The Women’s Wealth Revolution – FREE online summit by The Shift Network, Oct 7 – 9

Women's Wealth Revolution. Oct. 7-9. SPIRIT. MONEY. SERVICE.

Women’s Wealth Revolution. October 7 to 9. SPIRIT. MONEY. SERVICE.

I am redefining what “wealthy” means to me. Abundance. Prosperity. Money.

My beliefs, views, habits and practices around money have shifted, and are shifting, thankfully! It is an area where I never thought or imagined I would have “issues.”

The intense, extensive and on-going clearing, releasing and transmuting — be it around money or with any and every other aspect in my life, are all part of my process of redefining and reinventing myself. And it includes forgiving myself for my days of mindless spending. A crucial part of that process also is grieving over the loss of all the money that I had carelessly given and ‘thrown’ away and the affluent lifestyle that I once lived.

I am now molding my relationship to money into a different form — one that is more aligned with my shifting values and principles. One that is Soul-based. Source-led. Spirit-aligned. Divinely guided.

To assist me continue in my process of redefining my relationship with money, I registered for The Women’s Wealth Revolution, a special free online summit offered by The Shift Network. It will be held on October 7 – 9 and features 20+ of the most visionary experts in business and spiritual leadership.

I’m excited to listen LIVE and learn from speakers like Lynne Twist (co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance and author of The Soul of Money), Rev. Deborah Johnson (founding minister and president of Inner Light Ministries), Andrea Lee (author of Money, Meaning and Beyond: 27 Unexpected Ways to Create What Really Matters for Business Owners), Alexis Neely, Sarah Medlicott, Pamela Bruner, Linda Albright and others!

They will show how to effectively grow a soul-powered, lucrative business that makes an impact — while creating more fun, freedom and flow in our life. And they will share the most potent messages and valuable tools that have transformed businesses across the globe.

Here’s what Stephen Dinan, The Shift Network founder says about this upcoming summit,

womenswealthrev1“There is an exciting revolution underway – and it’s being led by women who are redefining what ‘being wealthy’ truly means.

Today, women are making major shifts in the paradigms of wealth… going beyond accumulation to making holistic and positive shifts in our world – both in how they generate wealth as well as what they do with it.

We’re moving towards a model in which money flows for the greater good of ourselves, our communities and our world.

If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur, it’s vital that you are fully empowered, both financially and spiritually, so you can make the beautiful impact you’re here to make.

This often means rewiring beliefs and attitudes around money, addressing fears, and learning how to generate more in a way that feels spiritually aligned and matches your deep values.”

If we envision a New World which includes a New Economy, I believe that it is imperative that we review and re-align our beliefs, views and concepts around money.

If you want to co-create with me, and if you feel called to join me in this summit and find out how to live a life of generosity, service and outrageous prosperity, you can get all the details, and sign up here.

And again, it’s absolutely FREE!

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  1. alohaleya says:

    thank you for sharing this, nadine! 🙂 aleya


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