Something Needs To Die To Give Birth To Something New

I start to hear a faint chirping. It is persistent. Consistent.

There aren’t any birds in my veranda. I look around. None.

I check elsewhere at my next door neighbors. Nada.


Tada! It’s coming from the nest, duh! It’s Baby Bird, woo-hoo! 😀 😀 😀

An Affirming Sign

NestBefore I made my decision about this apartment, I already noticed a bird’s nest settled at the veranda. It’s such a treasured gift that Mother Bird has chosen to build a home for her young ones in my then would be new sanctuary — even without any plants or trees on the property.

That’s such a good sign!” my friend exclaimed as she joyously celebrated with me. ❤ ❤ ❤

New Life. Birth. New Home.

Ahhhh….Lovely, affirming sign indeed, eh? 🙂

After I moved in last month, I’d be blessed every morning by the sight of Mother Bird visiting her nest — bringing food to her little one, I presumed.

My Daily Doses of Miracles

It is one of my daily doses of miracles that keep my hopes high as I go through a most challenging adjustment phase of living in the city again.

I feel a lightness in my chest. Adrenaline rush.

I can hardly contain my excitement and curiosity. I take a peek into the nest, and I am enveloped with Love and Gratitude as the sight of Baby Bird in all her fragility welcomes me! ❤ 🙂 ❤

Please let me witness your first flight,” I utter a silent prayer to her, to the sylphs and the heavens.

Baby Bird tweeting with her tiny voice is music to my ears. Mother Bird nurturing her little one makes me feel taken care of as well. My soul is being fed sumptuously, yum!!! 😀

An Answered Prayer?

One evening, I’m distracted from my writing as I see a bird fly out from the nest.

Was that Baby Bird? Did I just receive an answered prayer? Or, might that have been Mother Bird?

Hard to tell. It is too dark to tell.

The following morning, I don’t hear any chirping.


A couple more mornings, no chirping still.

Mother Bird’s visits also cease.


Maybe that was Baby Bird who just took her first flight.

Something, though, feels odd. Off. Not quite right.

In fact, I feel a bit wary. Anxious.

With hesitation, I decide to take a peek in the nest. Gotta face our fears, right?

To my dismay, there lies Baby Bird…..lifeless! 😮

I’m horrified!

What happened? Why did she die?!?! 😮

I immediately — instinctually — go into a self-blame mode. Maybe she was stressed by my constant peeking! 😦 Maybe it was the radiation from my cell phone when I took some photographs. 😦

I feel sorry. So sorry. Guilty. 😦

I ask forgiveness from Mother Bird. I’m not a mother — biologically at least — but I know that the loss of a child can be most devastating to parents. To mothers more in particular — without meaning to sound insensitive to fathers.

Oh, don’t be hard on yourself,” my friend lovingly comforts me.

It isn’t hard for negativity to surround me and weigh me down, though. I can’t contain my fear.

I’m only now beginning to recover and get back up again, and now, this? Why? This isn’t a good sign. I’m supposed to be starting a new chapter, a new life….why the end of life when I’m just starting over? 😮

Of course, I also know that the more I give in to the negative emotions, the more I feed the negative thoughts, the more stuck I’d be. Fear can be so paralyzing — that I’ve proven numerous times.

Thankfully, it isn’t long before I’m able to get a hold of myself. I regroup. Dust off the negativity.

Well, isn’t that how Life is? S#&t happens. Death happens.

And life goes on. Life must go on.

“I AM in a natural cycle, and things will flow again in due course.”

Earlier this month, I posted about the messages that I received from the Divination Cards. I was having one of those moments of whining and resisting. I was feeling stuck. The cards, though, thankfully, had a reassuring message —

There is no cause for alarm, I AM in a natural cycle, and things will flow again in due course.

Last Sunday, I started coming back to the mat for my asanas. It’s been a looooong time since my physical practice of yoga, and it feels great! 😀

My practices — morning and bedtime — have been gentle. Soothing. Soft. Just enough to get my body to start moving — again. Enough for my muscles to feel the stretch — again. To smoothen out the kinks — again. Enough to get me unstuck and into the “flow again.”

She’s Back, Yipee!!!!

The other morning, while I’m on the mat about to begin my morning practice, I have a most welcomed distraction.

Mother Bird is visiting — again! 😀

She’s working on her nest once more and hovering by my studio’s windows — again. She seems to want to come inside. Just the way she did when I first took a look at this apartment. She did the same thing during my practice yesterday morning, this morning and even now as I’m writing this.

What a lovely gift, eh? 🙂 ❤

Something needs to die to give birth to something new.”

The message is loud and clear.

And it was so quick for her to move on, eh?” my friend exclaims when I share with her one of my daily doses of miracles.

And I am humbled by what she said.

Mother Bird has lost a baby not too long ago. Yet, she is now already getting ready — excitedly I bet — to have another one.

She has moved on. She is moving on.

And here I am, thinking of, whining about — still — why I’m not living at the seaside?


Something needs to die to give birth to something new.”

Thank you Mother Bird for the Inspiration and much-needed reminder!

❤ ⭐ 😀 ⭐ ❤

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  1. Leslie says:

    Wow- one puny little word is all I can find in my vocabulary.

    I hear you!


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