Remembering The Gifts — Thanks To The Recent Solar Flares & Earthquakes!

It was as if the energies just needed to be released to blogosphere via my post yesterday.

Not long after publishing it, I felt the headaches and pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper back slowly going away. Woo-hoo! 👏😃

I still wasn’t able to sleep well last night. Hence, the slight dizziness still. 😣

I also still have a slight headache and some pains. 😮 We are, after all, still experiencing some solar flares.

But the aches and pains are more tolerable. Way more tolerable than the past days, thankfully! ☺

My normal blood pressure ranges from 90/60 to 100/70. Since the earthquakes and solar flares, my BP would be anywhere from 120/80 to 130/85!

Those numbers may not be alarming to others — especially those of the same age as me (I’m 55)— but they are high for me! High enough to cause the headaches and dizziness. And to think that I already didn’t engage in any strenuous or physical activity. I skipped my yoga and dance classes and just rested the entire time.

I took my blood pressure this morning. It’s almost back to its normal range — 110/75. 😊

A reminder of the gifts

Having lower than usual blood pressure — as compared to those of my age group — is one of the gifts for which I’m most grateful that this recent episode of earthquakes and solar flares reminded me.

I come from a family with a history of hypertension — both maternal and paternal. The cause of the deaths of the majority of my relatives from both sides (grandparents, aunts, uncles) is a heart attack.

Hence, I have one of the major risk factors. That is, according to Western Medicine for which I have much respect even if I’d much prefer the natural — as opposed to the mechanical means of restoring balance and wholeness to one’s state of health which, sadly, is what Western Medicine has now become.

I’m not necessarily blindly following all of Western Medicine’s principles. I don’t see them as the ultimate authority when it comes to my health and well-being.

Just as I also don’t accept and abide by all of the tenets of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

I take what, to me, makes sense and feels right. I use the Holistic, Integrative approach. And I use — and craft — the one that works for me. After all, no one size fits all.

Before my awakening-cum-lifestyle-shift born out of a health challenge in 1998, I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle. And I couldn’t care less!

Smoking — as much as two packs a day! 😠

Drinking — almost daily, and I could even out drink men! 😲

Not exercising. 😞

Having a very stressful job as a corporate executive in the IT industry — with smoking and drinking as my stress relievers!!! 😨😨

Thankfully, those days are now behind me. Far, far behind me. And I cannot imagine myself ever living that life again.

Do I have any regrets?

Not necessarily.

I’m not proud of it. Neither am I ashamed of it.

I AM simply grateful and appreciative. So, so grateful and appreciative most especially that I was able to make the shift!!! 😋

What I learned from dehydration

Despite having lived such an imbalanced, unhealthy lifestyle for two decades — and having started smoking and drinking regularly as young as 16, yikes!!! 😠 — at my age now of 55, thankfully, I’m not dealing with any of the health challenges that the majority of those of similar age are facing. Nor am I dealing with what should be the ill effects of having lived so unhealthily — such as liver malfunctioning (from too much drinking) or pulmonary diseases (from the heavy smoking).

I’m not controlling or having to reduce my salt or sugar intake. On the contrary, I need to increase it!

That’s right.

See, when I faced my health challenge in 1998 and found out that I had a high cholesterol level, and given my family history of hypertension, I took it upon myself to cut back on my salt intake. I was so afraid of ending up with hypertension that I practically eliminated salt from my diet!!! My taste buds got so used to it. I’d find most meals too salty for my liking. I had to request for the salt to be reduced each time I’d eat out or have someone prepare my meal.

Not realizing — until last year — that not having enough sodium in the system is just as ‘bad’ or unhealthy as having too much.

Yup. It’s all about balance. 😏

After being ‘homeless’ in 2016 as a result of my Antique misadventure in 2015, part of the challenges that I faced was dehydration.

