Why I Thought of Giving Up What Brings Me the Most Joy

When you are joyful, more joy will come into your life.  What you give out is what comes back to you.

It is a Universal Law. There’s no going around it. No exception to it. No one is spared.

Do what brings you joy, and the Universe will conspire to support you.

I’ve heard that one before, all right. Numerous times. And what is it that brings me joy?

Swimming. Dancing. Writing. Healing. Practicing yoga. Reading. Being in Nature. Watching the sunset. Seeing rainbows. Moon bathing. Star gazing. Listening to the chirping of the birds. Walking barefoot along the shore. Feeling the breeze stroking my face as I gaze at the sea, out into the vast horizon. Listening to the sound of the waves brush against the shore….

Pretty much how my life has been here at Sugar Beach.  I’ve been living a vacationer’s, a retreatant’s life for a number of months now. What more can I ask for? How blessed can one get, right?

People pay an enormous amount of money to have a taste of such a life. Not many even have the time to do so. Often, it’s an annual holiday. One that needs to be scheduled and squeezed into their busy, hectic lives.  And the time spent on such a vacation, almost always, isn’t enough.

Glorious, golden sunsets are a feast to my soul,a daily staple at Sugar Beach. Source: http://halfwhiteboy.blogspot.com/

Glorious, golden sunsets are a feast to my soul,a daily staple at Sugar Beach. Image Source: http://halfwhiteboy.blogspot.com/

However, as I wrote in my earlier post, I thought of the possibility of giving up such a blessed and blissful life  — or at least, some time away from it.  And for what?  So I can make my dream of a healing center a reality.

Wait a minute.

This blog site, Aligning With Truth, is, and has been, the manifestation of such a center for healing. It is the channel through which healing takes place — for me and for those who are led to it, those who are in need of whatever it is that I’m sharing and writing about.

Image Source: https://www.azpm.org/

Image Source: https://www.azpm.org/

And, since what happens at the individual level impacts the collective, then whatever healing takes place in me and in those whose lives are touched by my writing and sharing, reverberates across blogosphere. We have a healing and uplifting effect on anyone else with whom we interact — directly or otherwise, immediately or however else.

Isn’t that my intention for a healing center? Have I not actually birthed it already?  Am I not breathing life into it — with me being that center for healing? Isn’t my writing, this site already that channel through which healing takes place — mine and that of others’?

When I engage in what brings me the most joy, and that leads towards wholeness and balance, when I write about the healing that has taken place and share it through this blog site — isn’t that accomplishing the vision and intention for my healing center?

Am I not already making my dream a reality through this blog site,  Aligning With Truth, “Nadine Marie’s virtual healing center for sharing reflections, insights, tools & resources as she moves along the path of awakening & coming home to the Self”?

So, why again, did I consider such a possibility of collaboration? In the pursuit of the fruition of my dream? A dream that is already manifesting? A dream that is no longer simply an image but is now a reality?

And have I not already become clear about this when I wrote about it in November 2013, on the occasion of this site’s second anniversary?

Well, after much reflection and inquiry, I’ve realized it is because of money. I was blinded by the possibility of having more income.  Guaranteed income. A steady income.

Yup, money. In all honesty and humility. And at the expense of what brings me joy. (And yet, who’s to say if the income is indeed guaranteed. After all, there truly are no guarantees in life.)

A collaboration for a healing center. A very tempting opportunity, plus the carelessness of the accounting clerk whom I encountered recently which I wrote about here.

These two recent episodes, for which I am much grateful, pushed me to evaluate my beliefs and programs, values and principles, around money, wealth, abundance and prosperity.

How It All Started

Initially, I launched this site, Aligning With Truth with a different intention — as a marketing tool to introduce myself while I set up my healing practice.

Not long after, I began to experience how much joyful and fulfilling (and addictive!) writing and blogging is — not to mention, healing and therapeutic! Along the way, I’ve let go of such a plan for a healing practice, which I also already talked about in my post during this site’s second anniversary.

This site may not be in my originally intended physical form of a healing center, but it is a center for healing nonetheless — and just as empowering and as effective as a physical structure.  I may need to continue updating it though, for it to come as close as possible to my vision and intention. I also want to continue improving on my writing skills — that, I am most committed to.

So, thanks to this collaboration opportunity which, admittedly, has caused me some confusion and anxiety. I’m realizing it has come up to help me gain even more clarity. To help me stay strong in my resolve.

Some say situations like these are a test. Maybe. Maybe my soul is testing me how determined am I in letting go of my attachment to the physical form of my healing center. To let go — fully, truly and completely — of my dream to materialize and come to fruition in the physical world and reality. My dream which has already started to manifest — albeit in a form that’s different from how I had originally envisioned it.

Interestingly, last week, I published a post where I shared how “I am no longer being charmed, thankfully, by the world of consumerism and materialism.”  Immediately after I posted it, the date when I published it caught my attention. July 7, 2014 (7-7-7).  One site states that the spiritual meaning of 777 is –

“You seem to be too concerned with the physical world at this moment.

Ha! That message can’t get any clearer and louder! It is yet another timely and much-needed reminder —

I don’t need a physical structure for a healing center. I don’t need a building, and I don’t need a classroom to effect healing. I simply need to continue writing and doing whatever else that brings me joy — that is what’s most healing. And as I focus on what makes me joyful, the Universe conspires to support me —  not only financially, but in however else best serves me.

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