As soon as I hit the publish button for my earlier post, my attention was brought to the date on the lower right corner of my laptop screen.


A 7-7-7 (2+0+1+4 = 7)!

And, get this. It was my 430th (4+3) post — another 7!

I immediately looked up Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 to find out what it means. Here’s the message from my angels and the Universe —

“You are definitely on the right path in every area of your life. Stay balanced and spiritually aware so that you can continue moving forward on this illuminated path.”

YES! 🙂

Thank you!!!

I looked up a few other sites. Here are their interpretations and meanings.

The Intuitive Journal site says,

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 777?

Calm any fears you may have about what you just thought. The angels are here to guide you and help you. Ask them for their strength and courage. You seem to be too concerned with the physical world at this moment. Let go and let your angels guide you. You are trying too hard to control things in your life.

Allow your inner guidance system to alleviate the fears you have, take a deep breath and know that you are surrounded with love from your Spirit Guides and Angels. Release your fears to the Universe and then say thank you.

What is the Energy of 777?

The energy of 777 is like a big hug from the Universe. It is there to reassure you that we understand your fears and concerns.Your guides are sending you a message that it is okay to let the fear go and release it to your guides and Angels for healing.”

Another site, Spiritual-path, says,

777, 7777 – This is the ‘Lesson Learnt’ sign. It indicates that you have made a realisation or learnt a lesson. Your Spirit Guides are showing you this sign to reflect that you have learnt something, for you to think about it, and ask yourself questions, such as, “What have I learnt? What does this mean to me?” For example, the lesson may be that you have discovered that your work no longer inspires you as it once did. You have made this discovery, and now it is up to you as to how you proceed.”

And still, another site, Psychicjoanne explains,

The number 777 informs you that you have listened to Divine Guidance and are now putting that wisdom to work in your life. It is time to reap the rewards for your hard work and efforts. Well done! Your success is inspiring and helping and teaching others by example. 777 informs you that you are to be commended and congratulated and your efforts have been well noted. Know that your wishes are coming to fruition in your life as a result of your positive efforts and attitude to life. 777 is a positive sign and means that you should expect miracles to occur in your life.”

Divine messages are indeed constantly available to us. The answers to our prayers come in many forms — some subtle, others loud and clear.

The question is —

Are we paying attention and truly listening, in a state of allowing and surrendering?

Or, are we, instead, in selective listening mode, waiting, and perhaps, even demanding for the answers that we want to hear, insisting on how we want those answers to be revealed to us?

After having been through quite a stressful and exhaustive couple of weeks (money-related, hence the theme and focus of my recent posts, and future, for sure), it is very comforting to be validated — to receive a much-needed boost of hope. And Divinely timed at that — as always! 🙂

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