Being away from the seaside, being in the city — and no longer used to it — and experiencing record-high hot summer months in the Philippines (40ºC or 104ºF plus high humidity!!! 😰), my body was naturally going haywire!!! 😲 I knew it wasn’t any of the ascension-related symptoms, and I ended up going to the emergency room. I wasn’t admitted, thankfully. ☺

I found out that there’s such a thing as drinking too much water. I had always thought that the solution to prevent dehydration is to drink more water than usual.

Apparently not.

In my case, whatever sodium was in my system — which was already very little and unknowingly below normal, to begin with — was being flushed out of my system with my excessive water intake. I was depleting my body of an essential mineral. A mineral that I so mistakenly dreaded for fear of contracting hypertension! 😕

The doctor educated me that unless I have hypertension, there’s no need to cut back on sodium.

He also explained that I need to determine the difference between being thirsty and feeling warm. Meaning, drinking water isn’t always the solution. If my body is feeling hot, I can opt to take a quick shower to cool me down, so I don’t unnecessarily flush away the sodium in my system.

Oh well. Lesson learned.

Same with sugar.

I was never into sweets, cakes, or other similar stuff. I was never a dessert person. But serve me anything that has chocolate in it, and I’m not one to refuse. And I prefer dark chocolate. The bitter, the better!

Again, my blood test results showed a lower than normal blood sugar level.

So, while those of my age have to stay away from salty or sweet foods — and having them occasionally is considered a treat or an indulgence — I, on the other hand, need more of these foods! (I guess, it is again just one of those that makes me ‘different’ and ‘not normal,’ eh?) And somehow, as my experience has proven, it’s much easier to add something to our diet than take away from it. And for that, I’m most grateful. 😊

Sleep aids, anyone?

Yesterday, I was talking to someone about these ascension symptoms. She hasn’t experienced them and is quite unfamiliar with them, but she shared with me that she’s been dealing with insomnia. She holds a regular office job and has to take sleep aids (Advil PM) twice a week.

Admittedly, I was tempted to do the same. I was tempted to take my allergy meds (Zyrtec) to help me sleep, but I didn’t.

But I just might later. If I still have difficulty sleeping tonight, I just might take Zyrtec. My allergies, after all, have been acting up recently.

I’m mindful, though, that it’s not a quick-fix solution for my situation. I’m bearing in mind that it is an aid to help me cope — and function ‘more normally.’ This, while I still allow the process to unfold naturally and the energies to flow organically.

That conversation, though, reminded me again of one thing for which I’m most grateful. One thing that I, at times, take for granted — being retired, not having to report to work, not having a healing practice/center which has been a long-held dream and which I have already let go of — and without any regrets!

I certainly would be in no position to face any clients with very little sleep and with all the aches and pains! I could, but I sure would just be in beast mode!!! 😀 😀

And thanks to the recent solar flares and earthquakes. They reminded me of some of these most treasured gifts for which I’m most grateful to help me flow more effortlessly with the energy adjustments and alignments.

Oh, and I took a peek at the 27-day forecast of solar activity. Thankfully, there will only be just one more geomagnetic disturbance this month (on July 18) and one geomagnetic storm on August 5. The rest of the time, it’ll be geomagnetic calm. Yay!!! 😀

Then, we’ll just have to wait and see how the energies of the total solar eclipse on August 21 will play out, eh? One day at a time. One geomagnetic activity at a time.

Meantime, please join me in Breathing. Smiling. And Being Ever Grateful!!!

🕉 🙏🕉 🙏🕉

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4 Responses to Remembering The Gifts — Thanks To The Recent Solar Flares & Earthquakes!

  1. candidkay says:

    I do think our bodies/intuition help guide us. I’ve made one simple change–adding kombucha to my diet–and the results are heartening. I feel better! So much better. One bit at a time, right? Wishing you continued good health!


    • Yes, our body has its innate wisdom and intelligence. Isn’t that how fascinating how one slight change can make us feel better? Yup…one bit at a time…. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and for your good wishes, Kristine! 🙂

      Much L ❤ ve & Joy to you!!! ⭐ ❤ ⭐


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