It’s Been Four Years: What a Blogging Journey It Has Been — and Quite Transformative At That!

This month marks the fourth anniversary of this blog site. Yay! 😀

In the early days of my writing, I read up as much as I could on the ‘Ten Commandments of Blogging.’ Do’s and Don’ts. How to’s. Some of which I followed — with some reluctance, admittedly.

Part of me didn’t feel quite right about some of the suggestions — especially as they were aimed at achieving only one thing —


More likes. More readers. More views. More comments. Getting the readers more interested and make them come back for more….

More, more, more…. 😮

While I respect their suggestions and completely understand why, I’ve become clear, though, that it simply wasn’t for me. It wasn’t going to be my motivation. Thankfully, I was quick to get off the bandwagon. 🙂

I’ve also realized since that at the end of the day, at the end of it all, I AM my expert and adviser. No one else.

What I need to do most is to tap into my Inner Authority to counsel me on what needs to be written and shared — how much to reveal, what to keep to myself, length and frequency of posts, timing, etc.

Am I Writing to EXPRESS or IMPRESS?

Now, I think it’s safe for me to say that we share the collective experience of not being in our best element all the time — when we’re not centered and not as inspired as usual or as we’d like to be.

During those moments, I’d often opt to wait until Inspiration kicks in.

However, I’ve also had those moments when, instead of seeking counsel from my Inner Wise One, stubborn and impatient me would force, push, pressure myself to write and share. Or comment. Primarily because I was succumbing to, you know, the Do’s and Don’ts of what it takes to be a ‘successful’ blogger.

And when I now revisit those posts or comments that I ‘forced’ out of me — just to ‘conform’ — whoa, they surely make me cringe! 😮

What? Did I write that? Really? What was I thinking?!?! 😮

There are those that I’d like to delete — if I could.

But I’m keeping them published even if they came from the ‘less than evolved and wise’ me. Even if all of humanity could and would read it eventually — if they haven’t yet.

No, I’m not proud of it.

But I’m also not going to shame myself because of it. Neither am I going to justify any of it.

It is, after all, part of the journey. The blogging journey. The writing path. The healing path.

It is part of my journey of healing through writing.

The very intention of this site.

I need to remind myself — especially the ‘Perfectionist Me’ — to embrace and celebrate the Perfection in the Imperfections.

What I write and share doesn’t need to be excellently written or oozing with inspiration all the time. Oh, but I sure wouldn’t complain if that was the case. 😉

But it simply isn’t.

Such is, after all, the blogging and writing life.

And such is Life in general — full of ‘imperfections.’

And Life is simply reflecting Perfection with its every seeming Imperfection.

I’ve realized the importance of asking myself what my purpose and intention is —

Am I blogging, writing and commenting as a form of expression or is it to make an impression?

I sure had those days — especially in the beginning stage of my blogging, and I still have them now, admittedly — when my motivation was/is to make myself look and sound good to others. You know, that wounded Little Nadine seeking for the approval, affirmation, attention, affection and appreciation.

And when not many would ‘like’ what I had just posted, I’d quickly — and effortlessly — berate myself. I’d relentlessly find out what I did ‘wrong.’ 😮

What? After having spent so much time and energy crafting my post — and ‘perfecting’ it? That’s it? Those are the only ones who ‘like’ it?

Then I’d be exhausted unnecessarily by the process and realize that I wanted to impress.

Ahhhh…. Still taming and mastering my dance with my Inner Critic! 😀

The long and short of it all, blogging has certainly been quite therapeutic for me. It provided me with a venue through which I could come face to face with parts of me I had disowned. You know, those that aren’t too ‘impressionable.’ Not to mention, being witnessed by others — by you — in the process.

Surrendering. Trusting. Knowing.

Blogging has also been a vehicle through which I’m able to hone my skill of Surrendering and Trusting in the Universal Flow of Life and Mystery. The Knowing that the readers who need to hear what I’m sharing, those who would benefit from it will be led to this site.

Maybe not immediately. Perhaps eventually.

And most certainly, whether or not I follow the Do’s and Don’ts.

How that happens, how they get led to this site is no longer my concern. It need not be. It need not be the objective of my post. It’s not even supposed to be my job but the Universe’s.

That’s not to say that I do not at all give any consideration or respect for the readers.

What I’m saying is the Universe has reminded me to simply allow my Light to beam as I write and share. To be the Light that I AM. To allow it to be expressed in a manner that gives me the most joy and that’s unique to me. The Me, who is most aligned with the Divine. To focus on that.

However, even if I had realized that my focus must be on the expression of the Self — and not on others, particularly not on making an impression on them — I will say that one thing that I cherish about this blogging journey is the support that I receive from you, dear readers.

You who have been my Sacred Container and who have held space for me. You who have allowed me to be ME — vulnerabilities and all. You who lovingly receive the unraveling of the Truth, the Love and the Light that is in me. You who compassionately witness how I make peace with and embrace my fears that paves the way for the expression of Love. You who joyously celebrate and honor my Light — even as, at times, it disguises itself as Darkness. All these, as I also witness, celebrate and honor yours.

Thank you for blessing me and this site with all that. And thank you for joining me in my journey of Aligning With Truth!

May the Gift of Writing, Blogging and Sharing continue to reverberate through blogosphere and beyond and reach and touch those who need it the most — in however way that it can possibly be done!

And so it is. Blessed be!

😀 😀

Copyright © 2011-2015 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth


About NadineMarie (Aligning With Truth)

I find much joy & fulfillment in sharing my experiences & insights through writing & blogging. I created the site, ALIGNING WITH TRUTH as a virtual center for healing where I share my thoughts & reflections, as well as the tools & resources that are helping me as I move along the path of awakening & coming home to the Self. As I live in joy & align with Truth, I AM shining my Light which is how I contribute to the planetary & humanity ascension. Brightest & Magical Blessings!!! Om Shanti. Namaste...💗💖💜Nadine Marie💜💖💗
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10 Responses to It’s Been Four Years: What a Blogging Journey It Has Been — and Quite Transformative At That!

  1. SallyS says:

    I read your words today and they fill me with a warmth, a glow that must surely be the ember to all that is. How, why, it doesn’t matter. It matters far more than most of us can comprehend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Blogoversary, NadineMarie! Let your light shine. 🙂 xoxo Jamie

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karin says:

    Happy Blogiversary! And thank you for sharing your journey with so much openness and honesty. I’ve enjoyed reading your observations and insightful reflections.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yogaleigh says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I’ve been through some of the same things in trying to follow the advice on blogs. Eventually it seemed to me there’s main stream blogging and there’s spiritual blogging and I don’t find a lot of the mainstream stuff works well for a spiritual blog or for the spiritual blogger.. You’ve done such a great job of developing your own voice and sharing your story!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Leigh! Indeed. You’re so spot on. One size certainly cannot fit all, and whatever applies to mainstream — blogging and all else — definitely cannot work for us!

      Blessed be. 😀 ⭐ ❤ ⭐ 😀


  5. Shawna says:

    Thank you so much for your sharing and your blog. I truly enjoy it and I relate in so many ways. You have helped me learn so much about myself this last year, deeply grateful for you…one of my spiritual teachers. 🙂
    Wishing you many bright blessings for 2016. Blessed Be )0(

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re most welcome Shawna. Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂

      I’m so glad that you can relate to what I’ve been sharing. It does make the journey less challenging, eh?

      It also gives me so much joy and fulfillment to know that my writing has helped you know yourself more, taking you a step closer to who you really are. I’m honored and blessed, thank you! ❤

      And thank you for your well wishes Shawna!

      Blessed be. ❤ ❤ ❤


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