The Face Of Powerlessness Lurking Anew

It is common practice in the Philippines to hire friends or relatives of the owner — regardless if they’re qualified or not. Regardless also whether or not they like the job.

It’s a Filipino cultural thing. It’s prevalent not only in the operations of the resorts at Sugar Beach but Filipino-owned or Filipino-managed businesses in general, especially more so in less urbanized areas. It is why the quality of the service is significantly compromised.

Many of those who are hired accept the jobs for the money.

Trustworthiness is also given importance by the owners and management more than competence.  Friends and relatives are more trustworthy and can be trusted more with the business — supposedly. They have “malasakit” (solicitude) more than those who are not friends with or relatives of the owner — again, supposedly. It is a Filipino belief.  A distorted, limiting, disempowering belief, in my opinion. I respect it nonetheless, and I can only respect those who subscribe to it.

Unfortunately though, it has a negative impact on the business. Professionalism goes out the window. The quality of service suffers.

Eh, wala akong magagawa. May-ari ang may gusto na malakas ang music,” (There isn’t anything I can do. It is the owner who wants to play loud music) was the manager’s reply when I complained.

Really? That’s the best you can come up with? And you’re the manager? Really?!?!

A nearby resort played reeeeeally loud music that started at nine o’clock in the evening lasting until the wee hours of the morning. It was unbearable! Even with my headset on, I could still hear the noise.  Not music. Noise.

It was already bedtime — past bedtime and ‘normal’ sleeping hours. I wasn’t asking them to switch off their music. I was simply asking them to tone down the volume.

A very simple and reasonable request. A very basic request for respect, courtesy, and consideration. A no-brainer — at least for anyone who is of sound mind and whose heart centers are open.

The manager’s response surely didn’t sit well with me. But it isn’t something that caught me by surprise either.

I stayed at that resort last year for a few nights. For various reasons, I wasn’t quite pleased with my stay. Already then, I sensed the manager’s feeling of powerlessness when she gave me a similar response when I aired all of my issues concerning the staff.  It was clear that the resort has a lot of internal, management and operational issues — all of which obviously affect the quality of their service. It was also clear how inexperienced she was and how much training she still needed.

Power. Powerlessness. Power struggle. False sense of power. Overpowering energies. Disempowerment.

Such has been a common theme in my unpleasant experiences and interactions with the people at Sugar Beach.

“They’re the owner. He’s my boss. She’s the vice-mayor. They’re relatives of the mayor. They’re friends with the mayor. She knows the governor. He holds a high position. She’s a big shot….”

Countless are the times that I’ve heard these responses. Such are the convenient excuses for failure — refusal — to take any action to correct a wrongdoing. Such justifications make them believe that nothing can be done to address an issue. These people are so afraid.  They’re threatened by those who are in ‘power.’ They think that they have no power or no choice except to just put up with whatever — if only because the offender is in a ‘position of power.’

Such a distorted thinking, sadly, is deeply embedded in the Filipino psyche. The Filipinos have a long way to go in ridding themselves of what has been handed down from generations past and centuries ago. It is rooted in and dates back to the Spanish colonization in the 1500s.

And it sure is a challenge to be someone who thinks differently — someone who has transcended such a limiting belief and knows and believes otherwise. It is a daunting task to deal with such energies of powerlessness and unworthiness.

The Filipinos are “matiisin” (long-suffering). Self-assertion isn’t one of their strengths. It is no surprise considering they are a people who have no concept of personal space. Respecting boundaries isn’t the norm. I’ve written about this extensively here and here.

The Filipinos are not able to determine when their personal space is encroached and their boundaries are violated. Invasion of one’s privacy is unknown. What privacy is being invaded when there is no personal space that is defined to begin with?

Such thinking results in the Filipinos automatically putting up with the unacceptable and intolerable.  They condone and enable inappropriate, inconsiderate, disrespectful, and abusive ways and treatment — especially from those who are ‘above’ them and are in ‘power.’

They think they are left with no choice but to simply that — put up with it. To have a choice is unthinkable. They don’t believe they are deserving and worthy of respect.

Their solar plexus (energy center of personal power) and throat chakras (energy center of communication) are severely blocked. They condone the wrongdoing and maltreatment. They perpetuate the abuse. They do not speak up and assert themselves and their rights. They are afraid to.

Just as how ‘victims’ are  as illustrated in the Karpman Drama Triangle, a family dynamics model found in abusive and dysfunctional home environments.


As the dynamics of the Karpman Drama Triangle play out, the energies circulate while these roles get switched around.

Until one decides to break the pattern and get out of the cycle.

Just as I did.

However, I’m still exposed to such energies every day of my life in this country where the majority and the average Filipino instinctually identifies with the ‘victim.’ ‘Poor me’ is their daily mantra.

It sure is tough being an Awakener and Truthbarer.

But it is part of my growth and evolution. My Divine Mission. It is one reason I was plucked out from the San Francisco Bay Area where I was living joyfully and in bliss and called back to my country of origin — admittedly with much resistance and hesitation.

Added help is needed to shake things up. To blow the whistle. To assist in raising the consciousness and increase the awareness of the Filipino people.

I get why the resort manager gave such a response. I get that part of her powerlessness is cultural. But it will not stop me from asserting myself and my rights and respond in an empowered way.

As I master my skill of self-expression through self-assertion and boundary setting, I’m showing an example of empowered living. Whether or not others follow is not my concern.

I AM simply beaming my Light, knowing that every step that I take, together with other Awakeners and Truthbarers, leads closer to the much-needed change and transition of the collective — be it in the Philippines or elsewhere.

How that will happen is no longer my job but the Universe’s.

😀 😀

# # #

Copyright © 2011-2015 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth


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2 Responses to The Face Of Powerlessness Lurking Anew

  1. What a journey, isn’t it, Nadine Marie? And yes, I can relate about being ‘plucked from San Francisco’ for relocation closer to the familial and ancestral homelands (the ones in the U.S. anyway)! Thankfully, we have Nature’s help and inspiration to help us along the way. xoxo Jamie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, what a journey indeed, Jamie! And yes, I cannot imagine how I would have thrived without Mother Nature by my side! ❤

      I wanted to respond to our earlier conversation in your post "InterSpiritual – It’s here, it’s happening, it’s on its way." You know, the acupuncture needles as metaphor for what we've been experiencing…I couldn't reply to that thread anymore. I don't know why. I think there's a limit. Anyways, the idea of a reunion-get together Jamie is something that I definitely look forward to attending!!! I know one other blogger who was plucked out also from the San Francisco Bay Area and is in the same predicament as you and I — Leigh Gaitskill of Not Just Sassy On The Inside ( So, yes, maybe when there's a sizeable number, a get-together is what it shall be! 🙂

      I will see you soon then! And yes, it would be more heart-warming if that reunion takes place in this lifetime! 😉

      Thanks Jamie and much Love to you! Blessed be. 😀 ⭐ ❤ ⭐ 😀


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