My Little Witch House

FullmoonMother Moon is in all her full glory. Gorgeous and luminous as ever — most especially at this time.

She is my source of Light and energy — figuratively and otherwise — in this holy hour that is three o’clock in the morning.

My sun sign is in Taurus. My moon is in Scorpio. I was born on a full moon. So, the energies brought by today’s Full Moon in Taurus — in this month of November when the sun is in Scorpio and Venus (ruler of Taurus) enters Scorpio — are especially intense and potent for me, to say the least!

It’s been a while since I’ve woken up at this ‘odd’ time — and I certainly am not complaining.

It’s been quite a while too since I’ve posted. Not that there isn’t much to write about. Not that there isn’t much that’s been going on that’s interesting enough or worthy to share.

On the contrary, much has happened. So many shifts. Realizations. Clarity. Insights. New perspective.

So, what else is new, right? Who hasn’t been experiencing these on-going shifts and transitions?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten used to them by now. I’ve accepted them. The shifts, the changes and transformations are not only part of life but a way, the way of life. And I’ve accepted them with much ease and grace — thankfully!

A major transition for me recently — and which is the reason for my blogging lull — is I’ve moved to what I am now creating as my ‘little witch house!’ Yay!!! 🙂

My little witch house

My little witch house

It is at Driftwood Village. This is the fifth resort that I’ve stayed in Sugar Beach, a swimmer’s paradise, where I’ve been living since the latter part of January. I moved in my quaint little cottage during the New Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd of October — certainly a most auspicious and powerful time to make such a move!

I’m still getting myself situated and settled. I’m fixing up my witch house — quite excitedly — for it to better suit my needs.

It is the closest to what I have dreamed of as my sanctuary. My little playhouse — rustic and quite charming!

Here, now, I am truly practicing living simply. No luxuries. No excesses. Quite basic amenities yet with much comfort and convenience (still) and nothing much, if at all, to be desired — nothing that’s not essential, that is.

There’s still the ‘undesirable’ though that I need to learn how to deal with. It already caught my attention at the onset when I first got here at Sugar Beach — there’s too much drinking especially in this resort.

Driftwood Village has a bar that’s open until whatever time the guests choose to stay. During the peak season (December to May), that could mean being open 24 hours. It is the only one that offers such a service. The other ten resorts close at around ten o’clock in the evening. So, my growth will come from how to be the least affected by such harsh energies in my midst — and how to be non-judgmental.

Also, there’s still the absence of a ‘conscious community,’ my idea of my soul tribe, in my immediate, geographical midst.

So, why am I choosing to continue to live here despite these?

Primarily because there’s so much more that the place (Sugar Beach and Driftwood Village) is offering me that I’m willing to overlook such issues.

For one, Sugar Beach is a swimmer’s paradise. It isn’t crowded or noisy, not unlike the other typical and more popular tourist destinations in the country (the Philippines).

Driftwood Village uses only native materials for all its rooms. There are no two bungalows that are alike giving the place a true village atmosphere — the only one at Sugar Beach. (More about this in future posts.)

So, I’m giving myself the chance to navigate around such ‘limitations.’

And my process of deciding to continue to stay here — despite the above — is a process through which I was able to get clear about a lot of areas in my life.

My [true] passion and calling. My deepest values and priorities (including my relationship with money). The truest sources of my joy and bliss.

And the most thrilling part of my experience and my journey of discovery is I am enjoying myself tremendously along the way!

The joy of creation. The process of creation. The joyful process of creation.

I am embodying the teaching that it is the process — and not the destination (e.g., my completed haven) — that’s giving me the most joy!

The joyful process of creation. The sense of joy from creating. The bliss in the process of creating.

A far, far cry from the sense of accomplishment when one sees and focuses only on the finished creation — especially one that’s hurried and more so, one from which one has been pressured and stressed unnecessarily.


It is the beginning of the end of my days of I-want-it-done-precisely-this-way-my-way-and-I-want-it-now!


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  1. What a great sanctuary!

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  2. 4Hands says:

    Sounds wonderful!

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