History Repeating: Feeling So Empowered — Thanks To Irresponsible Jet Skiing!

Drivers and operators of jet skis — or any other vehicle or equipment for that matter — should keep caution and safety in mind at all times. Unfortunately, this isn’t always so. Image Source: http://www.tripadvisor.com/

Drivers and operators of jet skis — or any other vehicle or equipment for that matter — should keep caution and safety in mind at all times. Unfortunately, this isn’t always so. Image Source: http://www.tripadvisor.com/

During Holy Week, a major Catholic holiday in the Philippines that had just concluded, Sugar Beach is transformed into a ‘circus.’

One source of major disturbance and annoyance is the jet skiing that takes place — thankfully, it’s only once a year, during Holy Week.

I was peacefully taking my routine morning swim. Before long, one irresponsible jet skier and I almost had a head-on collision!

She drove from the shore diagonally instead of straight out into the water which is how it’s done — at least by those who are responsible and knowledgeable.

I had stopped swimming even before she took off from the shore. I was treading in the water, waiting for them to drive away. I had already earlier heard and saw one other jet ski drive by.

Imagine my horror when after only around 150 feet from the shore, and after having passed a group of swimmers, she quickly made a right turn — heading towards my direction! She obviously didn’t check her surroundings and just aimed — mindlessly and irresponsibly — for the water. She was neither slowing down nor showing signs of turning away from me! She must have been no more than 100 feet in front of me!

I waved at her while shouting, “You’re too close!” I summoned her to drive away towards my right, into the deeper part of the water where the jet skiers are supposed to take their vehicles. 300 meters (328 yards) away from the shore is the city’s ordinance. 300 meters versus 150 feet — a huge disparity undoubtedly.

Then, when she drove past me and didn’t even bother to give me a glance, when she didn’t even make even the slightest gesture to acknowledge her wrongdoing, when she was within hearing distance, I unhesitatingly called out to her, “Stupid!


We all commit errors. We all do things that offend others, and we don’t mean to. It may have been an ‘innocent’ mistake — if there’s such a thing. It may have been her first time; she was probably just too excited. I get that. There can be numerous explanations (justifications and excuses?) Why can I not cut her some slack, right?

Oh, but trust me on this one. She probably deserves worse expletive.

Last year, I already had a similar experience. It wasn’t an almost head-on collision, thankfully, but a couple of jet skiers were operating these vehicles too close to the shoreline — as usual, regardless if there are swimmers around.

It was my first year in Sugar Beach. I learned that such had been the practice during Holy Week.

Over the years, the resort owners, visitors and residents — distressed or not by the irresponsibility and lack of consideration of the jet skiers — have tolerated it. (There goes that enabling theme again.) Jet skiers would drive wherever and at whatever speed and direction suits their fancy.

I’ve been told they’re largely from prominent families of nearby Bacolod City — some either friends or relatives of local city government officials of Sipalay where Sugar Beach is located.

During this time, they become the kings of Sugar Beach. Selfish. Inconsiderate. Disrespectful — of others and the law. Arrogant. Show-off. Epitome of dysfunctional solar plexus. A false sense of power. In other words….. a$#h*les!

Last year, I was content with the resort owner confronting the jet skier who, thankfully, quickly apologized. I left it at that.

This time, thanks to the shift in my energies and my determination to hone my skill of self-assertion and boundary-setting, I didn’t just take it a step further. I went all the way!

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I searched for where the jet skier was billeted. It’s been quite a while since I felt this confident and determined, strong-willed and empowered. Fearless and daring! A most opportune time for my feisty corporate self to take over!

Without hesitation, I quickly charged into one resort. I talked to the owner who confirmed such guests. I recounted to him my horrific experience. I sure didn’t play down the intensity of my anger.

But something was still missing. I was determined and wanted to face my oppressor.

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I was walking back to the resort where I’m staying when one of the staff called out to me. She found the offending party!

The erring guest was just getting off of the jet ski. She was walking towards the resort where she was staying and where I had just come from. The resort staff and I called out to her.

My intense anger rose up several notches. There’s no denying her guilt as she quickly walked a faster pace as soon as she heard and saw me! She ignored me and the staff and even pretended to not hear us! She attempted to get away — the nerve! And where did she think she would — or could — hide, duh?!?!

You know what they say about suddenly finding the strength that you didn’t think you had when you’re able to lift heavy objects (even people) during times of emergency, such as a fire? Well, it’s similar to walking on sun-scorched sand.

I took off my flip-flops so I could walk even faster. There was no time or chance to think about the high temperature of the mid-day sun that was heating up the sand underneath my feet. My consciousness clearly wasn’t focused there but on the target of my fury!

Thankfully, I’m a fast walker and in good shape — so much better shape than my heavily-built offender who had a very hard time walking faster than me. I quickly and easily caught up with her. I guess my fury was so much more intense than her fear! 🙂

And boy did I give her a mouthful!

No, she didn’t reason with me — but she didn’t apologize either! (Surprise?!?!) Not seeing any signs of remorse from her, I hurled a very loud and forceful “You owe me an apology!” to her face. And it was only then that she apologized.

But it wasn’t heartfelt — not surprisingly. And I wasn’t satisfied. I wasn’t going to leave it simply at that.

I was adamant to see my experience through to its completion. To the completion of the growth opportunity that’s being presented to me — for yet another time.

To be continued  – Assertiveness With Authority Figures: A Moment Of Gratefulness On A Sunday

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