Love Is All We Need To Be

It’s been quite a while since I consulted divination cards.

The recent experience that I had with the resort staff that caused me much distress — a truly major, pivotal episode in my journey — found me consulting Colette Baron-Reid’s oracle cards on a ‘regular’ basis. I consulted several times during the week. Almost daily, in fact.

I was in such a state of confusion, but the consistently strong feeling, sense and knowing that I had was to wait it out.

It would get clearer — especially when I’m much calmer — and I would know when all my ducks are in a row. Meantime, I was to simply trust and allow.

The cards that I picked, as always, had the messages that I so needed to hear. They surely helped me to trust fully and be in a state of allowing.


“…you are meant to listen to what others are saying with their gestures, and what they are not saying out loud. Reading between the lines and finding true meaning is what is required right now. Listen and learn. What other don’t say is what is important right now.”


Sometimes life will present you with challenges that you think are too difficult to endure. Sometimes it seems as if nothing goes your way and everyone else seems to be having the good times. Like an ancient oak tree whose trunk cannot be uprooted by any storm or tempest, you will also know strength that will come from within. You will win this game of life! You have the strength to face any situation now.”

— GO WITH THE FLOW (High Priestess Of Water) —

“…it signifies a time when things in your life are changing shape right before your very eyes. Go with the flow as these changes are powerful signs of wondrous experiences, lessons and gifts even if you don’t understand them in the moment, you will later. Expect changes.”

— HOPE —

“…no matter what the temporary conditions may be in your life now, light will come, magick will come and you can believe that good things will come again. Have hope, and only good will come of it.”


“…beauty is never perfect, just like the beautiful experiences you have will not be perfect forever….it is a sign that beauty is all around you, so keep a positive attitude and expect wonderful things and they will come to you…Look for this truer beauty in others, look beyond the surface.”

— VISION (Aphrodite) —

“…no matter what you lose in your life, something better will replace it even if at the time it feels like the loss is devastating.”


“…accept that you will not always agree with everyone and they may not with you. You must learn to accept that others are not the same as you. It’s important to allow them to express their own opinions. All creatures, all beings have a right to their uniqueness. Try to see and hear the other person’s side if you can.”


“You’re put on notice to seek connection in all things. This is the coming together of ideas, the fulfillment of attraction, the marriage between two people, and the harmonious blending of energies….This Sacred Marker reminds you that you’re never alone, and that there’s also always a partnership with the Divine. It is a very auspicious omen.”

There’s one card that stood out for me. It is the very first card that I picked when I first consulted the divination cards. I picked it on the evening right after my encounter with the staff first happened. The Daily Wisdom Pick | Oracle Cards © 2015 Colette Baron-Reid | The Oracle | Free Oracle Card Readings.


“My child, my wondrous one, it is time to celebrate because Love is calling to you to open your heart and receive my blessings. Choosing this symbol is a powerful sign that love in all forms is in your life now. There is a responsibility to this also. You must give love freely without conditions, and love because your heart is open. There is something else here to consider. Love can be a confusing force too and can sometimes ask a sacrifice of you. If your heart is aching and feels like it’s broken, know that Love has a greater Love for you later. No matter where you are in your life right now, Love has come to guide you into an important experience. Trust in Love.”

And as I now look back on all that has taken place, as I read again the messages of the cards, most especially this one, I’m so thankful that I listened to the call of Love. The call to Love. The call to be Love.

And I’m so thankful that I trusted. That I trusted in Love.


It is the be-all and end-all. Love is truly all that matters. It is all that we need.

Love is all we need to be.

(Click here to go to Colette Baron-Reid’s free online oracle cards site.)

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