Giving Up Swimming, My Meditation Practice and What Brings Me Joy — What Was I Thinking?!?

Last year, I made a decision that I was letting go of my dream of a healing center. I was letting go of the form — my attachment to the form. I wrote about that here, on the occasion of this site’s second anniversary.

Early this year, I encountered someone with whom I share similar values and principles. A kindred spirit — a rarity for me, especially in this country, the Philippines, and more so, where I’m at currently.

We have aligned visions. His newly established business is a component of the healing center that I had been imagining. It has the potential of being expanded into my long-held dream.

We’ve had conversations about how we can collaborate to make my dream and vision come to fruition. And it is an endeavor that is truly mutually beneficial.

But, and here is a big BUT.

It will mean me being away from Sugar Beach. No, I don’t have to relocate and leave this swimmer’s paradise, but I will be away for some of the time — which means, I will be giving up the joy of being able to swim daily! 😦

Rainy Days Are Here

Rain, rain, go away,

Come again another day,

When I’m not able to swim in the sea,

Oh, I can get reeeeally grumpy and grouchy!

June is the month when the rainy season in the Philippines begins. In the months prior, during the dry/summer season, I was able to swim daily —  often, even twice daily! Nowadays, I’m lucky if I could even get to swim twice a week! And I certainly am not a happy camper because of it!

In fact, I had been getting a bit cranky. I do not like how I’ve been feeling.

Lo and behold! For three days in a row this week, I was given the opportunity to bathe in the sea! Three days in a row, woo-hoo! 🙂

And, twice yesterday and today! Twice! 🙂

The waves weren’t as big, and the current wasn’t as strong as they were since June.  The water was calm enough for me to take a swim for a full hour as if I’m in a huge swimming pool — just as I have during the dry months, yay! You bet I am in bliss! 🙂

It is clearly a reminder from the Universe that, if and when I do decide to pursue the collaboration for my healing center, it will take away the joy, the joy that I’m experiencing from swimming in the sea!

I am given a glimpse of how cranky I will be when I’m not able to take a swim regularly. And it is an ugly picture. Ugly.

No picture frame, no matter how exquisite, can pretty it up. It is a truly ugly picture that I don’t ever want to see again or even dare to imagine or recreate!

Swimming Is My Spiritual Practice

Swimming in the sea is and has been my spiritual practice. A meditation practice. A healing modality, and not simply a form of physical exercise.

I don’t swim for the same reason that the average individual does. I swim for the purpose of healing and energizing. And I go through a ritual.

Before I take a dip in the water, I set my intention. What is it that I want to be healed, cleansed, purified?

I also ask permission first from the water spirits before I enter their paradise. After each swim, I give thanks for my cleansing. I offer my gratitude to the undines for having allowed me to come to their sanctuary and for the healing that has taken place.

When I swim, I soak in the healing energies of Mother Ocean. I ask her to take away all the toxicity and negativity. To remove all my doubts, worries, fear and confusion. Release anything that does not belong to me or is not serving me.

Every breath, every stroke, every kick is for this purpose and intention.

As I glide my body through the water and feel the refreshing tingle against my skin, I imagine all the burdens that I had been carrying being washed away.

I ask Mother Ocean to transmute all the misqualified energies and bring them back to a state of purity and innocence. I ask that I be brought back to such a state.

And you still have the energy to dance after? Don’t you get tired [after swimming]?” She asked me with incredulity written all over her face. Disbelief is echoing from the sound of her voice. This woman and I do a one-hour dance workout in the afternoon. (Oh, dancing — another passion and source of my joy!)

The effect on me of one hour of swimming in the sea is quite the opposite — something that, she and many others, have difficulty comprehending, no matter how I explain it. (I guess, only those who have experienced it or have a regular spiritual/meditation practice can truly get it.)

I am refreshed. Recharged. Renewed.

Exhausted? Not at all.

How could I be when I am fed and nourished by the healing energies of the water? How could I feel tired after having been cradled in the loving arms of Mother Ocean?

Swimming in the sea. One of my numerous blessings and a source of joy for having chosen to live simply, by the sea.

How could I not want to be near the water? How could I not want to be able to take a swim in the sea? How could I even entertain such a possibility?

So, which of the “No, I don’t have to relocate and leave this swimmer’s paradise, but I will be away for some of the time — which means, I will be giving up the joy of being able to swim daily!” isn’t clear to me yet? What was I thinking?!?

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4 Responses to Giving Up Swimming, My Meditation Practice and What Brings Me Joy — What Was I Thinking?!?

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