Desiderata — I AM A Child Of The Universe, I Have The Right To Be Me!

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What a couple of weeks it has been! I am so relieved! I’ve been unburdened, yay! 🙂

I had been focused on writing my letter of response — a very lengthy letter, whew! — to the apology letter that was given to me by the resort staff with whom I had a misunderstanding last month and caused me much distress. (Click here for the background story.)  I haven’t given it to her yet. I’ve asked the resort owner to review it, and she’s still reading it as I write this post.

I’m in a much better space now. A much, much better space than where I was last month, yay! 😀

Having been able to swim daily again was a huge help in rebalancing my energies and recharging my spirit! 😀

Also, the energies that I’ve been putting into writing my letter the past couple of weeks, the prayers I’ve been sending and the intentions I’ve been setting for healing and forgiveness to take place while writing it, the very act of writing out all my thoughts and feelings — all these led me to my space and state of renewed peace, calm, and joy, yeah! 🙂

I received so many blessings — mostly ‘in disguise.’ I gained so much more clarity — both about my stay here at the resort and my life, in general.

And it is quite interesting that — synchronicity at its best again — it was one year ago at around this time that I first took up ‘residency’ here at Sugar Beach. What a fitting way to finish off that one year — that was full of growth opportunities — and begin a new one and start anew and start renewed! 🙂

I am still unclear though on how ‘long’ my length of stay will be. I’m still going through my process of evaluating how I will be able to ‘fit in.’

All the drinking and the accompanying low-vibrating energies, the sporadic ‘noise’ in my midst — I’m still learning how to adjust to these. I’m still learning how to adapt to the environment and all other energies that aren’t fully aligned with mine — and that is, most likely, how it will be wherever I go unless I live in an ashram.  And yet, living in such a setting, for sure, brings its own set of challenges.

So, I’m still discerning how much of the beauty that this swimmer’s paradise is offering, along with the kindness, generosity and flexibility that the resort owner has been showing and extending to me, outweighs the downsides — both of the resort itself and Sugar Beach in general. I’m still feeling my way, and I’m continuing to be in an allowing and flowing mode.

Quite interestingly too, just as I was on the home stretch of writing my response letter, I had a conversation with one of the guests, and the poem ‘Desiderata’ came up in the conversation.

I AM a child of the universe.’

It was when I said that when I introduced myself to another guest that ‘Desiderata’ came up.

I had forgotten about that poem, and I’m so glad it was brought to my attention and awareness now, as I so needed to be reminded of its message. Much also of what I wrote in my letter is ‘Desiderata‘s message. Oh, ‘Desiderata’ is timeless! ⭐

I vividly remember how I was so drawn to that poem as a young girl in the 70s.

My father had a poster of it hanging in his home office. I would see it every morning when I’d say goodbye as I headed to school. I would also see it and read it at any other time that I’d be in his office. And suddenly, I am feeling nostalgic and beginning to think about and miss my father….Hmmmm…. ❤

Anyway, already then, I found it profound. I resonated with the truths that were spoken. I’m really such an old soul! 😉

And when I googled it today, I came across this post that contained a modern English version of the poem. It isn’t necessarily a ‘better’ version — just a little bit ‘easier’ to understand.

And the ‘chorus’ part of the song version of “Desiderata‘ has kept playing in my head for two days now, and it has put a smile on my face! I’m playing it over and over again as I’m writing this! Oh, I’m sure the baby boomers can so relate — and probably sing along! 😀

“You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

I do have the right to be here. I certainly have the right to be free. I have the right to be who and what I AM. I have the right to express and to shine the Light that is me. I have the right to be me!

And indeed, the universe, everything is unfolding as it is supposed to. There is a season, a time, and a timing, a Divine time and timing — to everything.

And as I wrote in my response letter, I will continue to reflect on what happened and learn and grow from it. I will keep myself open to whatever messages are being conveyed to me. I’m hoping the rest of the resort staff will do the same, so we can all live more harmoniously, peacefully and joyfully — not only here at Driftwood and Sugar Beach, but in this otherwise seemingly chaotic and crazy world. After all, despite the untoward incidents and unpleasant experiences, it truly is still a wonderful world!

“With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”

~ Max Ehrmann, Desiderata © 1952

😀 😀

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