Do I Create a Community or Join an Existing One?

There’s still something missing here at Sugar Beach. A huge missing piece — the community, a conscious community. Those who are into consciousness, spirituality, metaphysics, healing and growth. It is part of my nonnegotiables.

However, after all my travelling in the Philippines in the past three years, I’ve already given up on fulfilling this desire to find soulful connections and like-minded’s in this country — my kind of like-minded’s, my definition of soul-based and soul-led interactions, in a natural setting and environment, seaside specifically.

(There may be such communities in this country, but they’re largely in Manila. The metropolis! There is no way that I’ll commit suicide, subject myself to slow death by living there — not anymore — just in order to be around like-minded’s. Not with all the traffic, pollution, crowd, noise, consumerism, materialism et al.

If you’ve been following this site for quite a while, I had already  written extensively about my experience there — how I was subjected to all that harsh energy, until I fell ill. It pushed me to decide to live elsewhere. Since then, I’ve been exploring potential island homes. I’m now going on my fourth year in my journey of co-creating and manifesting it.)

I have an interim solution. Some sort of compromise.

In the absence of such a community, and in my kind and definition of a nurturing environment, I’ve made peace with the fact that the Philippines will provide me with only the environment for tropical island living, plus the affordable, simple lifestyle.

That’s all.

The soul-based friendships, the deep connections, the kind that gives me the most joy — because they’re not in my immediate surroundings, I’ll find them elsewhere. It is for this reason that I’m so thankful for the Internet because that need is being fulfilled online. If the average, typical Filipino tourist can’t be without loud music or a karaoke machine, I, on the other hand, can’t be without Internet! 😉

Am I content with such online interactions only?

Absolutely not! I certainly would be settling — again. I much prefer face-to-face interactions. Sure, with advancement in technology, there doesn’t seem to be any distance and time difference anymore across countries.

However, there’s still a limitation.

There still are certain ways of interacting that can only be done in person. There’s a different energy in some activities when they’re carried out together with people who are physically present in a place, such as rituals, ceremonies, drumming circles, singing, dancing, chanting, practicing yoga.

Yet, it is what it is, and it’s as good as it gets — here and for now, at least.

What I know for sure is, I AM in the process of getting clarity — with much precision and certainty — on my preferences, essentials and nonnegotiables.

What I also know for sure is,  I deserve to have it all and I can have it all. I can have all that I need, all that’s essential, all that makes me joyful! And I will have it all once I have defined it. What are those that give me the most joy? What am I willing to allow and accept in my world, my space, my energy field, my life?

Certainly, being in a conscious community ranks high on my list.

We leave our things unattended --- laptop, cameras, cell phone and all. What a welcome change!

We leave our things unattended — laptop, cameras, cell phone and all. What a welcome change!

In addition to the  many of the ways of living at Sugar Beach that I’m most pleased about, which I’ve written about here, here, here, and here, I’m also very happy with the feeling of safety and security. I can leave my personal belongings at the beach front unattended — like leaving my stuff in my own backyard. It’s a rarity — especially in tourist destinations.

I’m also delighted that Sugar Beach isn’t that touristy or highly commercialized. It isn’t crowded, even during peak season. And there are no low season, high season rates. No annoying peddlers. No referral fees or agent commission for anyone referring tourists to any of the resorts, which would otherwise pave the way for the start of the competition.

All these may make Sugar Beach my kind of paradise. My kind of haven. Thus far, and for now, at least.

However, I AM very much aware, and not turning a blind eye or a deaf ear (aka, settling), to what isn’t here — the community which is so essential for my well-being and joyful living.

If Sugar Beach is going to be my island home, how can it be such when it doesn’t have my community of choice?

Yet, can I not create one instead?

Not a few have suggested that. The thought has crossed my mind a few times, even much earlier on in my process of manifesting my island home, most especially when I wasn’t finding the ever-evasive conscious community.

Wouldn’t creating a community be how I AM able to manifest my island home? Isn’t that the very process of co-creation?

And I most certainly can do that. But, am I willing to do it? Do I want to do it? What will give me the most joycreating a community, or joining an already existing one?

On the other hand, why will I choose it when it doesn’t have one of my essentials — if only because it provides the environment for tropical island living, plus the affordable, simple lifestyle? Why limit my exploration and choice to only the Philippines — if it cannot meet my requirements for my essentials? What about choosing another country which has all the elements of my island home of choice, including and especially the existence of a conscious community that I can simply blend in? Or maybe, be in more than one island home, if one location doesn’t provide all of my essentials? Just like a gypsy, which I wrote about here.

These are the questions that I need to get clarity on — before more is revealed, before more doors are opened.

And I AM patiently waiting and joyfully anticipating! 🙂

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