From Manipulation & Deception to Authenticity & Integrity

They lure you. Charm you. Enchant you. They sweep you off your feet. They make you believe, find the most subtle way of making you believe that you have similar values and vision. You are whom they’re waiting for all their life! (Yeah, right. I fell for that one, alright!)

They expertly and effortlessly maneuver into your energy field and find the most fitting way to con you. They appear to be very generous and kind, giving and accommodating. They will do anything to please you. To assist you. To give you all that you need, even without and even before you ask for it, or even before you can think about asking for it.

Once you’re hooked, they begin to shed and show their true colors and motives. They start to expose their dark side. Dangerous. Scary.

You feel drained after your interaction with them; They, on the other hand, feel upbeat and nourished, enlivened and alive. — like a vampire who has just sucked human blood.

Energy vampires. That’s what they are. They suck energy from you for them to be energized.

Controlling and being manipulative — this is one way energy vampires operate.

They know their target quite well. They know how to approach. They know what to say. They know when to make a move. They know where to show up. They know how to victimize. They know.

And yet, they may not know that’s what they’re doing — not consciously anyway. They’re not aware. It’s unintentional. It isn’t deliberate.

But that doesn’t make it less wrong. That doesn’t make it more allowable. That doesn’t make it acceptable.

Compassion may be what they need, but keeping my distance is what’s serving me well. It’s how I love myself.

Defining boundariesrecognizing when they are being overstepped, and enforcing them. These are the lessons that the manipulators and controllers are teaching me.

And that’s what he is. That’s his energy — this guy who I thought was going to be my friend, my buddy here at Sugar Beach.

It’s a very familiar energy. It’s an energy that has begun to show up more pronouncedly in recent months — an energy that has been lurking for a couple of years now, as it is something that’s in need of clearing and healing.

It is an energy that I’m so familiar with because it is the same energy that I grew up with, in particular through my interactions with my mother.

It is also the same energy that led me to a woman to whom I have given my power away — including giving a huge, unimaginable, obscene amount of money! It was intended as a personal loan. I was led to believe that it was a loan — manipulated, I must say.

That was 13 years ago. And it’s come up for deeper healing and clearing. For a thorough, final, and complete healing. For completion, hopefully. For that ever-evasive, and widely misunderstood (on my part, at least) closure.

(I’ve realized that I can have closure even in the absence of the other. A closure is for me, no one else. The closure does not need the involvement of the other party. Closure can happen even if the other person is unwilling to. And complete and genuine closure can take place when it’s done only at the soul level. When personalities and egos are the only ones involved, closure is incomplete and superficial.)

Two years ago, a couple of spiritual readers had already told me that they felt and saw this woman’s energy lurking in my energy field. I was to prepare for her showing up in my life. She will. She will be coming back to the Philippines (she’s residing in California).

Am I ready to forgive her? Am I willing to see her? Am I ready to face her, the personification of manipulation and deception, probably the worst manipulator and betrayer I’ve encountered in this lifetime? Is she going to ask for forgiveness? What if she doesn’t?  Can I forgive her, still?

Apparently, it’s one of the many reasons why I needed to come back to the Philippines. It is one of my unfinished businesses. (That fateful meeting with this woman happened in the Philippines in January 2001, at a high school homecoming, 25 years after she and I last saw each other.) It is one part of my past, a truly dark episode (and most scary, I will add) to which I needed to come back to and with which I needed to make peace.

Watercolor painting by Catherine G. Mcelroy symbolizing the purpose of the Muladhara, the root chakra --- rootedness, groundedness. When we are not firmly rooted and grounded to our own center, we easily get swayed, influenced and manipulated. Trusting (the self and others) is one of the spiritual lessons associated with the root chakra. Image Source:

Watercolor painting by Catherine G. Mcelroy symbolizing the purpose of the Muladhara, the root chakra — rootedness, groundedness. When we are not firmly rooted and grounded to our own center, we easily get swayed, influenced and manipulated. Trusting (the self and others) is one of the spiritual lessons associated with the root chakra. Image Source:

It’s become clear that what these spiritual healers saw isn’t her physically showing up in my life. Rather, it’s her energy. The energy of manipulation, deception, lies, and betrayal. The energy of the “People of the Lie.”

Unless I’m able to forgive and heal the part of me who felt betrayed, manipulated, deceived and lied to (and it wasn’t only this woman, but other people and friends as well who got involved in this dark episode of my life), I will continue to attract the same energy. I will continue to attract the same people with the same energy. The same “People of the Lie.”

And I have. I have been attracting them, especially in recent months here in Sipalay. It is the purpose of Sipalay for me. It is one reason I was led to this place — from the owner of the first “cottage” (Well, it wasn’t really a cottage; it was a makeshift room that I was led to believe was a cottage), to the Punta Ballo Beach resort owner (who made me believe that their resort and the beach are places of peace and quiet), to this guest here at Sugar Beach (who lured me to believe that he is also highly sensitive like me, plus a whole lot of other supposed shared similarities and commonalities with me).

In a post that I’ve written in February, I wrote the following:

“In Jennifer Hoffman’s Facebook page, a section of one of her recent posts reads,

“We also have a Jupiter/Pluto opposition on Friday [January 31]. The last time this happened was in Sept. 2000 and March 2001. Jupiter was in Gemini then, Pluto in Sagittarius. Now Jupiter is in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, it’s the 2nd of 3 oppositions, the next one is in April (April is going to be a very busy month astrologically). Once again, we have a theme that is repeating from 12 years ago, what were you doing then and is that coming up for you now?”

And a theme from 12 years ago is indeed recurring for me big time!

Same theme; Same lesson. Different players but same energies. The dynamics and circumstances are eerily so similar and familiar! And it’s money-related. Again!

Deception. Lies. Manipulation. Betrayal. Huge, huge lessons on Trust & Discernment.

An astrologer once told me that there’s something about my traveling that opens me up and brings about spiritual growth.

She couldn’t have put it more aptly. My travels have indeed been powerful channels of transformation for me.

And now that I’m here in Sipalay, I have an opportunity to hone my skill of trusting and discerning. To stop myself from being lured. To break the pattern. To no longer allow the energy of manipulation, deception, lies, and betrayal. To stop attracting “People of the Lie.”

And that’s what I’m releasing during this most potent Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.

I AM attracting truthfulness and authenticity. I AM attracting situations, things, places, and People of Integrity.

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3 Responses to From Manipulation & Deception to Authenticity & Integrity

  1. I was particularly struck by the paragraph on closure! It is a revelation to me that I can have closure without the other being involved!
    I so needed to hear and understand that. Thank you for your post- and all good wishes for your time in the Philipines- a time of great healing it seems.


    • Thank you! I’m glad something resonated with you. I’ve learned that closure is very similar, if not goes hand-in-hand with forgiveness. 🙂 ❤ Thank you for your well wishes. Great time indeed for healing, clearing, cleansing, integrating, transmuting……Growth and Transformation! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Infinite Blessings & Much Love!!! 🙂 ❤ 🙂 NadineMarie 🙂 ❤ 🙂


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