It Is That Familiar Face Of Betrayal & Trust Once More

“Do you have a written contract?”

It is the lawyer’s immediate reply when I consult her about the mess that I’m in. (As I shared in my previous post, the owner of the cottage didn’t fulfill her end of the bargain to have the cottage fixed, her negligence of which rendered me ‘homeless.’)

Nope. We didn’t have a contract. I didn’t feel the need to have one. The owner also didn’t bring it up during our conversation.

Had we executed a written agreement, would that have prevented the dilemma that I got myself into? Would that have guaranteed her fulfillment of her promise and responsibilities as the property owner? Would that have ensured that I, by now, would be having the time of my life in my new oasis in the seaside in Antique?

I don’t think so.

But it sure would have been easier for me to file charges and claim for damages.

Yup, I thought of that. It was that bad.

However, while we didn’t have a written agreement, thankfully, I didn’t give her any advance payment.

Still, I want to find out what my rights are, which ones were violated, and what could be done about it. Hence, my consultation with the lawyer.

Was there breach? Yes, there was. Definitely. But the burden will be on you to prove it. It would be a case of your word against hers,“ explains the lawyer. “However, you also need to take caution because she may even turn things against you especially since you have nothing in writing.

My already stiff shoulders even tighten. My heartbeat races. My chest is almost exploding. My legs weaken. Adrenaline spikes.

Images of what could be, what should have been rapidly flash through my mind.


The energy of fear quickly finds its way into my being, sending chills up my spine.

And It Is 2001 All Over Again…

Holy $h!t! This already happened to me 14 years ago! Uncannily similar circumstances.

I got involved with a woman who easily saw through my weaknesses. I was so open — too open, I’ve realized since — with my life circumstances.

This woman saw an opening — the opportunity to take advantage of my openness, generosity and vulnerability. Ill-intentioned individuals, especially habitual ones, have a knack for sensing who to ‘victimize.’

I readily loaned her money. An enormous amount, and I mean an obscene sum of money!

Each time I recall that crazy chapter in my life, I cringe and shake my head in disbelief on how I could be so gullible!

You guessed it.

She and I did not have anything in writing.

I also went via the legal route. But to no avail.

“The Universe has its own justice system.”

One of the spiritual counselors with whom I consulted reiterated that message to me. It was his way of making me come to my senses and make it easier for me to let it go. To make peace with the fact that I may never be able to recover my money.

And I didn’t. I haven’t recovered the money. And I doubt I ever will.

Anger. Bitterness. Unforgiveness. Fear.

All these come up as I find myself in similar circumstances in Antique.

Clearly, the opportunity for deeper healing and clearing is presenting itself. The opportunity to further heal the bitterness from that chapter. To forgive. The opportunity to forgive not only this woman but myself. More so myself.

To forgive myself for having made such a “bad call.” For having been misled by this woman’s manipulative ways. For having been so gullible to have wrongfully trusted her.

Trust. Trusting Myself and Others.

Whom do I trust? How do I discern who is trustworthy and who has only the most dubious of motives? How well do I trust myself enough to know whom to trust?

How well do I trust myself to make wise decisions and rightful choices? How much do I listen to my inner promptings? How often do I follow the guidance of my Inner Wise Counsel? How often do I ignore the warning signals?

Trusting is a major Life Lesson for me. And Trusting and Mastering the Art and Skill of Discerning is only one of the numerous lessons that come up for me as I go through one challenge after another for the duration of my 21-day ordeal in Antique.

😀 😀

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5 Responses to It Is That Familiar Face Of Betrayal & Trust Once More

  1. candidkay says:

    I am sorry for your experiences with people who lack integrity. I know how frustrating it can be when the same lesson comes up more than once. I like to learn from God when he whispers in my ear, so I can avoid the tap on the shoulder and the one/two punch that can follow if I still don’t pay attention. I have a feeling you won’t get one/two punched again:).

    Liked by 1 person

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