It Is All Coming Together

I could have easily fallen into victim consciousness.

I could have easily put all the blame on others — on their dishonesty and lack of sincerity, on their misleading information, on their lack of support especially from the City Tourism Officer and her incompetence. On their betrayals, lies, manipulations, deceptions.

I can think of numerous other reasons to rightfully justify feeling victimized.

After all, all of that did happen. It wasn’t merely my interpretation of the events.

But if I were to focus only on all that, it would be hugely disempowering. I would only be giving my power away altogether, pulling myself down to even much denser and much lower vibrating energies, making it more difficult for me to help myself get back up and come back to a place of joy. That’d be of the Old Earth, and I’d be stuck in it. I would only all the more veer away from creating in the new and creating The New.

I AM choosing instead to focus on what I’m learning and gaining from my horrendous experiences. Gaining, not in a self-serving, selfish sort of way but gaining in terms of my soul ascension, which is what ultimately matters.

I AM choosing instead to see the bigger picture. The higher purpose. The deeper meaning.

After all, I AM, ultimately, the one responsible for all of my experiences. I have chosen them. I have attracted them. I created them. All for the purpose of growing and evolving.

I sure have gained much insight and wisdom, and my energies have certainly, thankfully, smoothened out by now. I’m much more relaxed, more at peace, and making peace with my unpleasant experiences.

I have yet to take one important and crucial step though, for the completion of my process and experiences, which I will blog about later, once I’ve done it. Hence, I still don’t feel complete. Not yet. But I’m getting there. I’m almost there.

For now, I AM simply allowing the process to unfold and letting things fall into place. Ahhh…The art and skill of allowing — yet one more lesson that I’m mastering from this experience.

And are they? Are things truly falling into place? Is it all coming together?

Oh yes, for sure! I AM trusting enough that it will…that it is indeed all coming together!


I recently checked the city government of Sipalay‘s website, where it was inadvertently erroneously indicated that the resort is accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT). I was truly dismayed when I discovered such an inaccurate and misleading information, albeit unintentional.  After all, it was partly what I used as my basis for trusting that resort. Thankfully, the website has now been updated, and it no longer indicates the resort — or any other resort for that matter — as DOT-accredited. 

Hopefully, from now on, the city government website will continue to reflect more updated and up-to-date information. After all, it is one of the sites that is being referenced and relied upon by tourists and guests.

On the other hand, the website of the resort continues to claim its “European management” which is, again, truly quite an appallingly inaccurate and misleading information. Misleading because there is a general understanding, in the Filipino culture at least, that to have a foreign member in the management team renders the organization more efficient, proficient, organized and professional — rightfully or not. The resort is Filipino-managed, very poorly at that, I dare add. For some years now, the European manager who used to manage it has not been involved in its operations, as disclosed to me by one of the staff at the city of Sipalay Tourism Office. I also didn’t see this European manager at all during my 2 ½ weeks of stay. The resort‘s website surely needs to be updated, which is yet to be done as of the date and time of publishing of this post.

It is my fervent wish that, as a result of my abhorrible experiences, and because of my determination to get to the heart and the truth of the matter, whatever else information and practices that are misaligned from the Truth will all eventually be addressed. In so doing, my distressing and unpleasant experiences will no longer be repeated; Other tourists and guests will be spared from such similar disgruntlement. It would then have served its rightful purpose, including the opportunity for me to master my own lessons on trusting and discerning, and expressing and asserting myself.

I have no intention nor desire to go into the disconcerting details of what I was able to uncover, be it about the resort or all the other individuals whom I dealt with. Suffice it to say that, it is my hope that all those involved be nudged and inspired by the joy and freedom of simply living in and Aligning With Truth — also my fervent desire for those who were led to this post, as well as for the rest of humanity.

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    Thank you Nadine Marie, Namaste


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