Changing How I Look At Others’ ‘Wrongful’ Behaviors

Wasn’t I, too, at one point in my life, clueless with what’s going on in my immediate surroundings?

Wasn’t I, too, so caught up with the demands of my job which was all that mattered to me then?

Wasn’t I, too, inconsiderate of and insensitive to other people’s feelings in my younger years?

Wasn’t I, too, living my life the way they do? Can I not see myself in them at one point in my life?

Unaware. Unawake. Asleep. Unmindful. Unconscious.

So, is the Law of Mirroring at work here?


As clearly as any newly polished mirror can be!

Ahhhh… shadows.

It’s so much easier to find faults in others. To make them wrong. To see them as less than who I am. At a level lower than where I’m at.

Seen by whom? Viewed by which aspect of me?

Not my Soul, for sure. Not my Divine Self.

That perspective is seen through the lenses of my limited, personality, wounded, human, corporeal self. That’s of the Old 3D Consciousness.

If I continue to see people — and life, in general — from that vantage point, it doesn’t take much to be critical of others’ behaviors, beliefs, lifestyles, and choices. All I can come up with is how wrong, horribly wrong, terribly mistaken others are. The only one who is on the ‘right’ path and making the ‘right’ choices is me!

Not exactly unifying and uniting, eh? In fact, it screams Divisiveness. Separateness.

And I consider myself spiritual? Evolved? An Awakened Soul?

How snooty and arrogant of me, eh?

But I’m grateful that I’ve found a way to overcome my judgmental ways. To apply the half-empty-half-full-glass principle.

It Isn’t In The Wrapping

When I encounter energies that are not aligned with mine — alright, the ones who are ‘not awake’ — rather than be repulsed, I’m mindful of finding what it is that they’re gifting me. What is it about them that I can appreciate and admire — or even embody and emulate?

What?!?! Emulate from them? Them who are unawake? How can that be? How can someone ‘less evolved’ than me ‘teach’ me anything I don’t already know?

Arrogance at its finest, eh? 😉

The truth is, we all have a gift to share with the world. All of us. Awakened or not.

It is up to each one of us to find those gifts — in others and in ourselves. To uncover them. Identify them.

It is up to me to see beyond what’s on the surface.

After all, not all gifts come in intricate packages. Sometimes, the most treasured ones are wrapped in the simplest of draping; sometimes our gifts come from the least likely sources.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the display of lack of consideration and respect for others. An example? When people have loud conversations be it amongst themselves or while using their cell phones or when they play loud music on their gadgets in public places — as if they’re the only ones in the area.

They are unmindful of how their behaviors are affecting other people in their midst. Of how inconsiderate they are. Insensitive. Disrespectful.

Sure, there are headsets for that purpose.

But why do I need to be the one to use the headsets instead of them? Why me? Why not them? Why only me? Why not them, too? Why not all of us? Why can we not all practice respect and consideration for others? How can I be so diligent in being considerate of other people yet receive a different treatment? Quite the opposite, in fact. Why?

And such behaviors are what I encounter anywhere I go. (You can see there’s clearly a growth opportunity for me here, eh?) Such behavior is prevalent in the Philippines, my country of origin. And it is widely accepted and tolerated. Not by me, though. Hence, my annoyance. Hence, my growth opportunity. My blessing in disguise.

For the longest time, I’d get so pissed off. I’d easily allow it to get me off-centered. My heightened sensitivity to energies makes it even more challenging.

And it’s a double whammy for me.

See, I’m already annoyed by the lack of consideration. Add to that, I’m equally annoyed that the Filipinos don’t mind. They condone it. Enable it. They’ve long ago accepted it as part of the culture — regardless if such habits are inappropriate, hurtful or harming, be it to themselves or others.

And I’d easily get distracted. My focus shifts — effortlessly — from what I’m doing to the inconsiderate behavior and apathetic attitude.

Before I know it, I’m spiraling downwards. My vibrational frequency reaches its lowest level — quite instantly!

A Shift in Perspective

A shift in my perspective. That’s the only way I can best deal with such energies without losing my center — and sanity! Look at the glass half-full instead of half-empty.

When someone is clueless about their surroundings, when someone is intently focused on their task at hand — be it typing on their gadget while playing loud music or having a loud conversation with someone — and doesn’t seem to be affected by whatever is going on in their midst, or doesn’t appear to show any consideration for whoever may be in their immediate surrounding, I have two choices —

I can see them as being inconsiderate and disrespectful. Plain and simple. I can dwell on that. Get stuck in that paradigm and be infuriated.


I can put my attention on how absorbed they are in what they’re doing — and see it with admiration and appreciation. On how excellent is their skill of focus and concentration.  How about embodying that, eh? How about honing my skill of concentration so I can keep centered and not get easily sidetracked — despite the distractions and in spite of my heightened sensitivity?

How about that, eh?

I’m not necessarily saying I’m in denial of the display of lack of respect for others. That I’m overlooking that and choosing to turn a blind eye. Not at all. That may very well still be the case.

But after I’ve taken note of that, I must be mindful that I do not get stuck in that reality. I don’t need to — and mustn’t — be trapped in whatever interpretations or misinterpretations I may have of their behavior or whatever meaning I put into the situation. Because when I do that, I’ll only end up being judgmental and critical of them. It’ll only make me grumpy. And who wants to be a grouch or be around one? 😉

I need to remind myself that whatever others’ beliefs or choices are, I’m in no position to judge or criticize them.

When I make others ‘wrong,’ I am, in actuality, demonstrating my illusory superiority. The fact is, underneath that illusion are my inferiority and insecurities. Plain and simple.

We can choose to see instead through the Loving Eyes of the Divine.

As we go through the human experience, we may still have judgments and interpretations. Initially only, at least. It is, after all, inherent in the earthly experience.

But we don’t dwell on that. We mustn’t.

We must be mindful of allowing those thoughts — especially the fault-finding ones — to just pass by. We mustn’t be fixated on our perceptions or misperceptions. We must just Observe. That way, we can keep ourselves open to whatever possibilities and opportunities will show up.

And a situation presented itself to me recently which gave me the opportunity to practice precisely just that. I chose to respond differently. I decided not to be annoyed.

And I’m so grateful I did because the gifts unraveled quite quickly! In fact, I’m now enjoying the rewards of my choice of a shift in my perception, woo-hoo! 😀

To be continued – “Now, I’ve had the time of my life…

⭐ ❤ 😀 ❤ ⭐

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6 Responses to Changing How I Look At Others’ ‘Wrongful’ Behaviors

  1. Great piece Nadine Marie…resonates completely. I just heard Eckhart say this, which I understand completely. Harder to accept and practice though, but very powerful: “Accept that people behave in a way that corresponds to their level of consciousness.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jonathan! I’m glad you resonate. 🙂 Indeed, our behaviors are merely a reflection of our level of consciousness. Thanks for sharing the link to Eckhart’s talk. Listening now…. 🙂

      Much L ❤ ve to you, Jonathan, and the Brightest of Blessings!!! Namaste. ⭐ ❤ 😀 ❤ ⭐


  2. Leslie says:

    Absolutely agree, well said.
    This is a peave of mine and I agree that acceptance and practice are not easy.
    Excellent post!



    Liked by 1 person

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