What I NEED To Know, I Already DO Know

I am allowing this woman to go through her journey. I’m letting her take the path that her soul is choosing — without any judgments, without any questioning, without any labeling.

I am letting her experience her health challenges and other family related issues, and I am not getting involved.

I do not need to be; I do not want to be.

I do not need to be burdened by her burdens. I do not need to also be in pain while I watch her go through her suffering — or what I interpret or perceive as such.

It is not my mission to relieve her of any of her pain or suffering. I certainly am not going to be her savior. I’m not going to carry her cross for her. I’m not coming to her rescue — there’s no need to. And I don’t want to. Caretaking and rescuing — out the window! Been there, done that!

The empathic and sensitive though that I am, I feel so strongly her emotions and confusion, her turmoil and inner conflicts. But there’s no need for me to get sucked into her dilemma. There’s no desire for me to be dragged into her drama.

Non-attachment. I’m going through my training on non-attachment. I’m being trained to simply witness. I’m practicing how to simply watch. I’m mastering how to be an observer.

And as I watch without any interpretations, I’m reminding myself to simply trust and believe that everything is unfolding as is necessary. Whatever is taking place is essential for the growth and transformation —- of this woman and all those around her, and that does not exclude me.

We all are on our own journey; We all are treading our own chosen path. Her soul has chosen this path. And I AM simply honoring that choice.

Your_Soul's_GiftYour Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born is quite an insightful book by Robert Schwartz. It delves into past lives and why souls choose certain life challenges including miscarriage and abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, incest, rape, adoption, poverty, suicide and mental illness.

Reading it again now has helped me tremendously in letting go of my fears and worries and in shifting my energies and perception about this woman’s state of health. (I highly recommend this book for those needing assistance on gaining a higher perspective and transcending victim consciousness — be it for themselves or others.)

In the chapter which talks about why a soul would choose to experience mental illness, Schwartz writes,

When Jeshua looked at mentally ill people, he saw not illness but Divinity, not flaw but perfection. And as those people saw their reflection in his eyes, they, too, knew themselves as beings of light: holy, eternal souls temporarily enrobed in physical, human bodies. For the first time, in the mirror of his eyes they saw through and beyond the veneer of the body to the loving essence that animates it. It is for this reason that our future selves and many other nonphysical beings refer to healing as re-membering. If you seek to bring healing to yourself, a mentally ill loved one, or the world, allow a felt sense of yourself as soul to seep into your perception. With that felt sense comes the ability to allow it all to be, the pain and beauty, the torment and joy. Your plan in coming here was to immerse yourself unreservedly, wholeheartedly, and passionately in the sacredness of the human experience. And all of it is exquisitely sacred.”

Jesus showed the example. And, yes, it is, admittedly, quite a challenge to emulate. But that’s precisely what I AM embodying and mastering — the Christ consciousness.

And, I AM being reminded that I do have everything within me. All that I need to be Christ-like is already in me.

There isn’t any need for me to even know this woman’s story — just in order for me to see her Divinity, instead of her illness, or to see perfection, rather than flaw, defect and limitation.

What I need is to tap into my Divine Self. My Inner Christ.

I need to trust the process, to allow…and then, I will remember.

And that much, I do know.

And that, probably, is all I that ever need to know.

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