Why Are My Tribe And I Not In One Geographical Location?

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Image Source: http://www.deviantart.com/ ©2009-2014 Teodora Chinde

I know that as with anything and everything, there is a reason and a Divine purpose. There are times though that my limited human self cannot fully comprehend it or perhaps, simply refuses to accept it.

I also know that there is a Divine timing and timeliness to things. But more often than not, it is not in sync with my own. The Divine timing is usually longer — much, much longer — or the timeliness is much later than when I want it. (I want it now! 😉 )

When I first began being clear that I am standing by this path that I have chosen — at whatever cost — little did I know that it would mean a lot of alone time and solitude. Oh, but I’m not complaining. I’ve become accustomed to it, and I much prefer it now. In fact, I can’t imagine living differently or going back to any of my old ways. And I certainly have no regrets with having chosen this path — despite the loneliness and isolation that I talked about in my earlier post. I have no doubt that I am heading the ‘right’ direction. (Aren’t we all?)

Much has been written and talked about how we will lose many of our friends and relationships as a result of our transformation and growth and changing values, beliefs and principles. Losing such relations is an inevitable part of the journey. There are relationships that need to be released — those that have served their purpose and have reached their expiration date — in order to be replaced with those that are more aligned with the ‘new’ us.

And here I am now, without the friendships, relationships (including family) and any other associations connected with my ‘previous’ life (aka ‘pre-awakening’). I am now on a clean slate. I’ve been on it for quite sometime.

So, where are the supposed ‘replacements?’ Why are they not in the geographical area where I’m at? Why am I not in the geographical area where they are? Why are we not living close to each other? Or why not yet?

As I delved more into this dilemma, I came across this interesting post by Alison Nappi. I don’t know if you’ll find some truth in what’s written, but I certainly had an aha moment!

“Many spiritual people I know have a yearning to live with others just like them. Many of us feel isolated, finding our kindreds live at a geographical distance that prohibits the tactile contact we most crave. If you are aware of some of your personal mythology, you might find stories about living within star-colonies, Matriarchal settlements or Rainbow-blooded communities and wonder why on earth we are not doing this now.

Here is the reason: When too much light gets too concentrated, it can be wiped out by eliminating the grounding rods that embody it. To put it simply, it’s too easy to kill off large numbers of light-bearers gathered in one location (don’t you remember how these communities were destroyed?)” —  Alison Nappi

Make sense?

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8 Responses to Why Are My Tribe And I Not In One Geographical Location?

  1. blue girl says:

    Hi Nadine, I could have written this post myself! I feel the same way. Which means we have arrived at the same place around the same time? 🙂 If you would like to connect, I’d welcome it!


  2. Wonderful Post Nadine Marie, I agree we travel a similar road whereby those we meet, we do so for a brief spell of time as we grow… Sometimes its our energy ‘They’ need as they travel to find their own roots… At other times we release and let go of those whose energy no longer corresponds with our own .. Sometimes it may be because their energy clashes, and can drain our own, as they suck our own to feed theirs..

    We are many in number… all at times feeling quiet alone.. And yet together we are gathering, sending, and creating our New Dawn.. Together in Unison we will create more Light than there are those who are hell bent on creating Darkness..

    Have faith you are where you are meant to be… And you will meet more like minded souls along the way 🙂

    Love and Blessings Sue xox


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