The Mt. Mayon Connection

Mt. Mayon, the Philippines’ most active volcano and “the world’s most perfect volcanic cone because of the symmetry of its shape” started acting up on January 13.

Not coincidentally, that was a couple of days before I started experiencing flu-like symptoms which, thankfully, are gone by now. 🙏💖🌞

Recently, I saw a video online featuring a local volcanologist who claims that there is no connection between last week’s  and Mt. Mayon’s eruption.


I’m not a scientist, and I respect their view.

But I don’t share such a perspective.

I may not have the scientific data to back up my claim. Not only is the  connected with the ongoing volcanic activity of Mt. Mayon, one thing I know for sure is the severity of my aches and pains which I shared in my previous post has something to do, a lot to do with the   and Mt. Mayon‘s release of energies! 🌋

Gasps and awe as Super Moon rises over Mayon Volcano. Text & Image Source:

Not only do I feel, sense, and know the connection, but I also know that what I’m experiencing is precisely what a volcano goes through right before she erupts.

And it sure isn’t fun!

I’m humbled, and I begin to appreciate more what Mt. Mayon is ‘enduring.’

With much compassion to her, and without meaning to be insensitive to the affected residents and evacuees, if only to relieve Mt. Mayon of her severe discomfort and pain, she may as well have one big push already and get it over with — once and for all — and release all those pent-up energies! The Philippines, the planet, we all are sure to benefit from the deep cleansing.

But then again, it may just be my limited human capacity that’s making me think and believe that — that what a volcano goes through before and during an eruption is filled with debilitating pain.

Perhaps it is a non-issue.

Volcanoes, after all, especially the active ones, are designed, at some point, to emit gas and release heat. It’s part of their make-up. Of their life. Their being.

Kinda like how it’s also like with us humans, eh?

Life is a cycle with its ups and downs. Periods of rest and release. Episodes of chaos and bliss. Moments of quiet and crisis.

It cannot be just one or the other. Life is both. Mother Nature intended it to be so — even as we, humans, sadly, misuse our intelligence and tamper with her.

Calm. Storm. Calm. Storm. Calm.

Rain. Sunshine. Rain. Sunshine.

Light. Dark. Light. Dark. At times, Light. Dark. Dark. Light. Dark. Light. Dark. Light. Light. Light. Dark.

Evening. Morning. Evening. Morning.

Rest. Release. With much processing in between.

Rest. Process. Release.

Such is the life of a volcano.

Some releases are quite strong and loud explosions that even kill people. Some are quiet outflows.

Kinda like you and me, with our quiet releases as well as our violent and thunderous emotional outbursts — which can also suck out the energies from others around us leaving them almost lifeless, eh?

And with the Universal Law of Divine Oneness, how can what I’m experiencing or the  not be connected to Mt. Mayon — or anything and everything else for that matter?

With all due respect, dear volcanologist. I beg to disagree. Mt. Mayon‘s eruption is not an isolated situation. Direct or remote, there is a connection. A Divine Connection.

And to Mt. Mayon and other members of the human race and all of creation for that matter who may be going through their version of pains and struggles, I offer my gift of Deep Compassion.

We will get through this.

This, too, shall pass. This, too, shall not remain. It isn’t supposed to.

There’s always the Calm after the Storm. The Stillness, the Settling and Re-aligning of Energies after every Eruption.

I know that for sure and thank you for the reminder, Mt. Mayon.

🕉 🙏🕉 🙏🕉

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