Bat Medicine: Facing Our Greatest Fears

On this Earth Day evening, only candles illuminate my home.

I like the ambiance and the energy that lighted candles sans electricity-generated lights bring to my home.

It’s cozier. Serene. Relaxing. So inviting to lounge around, to quiet down….just be. Quite soothing especially to a weary soul….. 🙂

Thankfully, there was a heavy downpour of rains in the afternoon.

The air is much cooler. A treasured gift in the sizzling summer months — especially during a power outage that “forces” me to go out into my veranda where the cool breeze caresses my bare skin, yum! 😀

Mother Moon is in the fullest of Her Glory. Brightest as she can ever be.

Ahhhh….She is lovely! Irresistible. The ‘star of the night’ most certainly. 🙂

Mother Moon rightfully owns the title ‘Queen of the Night’ — tonight more than ever and more than anyone or anything else in this pitch dark neighborhood.

Thankfully, there aren’t any homes powered by annoyingly noisy generators, woo-hoo! 🙂 The only ‘noise’ I can hear — and willing to tolerate — is the sound of the children riding their skateboards up and down the street below.

Not for long, though, thankfully.

It’s almost nine o’clock. The kids have gone inside their homes. Only silence prevails. Golden Silence.

I can now enjoy the silence, relish my solitude, and fully revel in my moon bathing. 🙂

It is moments such as this that keep my thoughts away from my deep longing to be at the seaside. This is good enough — for now.

Quiet moments like this make me feel so blessed that I forget about my dissatisfaction with living in the city — albeit momentarily. Yup. I still have those moments! Not denying that…. 😉

Or for a brief while, I forget about my frustration with living in a neighborhood that’s not exactly aligned with my energies. Sigh. 😦

At last, I have my private moment with Mother Moon. Ahhhh….. 🙂

I feel a warmth in my chest. Despite my not too pleasant and far from ideal living situation, I feel content. The gloominess that I had felt is replaced by a bright outlook. Hope. 🙂

And I feel at peace. How I wish others are partaking of this Blessing that I’m receiving from Goddess Nyx. ❤

My momentary near-trance state and intent gaze at Mother Moon, though, is quickly interrupted. My privacy is invaded.

Uh-oh. I’ve got company! ‘Someone’ has joined my moon bathing party! 😮

I’m not particularly pleased with people just popping in unannounced, but this surely is one visit that’s most welcomed! One that’s much appreciated and to be celebrated! 😀

From out of nowhere emerges a black flying creature! I guess it wouldn’t be a full moon evening without the presence of these nocturnal winged beings that have long been associated with the full moon — Bats.

A bat flies towards me and encircles me just a few feet above my head before flying away towards the western horizon.

In Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small, author Ted Andrews explains the symbolism and spiritual message of Bat’s appearance as follows:

“…reflects the process of transition—part human and part bat (animal). It implies a loss of one’s faculties if unwary about the changes. It also holds the promise of rebirth and coming out of the darkness.

“…let go of the old and create the new. For many, change is always distressing. When the bat comes into your life, you may see some part of your life begin to go from bad to worse. That which worked before may no longer. This is not negative though! And it will only be upsetting to the degree we are emotionally attached to the old way of life or to the degree we focus on the past rather than the infinite possibilities of the future.

“Changes and transformations are blessings. They are not triggered from without but from within; and the world is our mirror. As we change, even within our consciousness, everything reflected within the world also begins to change. To understand and enjoy the blessing of change, begin by taking or renewing responsibility for your life. This means opening to the power within which will override all fears. Look beyond the immediate and limited circumstances.

“There can be no death without there also being rebirth. Everything reflects the divine. Remember that fear and death is a choosing to block or go against the Divine energies that are yours by right of inheritance. Rebirth and life are found by choosing to follow the flow within. The choice is always ours. Remember that each time you trust your own inner promptings, you chase the fears within the dark corners of your mind away. What you choose to do today will have repercussions for years down the road.

“From a naturalistic view, bats are not sinister. They play a very valuable role in nature. They feed on insects and are essential to the pollination of many plants. Their waste product, guano, is also used as a valuable fertilizer. This hints that every aspect of facing our fears will have value to us, no matter how messy it may seem to be. It holds the promise of empowerment.

“The bat is also the only flying mammal…. Because humans are mammals as well, the bat is an even more important symbol for us. It becomes a symbol of promise amidst the sometimes chaotic energies of change. It reflects the ability to move to new heights with the transitions. Yes, our own flights may seem fluttery and jerky, but we will be able to fly. We will not only be able to fly as a result of the changes, but we will be able to see the world from an entirely new perspective.

“Bats sleep with their heads down. This posture has always reminded me of the Hanged Man card in the tarot deck. This card reflects the piercing of new barriers and the opening to higher wisdom. It symbolizes a new truth being awakened. It also implies great strength and stamina to handle the ordeals that may beset you as you open to new consciousness. Its message contains the promise of new horizons and unexpected views about to manifest. Meditation upon this card would be most beneficial for those with a bat as a totem.”

In a previous post, I talked about how a recent acupuncture session brought to my awareness the weakness in my kidney meridian.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the emotion associated with kidney and which has the most impact on its functioning is fear.

In Hindu tradition, in the chakra (energy center) system, blockages in the root chakra is due to the presence of excessive or irrational fear, and one body organ governed by the root chakra’s functioning is the kidney. As I wrote in that post, “in more recent years, the imbalances in my root chakra have been calling my attention.”

I hear you Bat. Loud and Clear.

I AM facing my fear!

❤ ⭐ 😀 ⭐ ❤

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8 Responses to Bat Medicine: Facing Our Greatest Fears

  1. Leslie says:

    Big grin from here- the bats are out at our house and I love to watch them swoop and swirl.

    Owl was here two days ago, flew across my meadow in daylight.

    Shine on



  2. candidkay says:

    I am loving the back and forth in this one. I was rejoicing in your gratitude for so much–and then the human element crops up with what might not be quite to your liking–and then you swing back to divine gratitude. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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