Tolerating Without Settling

No loud conversations. No screaming or yelling. No boisterous laughter. No unbecoming or offensive behavior. All these, thankfully, despite the heavy drinking of some of the guests at Sugar Beach.

I’m also relieved that such isn’t the predominant culture. Only one restaurant/bar (at Driftwood Village Resort) is open 24 hours to cater to the visitors’ seemingly unquenchable thirst for alcohol. The rest close at ten o’clock in the evening. Main lights are switched off; People are starting to doze off, if they haven’t already.

So, for the most part, there’s the “generally” peaceful, quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

Why “generally”?

Because there sure have been some annoyances.

For one, there’s the excessive barking of the dogs, especially during the evenings (not all evenings though, thankfully) — something which, I’ve learned, started to happen only this year. And it is something I’m personally looking into and determined to get to the bottom of — if only because the location of my bungalow is the most affected.

(Hmmm….How synchronistic is that? This started just when I was led to this place?  I am manifesting my island home, remember? And the process, I’m learning, entails creating what brings joy and removing — within my power, capacity and control — what prevents it.) ⭐

Then, there’s a newly opened music bar sitting atop a cliff at the northern end of the beach, featuring monthly live band music.

Loud Music Can Cause Damage - Studio Shot of Glass of wine exploding in front of a loud Subwoofer. Image Source:

Loud Music Can Cause Damage – Studio Shot of Glass of wine exploding in front of a loud Subwoofer. Image Source:

Don’t get me wrong. As I wrote in another post, I am a music lover. However, my appreciation of music ends when it turns to anything but that — when it’s simply noise. The excessively loud, live music playing until two o’clock in the morning, reverberating across the entire beach — now, that certainly takes away the pleasure of listening! It deadens, among others, the hearing senses — mine at least.

And, one need not be highly sensitive, or have low tolerance for loud music, like me, to be bothered by such nuisance. It’s a sentiment shared by a number of the resort owners/managers who, much to my disappointment, choose to keep mum about it. “Oh, it’s only once a month anyway,” is their justification.

Yeah right.

Do they not know that, as is human nature, and especially with the ‘crab mentality’ in this country, you only need one to get something started? Soon, it’s a trend. A norm. The start of competition. Hey, that’s how it all started in the world-famous, Philippine pride Boracay Island. It was one way she began to lose her paradisiacal element!

Image Source:

Image Source:

Then, there’s also the loud music regularly played by a couple of the newer resorts. One is at Big Bam Boo where I stayed for a couple of nights (anything more would have been torture); The other is at Buenaventura, the resort right beside it. The loud music of both resorts combined, right next to each other at that, is enough to send me quickly running away — far, far away from them! 🙂

Thankfully, the music bar and these two resorts are at the northern part of the beach, while Bermuda Beach Resort, where I’m happily staying, is at the other side — the southern end. And, that makes it so much more tolerable and doable. A non-issue.

So, such nuisances as loud music and the barking of the dogs (a temporary situation, I’m hoping) may make Sugar Beach “less than perfect.”

But I’m willing to overlook it without feeling that I’m getting the shorter end of the bargain. Putting up with it doesn’t make me feel that I’m settling — something I’ve done in all my travels and previous island destinations. Actually, in most, if not all of my life — until recently.

I settled for less because I didn’t feel I was deserving. An old pattern that I am determined to break — something I have actually already started to take steps towards.

Does tolerating these annoyances mean that I’m not valuing myself enough? That there are other places without such disturbances that can be my island home? A more appropriate one?

Not necessarily.

Putting up with such nuisances isn’t a reflection of my low self-worth. I can work around the situations anyway — without feeling as if I’m sacrificing anything. I can tolerate without settling.

So, despite such displeasures, Sugar Beach is still my kind of island paradise. I’m still considering it to be my island home, particularly because of everything else that’s wonderful about the place.

And, as I discover more about its culture and lifestyle, I’m practicing and mastering the art and skill of discerning — determining which ones I can tolerate without settling, and ensuring that it isn’t because of my diminished self-worth.

I AM choosing and allowing only that which I so rightfully deserve.

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