The Idea of Death Penalty Kept Me Up and Awake

Image Source: © Federico Bebber

Image Source: © Federico Bebber

I just had quite a relaxing massage. It is my bedtime.

Why can I not make myself go to sleep? Why am I feeling restless? Antsy?


Something must be going on — with the collective…the cosmos… Definitely not something internally.

I’m not going through anything distressing that merits keeping me up and fidgety — especially after an evening massage! Besides, I had just made another breakthrough in the new pattern that I’m creating in the area of self-assertion, self-expression, and boundary-setting that I have yet to blog about. So, no outstanding major issue really…

Maybe it is the post that I started to write in connection with that breakthrough. Maybe the Muse is nudging me to finish it.

I switch on my laptop. I hesitate though.

I don’t want to keep my thinking brain running. It’ll only keep me even more awake!

I decide to listen to a local radio station instead.

There is a daily evening program that talks about entertainment news at this time. When I want to entertain and amuse myself, I listen to this program. When I want to bring my attention away from my inner world and into someone else’s world instead — aka, be nosy about other people’s lives — I tune into this evening show. “Baduy” in my native Filipino language (“low class”). Shallow (aka ‘unspiritual’) as it may be, it is serving its purpose — my purpose. So be it.

Tonight though, there is a different program that’s being aired. I am initially disappointed.

Oh no… What do I do now? What do I listen to?

I decide to listen for a few minutes more — just because.

Lo and behold!

It’s a special coverage of the countdown for the execution of Filipino maid Mary Jane Veloso in Indonesia. She is charged with drug trafficking. There is about an hour or so left before her scheduled execution at around midnight.

So, this is the energy of the collective that I’m picking up.

I’m quite sure that the majority of the Filipinos are glued to this live drama as it unfolds. I’m quite sure the resort staff is also still awake nervously waiting as well. And being the empath-highly sensitive that I am, I sure must be sensing not only the collective energy but that of Mary Jane’s family and especially Mary Jane herself.

Image Source:

Image Source: © Federico Bebber

I cannot imagine what a family is going through while waiting for their loved one’s answer to the call of Death — especially in such a heartbreaking, horrific manner!

And I most certainly cannot even begin to visualize what thoughts and emotions are running through the individual who is about to be executed — especially when they are innocent. Allegedly. Mary Jane swears she was tricked by her friend/recruiter to smuggle in the drugs.

It is almost one o’clock in the morning. I am starting to doze off. No news yet on the execution. I call it a night and head to my bed.

I know that it isn’t recommended to feed our system with ‘low-vibrating’ and disturbing information just before going to sleep. We sure bring them into our sleeping and dreaming world. And we wake up with such information still in our consciousness.

But I wake up to this piece of news —

Of the nine foreigners convicted of drug trafficking and scheduled to be executed, Mary Jane Veloso was the only one spared (for now, at least) — and at the eleventh hour at that!

It sure is quite refreshing and delightful to be greeted with this information!

The deciding factor?

The recruiter who allegedly tricked Mary Jane turned herself in to authorities hours before the execution. Philippines President Aquino requested for postponement of Mary Jane’s execution pending further investigation. Mary Jane will be used as a key witness in the prosecution of the recruiter who is charged with illegal recruitment, human trafficking, and estafa. This can “possibly help lead Indonesian probers to a drug trafficking ring in Malaysia.”

Ahhhh….It most certainly is worth the disrupted sleep.

I’m not going to give any opinion on the actions and behaviors of the characters and other parties involved in this story. Maybe not for now.

I certainly am praying for enlightenment. I am praying not only for the people concerned but for all of us  — and not only the Filipinos but all of humanity to learn the lessons and gain the insights from this yet-to-be-concluded story. Just as how it’s supposed to be with every and any other chapter, story and drama in our lives.

However, if there’s one thing that I’m clear about and one belief that I’d like to share in this post is my firm stance against the death penalty.

Everybody deserves a second chance. Everybody deserves to be given the opportunity — the rightful space and time — to realize their wrongdoing, mend their ways, make amends, and start anew. This, despite the severity of their offense. This, despite how heinous is the crime that they committed.

