Rescuer No More — As My Inquiry Continues & I Move Along My Transition

Image Source: ©2012-2014 Picot Stéphane

Image Source: ©2012-2014 Picot Stéphane

Is it not enough that I have accomplished my mission and served my purpose of delivering the message of the need for change?

Do I need to be part of this resort’s transition — which also includes the owner’s personal transition — knowing there is a possibility that there will be a repeat of such an unacceptable behavior and attitude of disrespect?

Am I loving myself enough when I allow myself to still be around such energies, taking the risk of being disrespected again — and getting stressed unnecessarily thereafter?

The owner may be determined and committed to implement changes, but there certainly will be some resistance and hesitance — both on her part and from her team. Change, after all, doesn’t happen overnight.

Do I need to subject myself to such energies? Do I need to be part of the resort’s growing and transition pains? 

Yet, are those Old Earth, fear-based, self-sabotaging thoughts and queries?

And then again, might I be employing feigned positivity when I think otherwise?

I sure have a lot of uncertainties.

Whether or not I choose to stay, one thing I’m clear about is I’m not going to be the resort owner’s mentor (aka ‘savior’) in implementing those changes. I’m not going to make it my focus or my mission. I’m not signing up to the task of fixing what’s broken — be it people, processes or situations. I’m not going to be involved in their operations especially in the enforcement of the changes.

Admittedly though, I have already slowly and easily slidden into such a role. But I’m thankful to have just as  easily and quickly caught myself and started to back off.

I was already becoming too involved in the resort’s operations and issues even before this incident of disrespect happened. It is probably why it happened — it was a wake-up call for all of us!

Oh, but back in my caretaking days, I most certainly would have seen that as my mission and purpose. I would have made transforming this resort my project.  And I would have generously offered my services — for free, surely — as I would have viewed that as the very reason I was led to this place and this resort! 🙂

Whew! What a relief that I no longer have such a perspective!

I’m so thankful and happy for myself — and so proud, I must add — for being so clear that I’m not going to be the rescuer. Not anymore. Been there, done that! Yeah! 🙂

And this is very much a part — still — of my life lesson of boundary-setting.

Image Source: ©2012-2014 Picot Stéphane

Image Source: ©2012-2014 Picot Stéphane

I have only recently truly began to embrace the concept that I can be of service — joyfully, simply and effortlessly, without being burdened or obliged to.

I can still be of service without feeling guilty for not having offered myself or any help.

I’m still making a difference even when I’m not doing anything. I’m still being of service and making a contribution simply by being myself.

Oh but it sure is and has been quite a task to do just that. To be just that —  to be myself.  To be who I am. To beam my Light. To walk my path. To light my path.

One of the recurring major themes in my shifts and transition is around this concept of ‘being of service’ and ‘making a difference and contribution.’ And I have only recently started to truly embody and practice my newly-transitioned empowering belief.

Several postings and channeled messages have spoken of this truth. They have helped validate my shifting beliefs, values and principles. And I’m so thankful for these resources that are readily available on-line. They have been such a huge help in my internal shifts, and I invite you to check them out.

There surely has been a collective shift taking place around this concept.

And I have been consciously and very conscientiously practicing no longer being the martyr, messianic, playing God, ‘I’m-here-to-save-you-and-the-world!’

And this recent distressing but quite transformative episode, that is yet to see its conclusion and completion, was the most fitting exercise for me to practice just that. And practiced it well, I did! Yay to me! 🙂

And then again…and to continue my inquiry…

Might that be the growth opportunity for me — if and when I decide and choose to stay, for however long a period — to practice setting boundaries?

Image Source: ©2012-2014 Picot Stéphane

Image Source: ©2012-2014 Picot Stéphane

Am I being given the opportunity to learn how to keep my distance when it comes to the implementation and enforcement of the changes — while still maintaining the very loving and supportive friendship and soul-based and heart-led connection that the resort owner and I have established?

Such a connection, after all, is a rarity in my life at the moment and in my midst — and most especially in this remote area, Sugar Beach. It would break my heart to ‘lose’ such a connection, and I know that the feeling is mutual. Sure, we can still keep the connection and communication going even when I’m no longer residing here, but I think you get what I’m saying…..

Am I being presented with the opportunity to learn how to maintain our friendship and closeness without it affecting or diminishing my rights as a guest?

Am I being taught how to offer my presence and extend compassion, recommend and suggest, share my wisdom and corporate and business experiences — something she very much welcomes and is need of — without being too involved and dragged into their internal issues?

When I choose to walk away from all these, thinking doing so is how I am enforcing my boundaries by saying no to such energies, might I, in truth, be simply running away and avoiding challenges and difficulties, and opportunities for growth?

Would staying, in fact, provide the opportunities through which my soul will grow the most?

As I continue to reflect and think about all these, and as I write here my thoughts and queries, it is getting even much clearer how so much of a boundary-setting lesson this experience surely is!

And perhaps, to help me gain clarity, I need to ask myself,

How is this serving me?

And is this, especially staying here, bringing me joy still?

# # #

Copyright © 2011-2014 Nadine Marie V. Niguidula, M.A. and Aligning With Truth

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