Dealing With Weak Kidney Meridian Through Acupuncture

It’s been almost three years since I last had an acupuncture session.

I didn’t have that much need for it, and there also weren’t any practitioners in the area. Thankfully, my daily swim in the ocean was my primary source of keeping my energies balanced and my system aligned.

But now that I’m living in the city again, such therapies are a must. And it’s one of those numerous blessings that I’m thankful for that are readily available in the city of Bacolod.

I had a two-hour nap after my session, yum!!! 😀 As with having a therapeutic and relaxing massage, I usually just curl up in bed the rest of the day after an acupuncture session.

The acupuncturist pointed out that my kidney meridians are quite weak and need unblocking.  Not a surprise there actually.

A Trip to the ER…

You see, I didn’t get around to writing about it here, but a few days before I finally moved into my apartment last month, I had to go to the hospital emergency room! 😮

I was nauseous and having severe diarrhea. I had leg cramps earlier in the morning.

Following my massage in the afternoon, as is my usual routine, I had chicken soup for dinner. After only a couple of spoonfuls, though, I started vomiting and was so dizzy! 😮 😮 😮

Signs of dehydration most certainly.

But I already consume three liters of water. This, plus my daily morning intake of coconut juice. How could I possibly be dehydrated?!?!?

It’s my first time to experience it. And I know it isn’t ascension-related symptoms. Something ‘legitimate’ wasn’t functioning properly in my system for my body to behave that way.

My blood test showed low sodium level.

The doctor reassured me, though, that it wasn’t anything for me to be worried about. That I mustn’t be alarmed. He wouldn’t be if it were him. He comforted me as his encouraging energy enveloped me for which I’m so thankful.

He said that considering all that I went through in Antique, then being ‘forced’ to take up residency in the city of Bacolod, topped with the glitch with my move that resulted in an unanticipated delay, the power struggle with the property manager, and the extremely scorching weather condition (we’re in the peak of the Philippines’ summer months), he’s not surprised that the stress took a toll on my health. 😦

Not to mention, my body is still adjusting and adapting to the new environment — especially one that goes against my preference and to which I had been accustomed. You know, being near Mother Ocean instead of living in the city. 😦

I’m so thankful that the physician didn’t scare me unnecessarily as some ‘irresponsible’ physicians do when they paint such gloomy pictures and worst scenarios. And such prognosis may indeed be valid. Some, though, are uncalled for, in my opinion.

Anyhow, I’m thankful for the physician’s genuine care, concern, and compassion — a most treasured gift when one is going through a health challenge.

Still, I didn’t take what happened to me lightly. I didn’t want to take any chances.

Addressing My Kidney ‘Issue’

I’ve taken additional doses of supplements. I’ve shunned away from any strenuous activity and doing as best I can to rest — although, that is a bit of a challenge when one is moving houses, eh?

One blessing that I’m also thankful for being a resident now of the city of Bacolod is the availability of what I call ‘miracle of a drinking water’ called ‘Pi Water.” It is highly oxygenated, rich in plant-derived minerals, and passes through 56 stages of filtration (the triple Pi kind. Single Pi passes through 27 stages, and Double Pi passes through 38 stages.)

A medical physician from Bacolod recommended it to me a year and a half ago. She works with cancer patients and recommends that they drink Pi Water only. She vows by its effectiveness in aiding her patients’ healing and recovery.

So, considering how much drinking water — superior quality water at that — and coconut juice I drink every day, I was puzzled how I could be dehydrated. 😮

And why the low sodium level?  Admittedly, I’m on a very low-sodium diet — by choice. By habit. By preference more than anything. And I wondered if that is enough to bring my sodium level to a low point and to a point where I experienced all that I did that landed me in the ER….

When the acupuncturist, though, pointed out that my kidney meridian needs unblocking, everything started to make sense! Especially after I did my research.

I now know that the low sodium level in my system is a manifestation of my blocked kidney meridian. But what led to it?

Being a firm believer that whatever manifests at the physical level has an emotional, metaphysical and spiritual cause and explanation behind it, I read up as much as I could on the topic to help me piece things together and to get to the bottom of all these.

And the ‘mystery’ is now getting more demystified…. 🙂

I’m unravelling so much more than I thought I would. What initially didn’t make sense to me makes so much more sense now as I’m connecting the dots. As yet another layer is being peeled. As more is being revealed, cleared and healed.

After I had my wake-up call in 1998 when I experienced vocal cord paralysis, I had been focusing on healing, unblocking and balancing my throat chakra. I had thought and believed that it is my lung meridian that is in most need of attention and healing.

Apparently, the ‘root’ cause of my health issues and healing journey is more fundamental than that.

There’s something more basic than what I had been concentrating on and which is now and has been in more recent years calling my attention — the imbalances in my root chakra (the base chakra or energy center) and blockages in my kidney meridian (the root of life.)

❤ ⭐ 😀 ⭐ ❤

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5 Responses to Dealing With Weak Kidney Meridian Through Acupuncture

  1. Leslie says:

    Oh Nadine Marie,
    Your post again makes me sit up and say how much your writings mean to me.
    The fact that you are dealing with this issue gives rise to our fragility as humans – in ways that we easily overlook.
    You share much of yourself, which inspires and encourages others. The gift of Nadine is precious and I hope you are feeling much better!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww….thank you so much for your very kind words and loving energy Leslie! And I’m thankful my writings are helpful to you. 🙂 And yes, I AM much better, thank you!

      Namaste Leslie. Blessed be.


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