No, I am not talking about letting the offenders or criminals get away with their transgressions. I can only trust the members of the judicial system to carry out their task and mission — daunting as it sure is; I can only respect the judiciary to rightfully serve its purpose — but still in a respectful and humane way.

I’m referring to life imprisonment as the ‘worst punishment and penalty.’

I’m also a firm believer that the Universe has its justice system. And justice isn’t served only in this lifetime. We don’t necessarily reap what we sow only in one lifetime. There are other lifetimes ahead, and there are those that have gone before. No one can truly know what forces are at play, what spiritual agreements and soul contracts are being fulfilled, what growth opportunities are being presented — except the individual/s involved.

Image Source: © Federico Bebber

Image Source: © Federico Bebber

At the end of the day, at the end of it all, at the end of Life and at the time of Death (whatever Life and Death mean to you), it is truly between you and your God — whoever and whatever that God is to you.

And in a world where only Love prevails, in a world where the people have transcended their humanness and operate purely out of their Divine consciousness, there may not even be any need for such penalties and punishments. There may not be a need for any form of a human-regulated justice system.

I can only hope. I can only wish.

And I dream of such a world.

And such a vision is what I will dream of when I go to bed tonight. That is what I most certainly am sure of — in addition to my strong position against the death penalty.

😀 😀

Copyright © 2011-2015 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth


About NadineMarie (Aligning With Truth)

I find much joy & fulfillment in sharing my experiences & insights through writing & blogging. I created the site, ALIGNING WITH TRUTH as a virtual center for healing where I share my thoughts & reflections, as well as the tools & resources that are helping me as I move along the path of awakening & coming home to the Self. As I live in joy & align with Truth, I AM shining my Light which is how I contribute to the planetary & humanity ascension. Brightest & Magical Blessings!!! Om Shanti. Namaste...💗💖💜Nadine Marie💜💖💗
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7 Responses to The Idea of Death Penalty Kept Me Up and Awake

  1. Hi Nadine Marie, I am also very much against the death penalty. And I was horrified when I read on-line and in our local paper about Mary Jane. I can’t believe Indonesia operates an “island of death” and shoots people. I hope somehow she can get out of that country and come back home.

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    • It is truly hard to imagine the choices that are made by those with blocked and dysfunctional lower chakras. It is sad that the majority of those holding positions of ‘power’ have such a distorted and false sense of power that they resort to capital punishment and yes, operate an “island of death.” No judgment but I’m quite sure that those operating from a dysfunctional solar plexus see nothing ‘wrong’ with it. Praying for and visualizing humanity’s heart centers to be activated and fully open…… ❤ ❤ ❤

      Thank you Mike for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      Blessed be. 😀 ⭐ ❤ ⭐ 😀


  2. saymber says:

    Reblogged this on As I see it and commented:
    I share our Friends Aligning with Truth’s vision of the world she wants to live in. In my heart of hearts I don’t think anyone is beyond redemption, no matter what they’ve done…how broken they have become. They just need to hear and experience the message from their messenger…hopefully more of our broken will be given the opportunity and enough time to find their messengers before leaving here.

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  3. saymber says:

    Reblogged! I share your vision of the world we could be living in or may yet before the end our journey in this life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for re-blogging and sharing my vision! As I said in my response to Mike’s comment above, I’m praying for and visualizing humanity’s heart centers to be activated and fully open…… ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you for joining me in holding such a vision that I'm sure is shared by many as well.

      Thank you for visiting and taking time to read and comment, and again, for the re-blog.

      Blessed be. 😀 ⭐ ❤ ⭐ 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • saymber says:

        Every day for most of my life I have been hoping for our shared vision – a vision shared by so many but many more are needed to get it to manifest in our shared reality! We have to keep leading by our example and even if it’s so hard sometimes, not let our lights dim. Our light can be enough to light another candle long snuffed out. Blessings and light to you – have a lovely weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Lead by example is truly the most effective way to influence and effect change. And yes, I most certainly have had my share of days when I wanted to quit as it sure has been quite a challenge! But I’m determined to continue beaming my Light and not allow anyone to dim it! Blessed be. 😀 ⭐ ❤ ⭐ 😀

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