Taming My ‘Panggigigil’

Image Source: http://www.shutterstock.com/ Copyright: John Gomez

Image Source: http://www.shutterstock.com/ Copyright: John Gomez

There’s no direct translation into English for the Filipino word “gigil.”

One site says, “trembling or gritting of the teeth in response to a situation that overwhelms your self-control.”

Panggigigil” (the state of ‘gigil’) is usually experienced when seeing a cute or exceptionally adorable baby. The site adds, “When a Filipina sees a baby that’s so cute, she gets so overwhelmed that she wants to pinch the baby’s cheeks and has a hard time controlling herself. What she’s experiencing is called panggigigil.

However, ‘panggigigil’ can also reflect a ‘negative’ emotional state. It can connote anger. Frustration. One is said to be ‘nanggigigil sa galit’ (‘being in a state of gigil out of anger’).

This state of gigil may just as well describe one’s state of being when one is desperately seeking for something. Forceful energy.

And I sure have been there — and still am.

I’ve been contemplating and researching about this. It came up in my response to someone regarding my dream and vision of a healing center.

When I started typing my email to her, I had just woken up with excruciating pain in my right wrist and left middle back! And I mean excruciating!

The back pain was from a pulled muscle during a yoga practice the afternoon prior.

The pain in the wrist was more a mystery. I couldn’t recall a specific movement or activity that caused it. I remember having had severe pain in my right arm all the way to my wrist for about a week and a half. I had been massaging it to ease the pain until I woke up that morning with a slight movement of my wrist eliciting an immediate and loud “Aw!!!”

I seldom take medications. But I wasn’t going to let this condition take care of itself. I wasn’t going to let my body heal on its own.

I took Advil, and I wrapped my wrist and my body with bandages. I also did the 20-minute ice packs every three hours for the first couple of days. All those helped, thankfully. My wrist and my body are still wrapped in bandages as I’m writing this post, but I’m feeling much better now. I’m still unable to go back to my regular routine, though.

And that’s ok.

No pressure to get better. No need to hurry to ‘do’ things I routinely do. Simply allow and flow with the energy. No need to be in a state of ‘gigil.’

When injuries like these happen to me, I know that there are messages that my body is telling me. They’re usually those that I have been ignoring. It is my body’s way of getting my attention — finally!

Prior to these injuries, I had been thinking of starting packing up my stuff. It is in preparation for my departure from Sugar Beach to begin my journey towards my next travel destination.

Immediately, though, I knew I was being told, ‘Not yet. Not now.’

I’ve learned, I’ve been ‘forced’ to slow down. Reaaally slow down my movements and my pacing!

Any wrong movement or bodily twist would set off my pain alarm! Going up and down the staircase, lying down and getting up from the bed, sitting down and standing up from the chair, picking up something from the floor and getting up from it… I was doing all these in slow motion. I needed to find just the right angle and position that would be pain-free. I was forced to be more mindful of my every step, every movement, every action.

And it made me realize how so much in a state of pangigigil I have been!

I’ve already known that. Oh, I was such a Type A personality, especially during my corporate days! But I have already considerably slowed down my pace and pacing.

Surely, though, it was an aha moment for me to become so much more aware of how much my energies and my state of being reflect panggigigil — still.

As I explained in my response regarding my dream of a healing center, I had realized that I was creating and manifesting from that space of pushing and forcing. Of gigil.

I wrote that I’ve learned that when something takes too much of an effort, when I push, when I pressure and stress myself to accomplish something, to make something happen, when I force things to unfold….they don’t. Things, Life simply doesn’t happen that way, I learned.

Sure, I can still push and force and make things happen — but for a price! The results aren’t worth the effort, stress and pain.

Thankfully, I’ve long unsubscribed to the belief, ‘No pain, no gain.’ No such thing for me. Such a paradigm and energy is of the Old Earth/Old Way of Living.

I’ve learned to practice instead the Art and Skill of Allowing. Flowing. There’s so much Ease and Grace in that.

It certainly wasn’t a coincidence, though, that I received this reminder through my injuries just when I started typing my email where I talked about the Art and Skill of Allowing and Flowing, and as it relates to my dream of a healing center and how I’ve let go of my attachment to the form of such a center.

Clearly, these recent injuries showed me that there’s still much for me to practice before I’m able to truly and fully embody the Art and Skill of Allowing, Flowing and Surrendering.

thesurrenderexperimentThis morning, I was cleaning up my email inbox. Interestingly — synchronistically — an email from Stephen Dinan, CEO of The Shift Network that was sent to me back in June, recommended Michael Singer’s latest book The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection.

Published only in June 2015, it is now a New York Times bestseller. The book’s description and reviews are enough for me to purchase my copy quickly.

Singer writes,

“…we actually believe that the world around us is supposed to manifest in accordance to our own likes and dislikes. If it doesn’t, surely something is very wrong. This is an extremely difficult way to live, and it is the reason we feel that we are always struggling with life….[We are] in a constant battle of our way versus the way it would be without our intervention. This battle between individual will and the reality of life unfolding around us ends up consuming our lives. When we win the battle, we are happy and relaxed; when we don’t, we are disturbed and stressed. Since most of us only feel good when things are going our way, we are constantly attempting to control everything in our lives. The question is, does it have to be this way?”

It doesn’t have to be. And Singer shows how.

“There is so much evidence that life does quite well on its own. The planets stay in orbit, tiny seeds grow into giant trees, weather patterns have kept forests across the globe watered for millions of years, and a single fertilized cell grows into a beautiful baby. We are not doing any of these things as conscious acts of will; they are all being done by the incomprehensible perfection of life itself. All these amazing events, and countless more, are being carried out by forces of life that have been around for billions of years— the very same forces of life that we are consciously pitting our will against on a daily basis. If the natural unfolding of the process of life can create and take care of the entire universe, is it really reasonable for us to assume that nothing good will happen unless we force it to? It is to the exploration of this intriguing question that this book is devoted.”

And I’m about to find out!

And I’m thankful that the Universe directed me to yet one more way of how I can tame my panggigigil.

How easily are you able to Flow and Surrender? How are you applying the Art and Skill of Allowing? How were you able to overcome the obstacles to Surrendering?

And if anyone can come up with the English translation for panggigigil, let me know, please!

😀 😀

# # #

Copyright © 2011-2015 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth


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12 Responses to Taming My ‘Panggigigil’

  1. Grace says:

    Oh, that sounds like a fantastic book and one I should read right now. It is funny how we can think we have “surrendered”, and yet, how much we try to control outcomes as well. I hope you are feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Gia says:

    I haven’t been able to comment before posting my “finding JOY in what you do” but both posts complement each other pretty well. I had no idea your writing the email was so painful. It does look like you’ve created TWO beautiful messages with it though….and like you got your own message through it as well. Just would be nice if the messages we receive weren’t so painful sometimes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Both posts certainly complement each other quite well, yay! 😀 Yes, I’m so thankful for the insights that have come out of my painful situation. It sure would be much better if messages and insights don’t come in painful packages! 🙂

      And as I mentioned in my email, the process of writing my email response to you has, in fact, helped me gain even more clarity on what I’ve gone through in my journey and how far along I’ve come. Your messages to me were instrumental in that process of discovery, so, thank you! We really just never know what comes out of our every experience and interaction, eh? 🙂


  5. soul4mind says:

    Found this through UNIVERSALTRANSFORMATION and just wanted to say ‘THANX’. Exactly what I needed to hear

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sally4th says:

    The word “dither” comes to mind, I am capable of getting all into a dither with frustration.

    Ah, synchronicity…

    Liked by 1 person

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