The Culprit? Solar Flares!

NASA captures stunning images of massive solar flare from Sunday night Image Source:

NASA captures stunning images of massive solar flare from Sunday night Image Source:

I don’t know about you but the past three or four days have left me almost zapped!

I thought it was the stress-related experiences I had last month and more this month which, in accordance with the recent theme in my life, have something to do with my living situation and the lack of respect accorded me by the resort owners  — yes, again!

But I’ve had similar encounters  — probably even worse — and I wasn’t this exhausted!

So, perhaps, it was the spill-over from the collective grieving over Robin Williams’ demise which shook and shocked many of us. This plus all the other depressing stories that have been grabbing the headlines of late.

But then again, it’s been almost two weeks since Robin passed on. And has there been a time when there weren’t any disheartening news? So, it couldn’t be what’s in the news.

Or maybe it was because I was taking a swim in the sea at eleven o’clock in the morning, under the intense heat of the sun, finishing at noon time, the time of the day when we’re supposed to be avoiding the sun.

And yet, again, I had done the same in other days, even during hotter days and I came out of my swimming even energized and refreshed. So, that can’t be the cause.

I was feeling nauseous. I didn’t have much appetite and was hardly feeling any hunger.

I was getting a bit wary that I may be experiencing high blood pressure from all my stressful experiences — although I normally have a relatively low blood pressure and what may be considered as normal blood pressure for others is high for me. Besides, I couldn’t convince myself that my experiences were that stressful for them to merit me developing high blood pressure. The symptoms though are very similar:

Severe headaches and thumping in my head that didn’t seem to want to go away…(Maybe I’ve been thinking and worrying and analyzing too much, which I have the propensity to.)

Stiffness in my shoulders, neck, and nape…(Maybe it’s all the stored, repressed, unexpressed anger. And maybe I’m due for a massage — which I am, and long overdue at that.)

Palpitations…(Maybe I’ve had too much coffee!)

Difficulty in breathing… (Maybe my sinuses are starting to swell because I’ve been exposed to allergensbut which I haven’t.)

Inability to sleep in the evening… (Maybe it’s all the nonsense internet surfing and youtube videos I’ve been watching in my attempt to put myself to sleep. Oh yes, I’ve done all the meditation, centering, breathing and guided imagery exercises without much success.) And of course, the less I’m able to sleep at night, the more lethargic I felt the following day. Thankfully, I’m able to take two-hour naps. (Oh, maybe I’ve been napping too much which is why I’m not able to sleep at night. But then, during those days when I take naps, even as much as two hours, I have still been able to go to bed early and sleep well. So it cannot possibly be my afternoon naps.)

Of course, all those did take place. And they have affected me and my well-being, no doubt.  (I also couldn’t get myself to finish off my next post. I could also hardly even bring myself to check out others’ blogs and comment or even like!)

Still, I couldn’t convince myself that any or all of the above were the reasons behind my aches and pains. It just didn’t feel right.

Finally, I checked the schedule of the solar flares. Voila! There’s the culprit!



Since Thursday, August 21, we’ve been having solar flares. Not as powerful as X-class but some of the M-class ones were almost reaching the intensity of X-class solar flares. It’s been going on and ongoing still!

Aha! No wonder!

Anyone else with similar experiences?

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