Playing With The Energies: Creating In The New

There’s no TV set in my bungalow — neither in any of the other rooms and bungalows at Bermuda Beach Resort. None of the other resorts has any — it isn’t part of the Sugar Beach culture.

If I were only spending a few nights, even a couple of weeks, that would easily be a non-issue. I’d probably even prefer it. An opportunity to fast from technology — TV at least.

But I’m not simply on vacation. I’m travelling to evaluate potential island homes. I’m manifesting my geographical island home on Earth.

Cable connection is one of my nonnegotiables. I love watching movies — my main reason for cable connection. I’m on a remote island without any cinemas and other commercial establishments. The nearest one is at least a couple of hour’s bus ride. (Really!) So, through cable is how I get to watch movies — and I’m quite content with that.

When it comes to technology, I’m clear what my three essentials are — cell phone, internet and TV.

Thankfully, there’s cable TV at the restaurant. Yay! 🙂

And, Bermuda Beach Resort is the only resort that has such an amenity in all of Sugar Beach. How cool is that? Synchronistic is more like it.

Here’s why.

I love to dance, particularly salsa. But I don’t get to do that here in the Philippines, more so where I’m at right now (Sugar Beach, Sipalay), a source of my huge frustration. 😦

I make up for it by dancing via dance workouts and dance videos. Yes, it isn’t quite like salsa dancing in a club, like what I used to enjoy doing when I was living in the Bay Area (Northern California). But, it’s as good as it gets.

Thankfully, Zenaida, the other half of the couple who owns Bermuda Beach Resort, has recently started to develop an interest in dancing. So, we get to do our dance workouts together! 

It gets interesting…..

I recently learned that she’s thinking of installing a projector screen at the restaurant, so the resort can offer dance workouts to the public.

Interestingly, I was thinking along the same line during my initial days of stay.

“There’s so much more that can be done at the restaurant,” I thought to myself, as I saw the vision of the possibilities.

But then again, might the supposed vision be merely my personal dream and vision for a healing center, something I had been forcing to materialize?

(I had, in fact, already given up on this dream for a healing center last year — something I’ve made peace with and which I talked about here. But, opportunities continue to show up — opportunities for yet more possible manifestations of such a healing center. And I can’t help but visualize. Could it be that I’m being tested if I would stay strong in my resolve?)

I didn’t mention anything to the owners though. I didn’t want to be too presumptuous.

I also wasn’t sure, then, if I was, in fact, going to establish residency here — be it at the resort or Sugar Beach for that matter — although I did have an immediate liking to this place when I first visited.

Back to the restaurant…

I use the same TV area for my yoga practice and our dance workouts.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting and truly synchronistic.

TV area at the restaurant of Bermuda Beach Resort, Sugar Beach, Sipalay. The area feels and looks like a house living area. The chairs and couches face the TV set (not shown in the photo). The tables are cleared away and I have ample space for yoga practice and dance workout.

The TV area at the restaurant of Bermuda Beach Resort feels and looks like a house living area. The chairs and couches face the TV set (not shown in the photo). I clear away the coffee tables and I have ample space for yoga practice and dance workout.

As it is, the restaurant design, especially the wooden flooring, is already suited for dance workouts and yoga.

Come September to October, new wooden flooring will be installed! The first replacement ever, after the resort was originally constructed some 10 years ago.


The new flooring would make it even so much more suitable and “perfect” for dancing and yoga! (Anybody who dances or practices yoga can relate to the joy of dancing or practicing on new flooring.)

Might the Universe be conspiring, preparing and paving the way for more — for what I had long been envisioning and dreaming about?

Because, I’m thinking, the resort can also host social dances on Friday or Saturday evenings. With a projector screen, there can also be movie nights. There can even be book club readings. Group meditations. Healing nights. Drumming circles.

Oooops….Wait. Am I still talking about the resort/restaurant or my healing center? Or both? Hmmm….Is there a way to merge both intentions and visions?

I’m sure there is.

Now, whether they do eventually merge or not, such offerings will be a big come-on, especially during the rainy season, when there isn’t many outdoor activities for the guests. It isn’t as enjoyable to take a swim or hike up the hill behind the beach when it’s raining. So, even if the activities eventually end up to be only dance and yoga, this resort will be the only one offering them at Sugar Beach!

Are things falling into place?

These developments — the plan to install a projector screen and offer dance workouts (and possibly other activities), together with the flooring replacement, plus the timing (coinciding with me being here) — might these be a validation of the aptness of Sugar Beach and Bermuda Beach Resort for me? The manifestation not only of my island home, but healing center, as well?

I don’t know.

What I do know is, I need to be clear first about one thing.

Am I being driven by my desire for what it is that brings me joy? Or, do I have this desire because it ought to be, has to be done this way. It should. You know, the old, 3D, fear-based thinking. The very energy behind why I had been forcefully making things happen, forcing my vision of a healing center to come to fruition — thinking it was my way, the only way to contribute, make a difference, be of service.

Yet, isn’t creating in the new playing? Joyfully creating?

Will organizing and facilitating any of these activities bring me the most joy?

Or will I be doing it only out of obligationto caretake of others, a pattern which, thankfully, I have recently started to break.

I’ve likewise learned to break the pattern of forcing, pushing, pressing…stressing for the answer to be revealed! Argh! How exhausting!

I am now simply playing with the energies — imagining and being thrilled about the possibilities and potentialities. And it’s a joy to even simply imagine! 🙂

It’s fun to be in the flow of the energies, discovering, uncovering along the way — not knowing, not pushing, not hurrying, worrying, stressing for what the eventual outcome will be.

Just as how it is supposed to be in the Newjoyfully and playfully creating.

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