs increased awareness.

It is a messenger of validation for what it is that I have been doing ‘right.’ To continue what has been serving me well.

To engage in those that give me joy and fulfillment — such as writing, blogging, and sharing on this site.

It is a messenger of what needs tweaking — or discarding. To toss out what no longer serves me.

To let go of those that I have allowed to take up space that is better occupied by others.

To disengage from those that do not honor or uplift me. Those whose energies are misaligned with mine.

It is a messenger of what it is that I may have been neglecting. For me to focus on it now and stop procrastinating.

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I may view the diagnosis of cancer as just a diagnosis, but I’m well aware that the diagnosis is delivering important and powerful messages.

Messages that continue to unravel. Messages that continue to reveal themselves even as I’m writing this.

The diagnosis of any major or life-threatening illness is NOT a punishment; it is NOT a curse. The person with the illness is NOT being cursed or paying karmic debts.

(Thanks to this meditation video for reminding me of that.)

It is a challenge presenting itself with tremendous transformational opportunities for the individual concerned, their loved ones, and those with whom they interact.

Words carry energies. Words ARE energies.

I’ve long been mindful of the words that I use.

I firmly believe that words carry energies, and energies seep into my consciousness influencing my thought process, choices, and decisions.

I’m equally mindful of what others say or what words they direct at me particularly about the breast cancer diagnosis.

(Oh, remember the comment that a reader made which triggered me when they said that they “feel sorry for you [me] for being sick”? I wrote about that here.)

I do not say, “my breast cancer diagnosis” but “the breast cancer diagnosis.”

I do not say that ‘I have cancer.’ I do not refer to myself as a cancer patient.

I’m merely someone whose physical [medical] examinations showed identification of the imbalance between the healthy and harmful cells which Western medicine labels as ‘cancer.’

I’m mindful that I declare those words; I remind others to do the same.

I refuse to be labeled as a ‘cancer patient’ or ‘someone who has cancer.’

It isn’t a denial of what I’m experiencing.

I’m not being negligent of the diagnosis or ignoring it.

I acknowledge the diagnosis; I honor it.

I’m just not giving my power away to it or giving it too much power or more attention than is called for.

I’m merely putting the diagnosis in context.

I do not have “a battle with cancer.” I am not battling with cancer. My goal is not to beat cancer.

As I said, I’m not in denial.

I’m not rejecting the diagnosis but viewing, embracing, and dealing with the situation instead with Compassion. Kindness. Gentleness.

With Ease, Peace, and Grace.

With much Gratefulness — particularly for the blessings in disguise. For the silver lining beneath the dark clouds.

Trusting. Surrendering. Keeping the Faith.

Mustn’t we deal with all challenges in the same way?

Becoming A Grander Version Of Myself

I choose to be a compassionate witness instead of a hopeless victim. I choose to take charge instead of helplessly succumbing to the diagnosis.

Such a perspective is my way of practicing non-attachment to the illness.

I don’t view the breast cancer diagnosis as something that defines me nor is it something that limits my capacity to experience my human journey fully.

On the contrary, it is gifting me with the opportunity to continue to experience that which makes me thrive and gives me joy.

To experience what my Soul needs — to grow. To evolve.

I have an opportunity to take my journey to the next level. To take that next step and not be stuck with and in the diagnosis –— feeling like my life is doomed. Or that my life is over!

The diagnosis is gifting me with the opportunity to be transformed instead of being paralyzed by it.

To come out of the experience wiser.

To become a Grander version of myself.

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Now, because that’s the attitude that I’m taking — I’m a maverick, remember? — the diagnosis hasn’t resulted in anything dramatic or drastic.

My lifestyle continues to focus on attaining wholeness, balance, and integration — in general, and not to address the cancer diagnosis.

I continue to undergo regular non-conventional therapies not to treat cancer per se, but to detox and bring vitality and strength to my system.

So I can continue to enjoy life.

So I can continue to live life fully.

Should the therapies and restoration of my health into an optimal state bring about the ‘eradication’ of cancer, I will be most grateful. If they don’t, I will be just as grateful.

Living One Day At A Time

No one knows, no one can tell what’s in store for me as I journey through breast cancer.

(Even if someone tells me — dares to tell — me what they think how my journey would unfold, I’m not one to listen. Maverick, remember?)

And I don’t fret about what’s next. I continue to live one day at a time — and in a way that brings me joy and makes me thrive.

To have an attitude of gratitude at all times — tough and easy times. More so during the tough ones when it’s tougher to be grateful but when the attitude of gratitude is most needed.

I guess I’m merely choosing to view the breast cancer diagnosis as something that’s just part of my Soul’s journey.

It is an episode that I easily made peace with, thankfully.

It is an episode in my journey for which I find much joy and fulfillment in sharing on this site.

A journey for which I’m most grateful to be blessed with supportive and compassionate witnesses — those of you who have been following my adventures, those of you who have been and are being led — synchronistically — to my sharing here such as you reading this now.

Thank you for taking the ride with me. Thank you for witnessing my journey.

And together, let us thank the breast cancer diagnosis for bringing you to this site. For being an instrument in bringing us together.

For gifting me with opportunities where I can develop and demonstrate Compassion. Kindness. Gratefulness. Respect. Trust. Grace. Peace.

Join me, please in thanking the breast cancer for being a catalyst and for being an emissary.

🕉 🙏🕉

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15 Responses to Breast Cancer As An Emissary

  1. jerseytee says:

    Blessings, Sister, as you navigate through your journey. Thinking only positive thoughts of you. Thank you for your words, your blog, your strength and insight and sharing it all with us, your readers.

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    • Thank you, too, dear sister for the support and compassion, the loving and kind words! 🙏💜😍 I feel so blessed, loved, supported, honored, and valued — just what’s needed by someone going through such a challenge. 🙏😇 May the L💗ve and Blessings return to you a thousandfold!🙏🤗💜🌞💚🌟🙏


  2. jerseytee says:

    Reblogged this on WomynVision and commented:
    The Journey of a wonderful Soul.

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  3. Visionkeeper says:

    So sorry to hear this diagnosis for you Nadine!!! Very sorry….Attitude is definitely a plus for getting better. Good for you…I won’t preach but I will just share that there are COUNTLESS cases of cancer healings with CBD oil…No high to it, just the goodness of the marijuana oil’s healing abilities! truly amazing stuff…I wish you all the best with your journey forward Nadine. Sending you love and hugs…VK ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. candidkay says:

    What a unique and wonderful attitude! I am sending good energy your way . . .

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  7. krindle says:

    What an awesome post! We are sisters in pink, with similar mind sets! well said!


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